I'm back!

I'm back! Really sleepy. Now, I'm waiting for Uncle William to pick me up to go makan with others. So, I think I'll just do the tags that I owed to my friends long time ago so that I wont doze off. I will NOT update about my camp until next week. If you want to know wat had happen and all, please do ATTEND tmrw (29/11/08)'s morning final session (9.00am) and Ignite service (7.30pm) to hear all the testimonies from all your friends. Overall, It was a BOMB! LoL.

Okay for the tag now, tagged by Jenny. ZZZ

1. Do you think you're hot?
Nope. But I usually say that to my friends. HAHA

2. Upload your favourite picture of you!
I have a lot.

3. Why do you like that picture?
Because I look nice!

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
I can't recall.

5. The last song you listen to:
I dunno. LoL.

6. What are you doing now besides this?
Waiting for Uncle William

7. What name would you prefer besides yours?

I tag:


Who is number one ?
9) Number three is having a relationship with ?10)Say something about number five ?
11) How about number four ?
12) Who is number two ?


Camp baby camp!

LoL. Yea, in few hours time, I will going off to camp!

I'm going to miss few things in Penang (I'm talking like as though I'm going off for a very long time.) JUST IGNORE ME! LoL.

Sorry people that I can't join Movie Marathon with you guys on Thursday. I'm gonna miss YOU guys. Ya, you! The person reading this! Haha.

Got to go! MISS ME, DREAM ABOUT ME. hahahaha


Yes, today is? TUESDAY!
Which means? I'll be BUSY once again! Thank God!

Since I'm free now, I'll talk about today.

I just came back from breakfast with Uncle William and Aaron. We had Dim Sum. Yumm! Thanks Uncle!!!

Then, later I will be giving tuition (Math) to my student. Hehe. After lunch with mum, I'll be going to college to meet up with Ms Lai and friends. I think Michelle Tan and Stephfi will be going also I heard? Hope to see you all there! Of course, get to chooo-siaoo again! Haha. After that, I might be going to gurney before dropping back at Melvin's house.

At night, I'll be going for Bible Study!

See you all soon!

Then of course, tmrw will be the camp and after that, floral fest!
I'm getting busy again! =D


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, kingkongs and elephants!

Today, I did NOTHING again. *Clap Clap* T.T
The only thing I did was sleep and eat!
When I woke up, I ate Baa Guaa which my aunt left for me eh. She went to Vietnam today for holiday. So I ate 7 pieces of bread with Baa Guaa and Cheese, it's supposed meant for my brunch. But then, my mum called me out for lunch. ZZZ, I'm growing fat already!

Then mum called me around 1 o clock. Asking me to get ready cause she's gonna take me out to Mak Lan in Tanjung Bungah for their Nasi Kandar (the best nasi I've ever taken before). But then, that place was so packed! So me and my mum and bro ended up in Sri Ananda. LoL. So my bro ordered Naan cheese with Tandoori chicken, mum ordered Nasi Briyani with Tandoori chicken and me only ordered roti Naan Cheese.

Ended up? I ate one piece of chicken from my mum and bro. ZZZ.

So I'm going to fast tonight! Hehe

I'm growing so so so fat already. Need to exercise!!! Sports anyone?


Greatest Friend of Mine

People, I bet most of you guys know who is the greatest, best friend of mine. He's the greatest person in the history of the world! Before I reveal His name, let me introduce to you all on what He has done while on earth. I can say He's the best scientist ever that I've known!

In Chemistry,
He turns water into wine!
Can you do that? By turning something called H20 into alcohol. No right?

In Biology,
He was born without the normal conception!
His mother is still a virgin when he was born. Sounds very impossible right? Only He can do that!

In Physics,
He DISPROVED the Newton's law of gravity when He ascended into heaven!
Can you fly or even float on air without wings? No right?

In Economics,
He DISPROVED the law of Diminishing Return by feeding 5000 men with only 2 fishes & 5 loaves of bread
Can you even feed 50 people with only 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread? It's so not enough!

In Medicine,
He cured and healed the sick and the blind without even administering a SINGLE dose of drugs.
No single doctor in the world can do that!

In History,
He is the beginning and the end.
Nobody can take His place!

In Politics,
He shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace!
Nobody on earth is that worthy to be called that except Him!

In Religion (The truth),
He said, NO ONE comes to the father except through Him!
He's the only way, truth and life!

So who is He? He's none other than my friend - JESUS CHRIST!

The greatest thing that He has done for you and I is to pay the price for our sin so that you and I can go back to the Father!

He even knows you before you know Him! You wanna know Him? Just leave a message and I'll intro Him to you more!

Jesus loves you and I love you too! God bless you!


Sorry for not updating for like 3 days. Not because of I'm busy, it's because I was doing nothing except sleeping and eating for the past few days. LAZY ME.

Where am I? Ya, wednesday night I was in Vivien's party. We had fun by just playing simple games like jinggles and Uno cards introduced by Denise. We had to call everyone by their brand like Chee Cheog Fun and Char Koay Teow. It's very Chi-Kek eh. LoL.

I did NOTHING. Was just lazing around my room. Online, watch tv sleep and eat. Thank God William ajak me to jog with him that day. So around 5 in the noon, William fetched me and Aaron and head off to Botanical Garden to meet up with Jarold, Jerome and Alan. We jogged few rounds already then treated ourselves with nice cozzy juicy fruits. After that, I went home for dinner, bathe and sleep again. ZZZ.

I did NOTHING too! Stayed at home whole day. Went out with my Aunt for dinner. Then Melvin picked me up and head off for Prayer Meeting.

I was sick! Had a heavy flu. Thanks to Jo-ey's weird and mean dream, her dream came true! ZZZ. Was sneezing all the way while practicing for Ignite during the morning. Then me, Melvin, Denise and Aaron went for lunch and tesco to buy foods for our camp! Party time! I took 4 penadols that day. Was very very sleepy during the discipleship class. After that, Praise God for His divine healing as I back-up in singing that night! Praise God! After that, we went to ABU for supper. Yes, without failing, I ordered my favourite Maggi Goreng again! Was kinda impressed with all the roti(s) in Abu, They have Roti Spain, Samurai, Argentina and many other more. LoL.

Went to church with parents. After that, supposingly going to meet up wit Jo-ey in Queens eh. She wanted to watch that horror show called Quarentine. But then, my mum doesn't allow. She wants me to rest because I went out whole day yesterday and need rest so that I won't fall sick during this coming camp! ZZZ. So well yea, I'm stuck with my computer here now, blogging.

So what's up next week?
Ignite Camp! Floral Fest!

Sorry, I can't go out today! Need to rest!

I'm rotting!

Check out this picture. Taken by Mr (Dunno who)'s DSLR camera. I love it!
*Click to enlarge*

Blessed Birthday Vivien and Uncle Quah

Today, I went to college to meet up with Ms Lai and friends for them floral festival thingy. Then, went gurney just to teman Michelle Anne for her TomYam in the foodcourt with Jo-ey, Janisha and Kartine. We had a great time.

Then, I went to Vivien's house for her birthday! And it's also Uncle Quah's bday!

Uncle Quah and Vivien

I'm very sleepy now, so will post up other pics when I have the time tmrw or something.

Anyway, Blessed bday to Vivi cheh and Uncle Quah. Have a great day ahead! May the Lord bless all your undertakings abundantly! Take care!

Night people. GBU!


Today nothing much. I hanged out most of my time in Melvin's house. After he came back from his college, me and him went to Gurney to meet up with Uncle William and Aaron. From there, we took uncle's camera and start taking pictures. Will upload them if I have them. It was really cool to have such nice camera. I want one!

Haha. Anyway, I'm very very happy for some reasons and no reason. I went to Bible Study today, enjoyed throughout the session, was refilled and recharged and refreshed again by the living water of Holy Spirit! Praise the Lord. Thank you Lord Jesus for not giving up on me always! I love you!

Next I'm happy because, I'm happy! I love you too! Haha.

I'm happy I'm happy I'm happy


Today was rather boring because there's nothing left to do. Anyway, thank God that there's still program for me today. Aunt Catherine reached Penang from Melaka this morning. She and her children came over to my house for like few hours before going off to Queens.

We went to Queens with Aunty Mag and Edwin (Melvin's mum and bro in case you don't know =)). I know it's going to be very boring going out with them shopping. So I suggested to watch Madagascar though I've already watched it =). So, me (the big brother) have to jaga the kids in the cinema while the mums all go to do their shopping. This time around, I nearly cried during the last scene. LoL. I dunno why.

At night, we went out together for dinner. This time, Melvin came back from his college and join us for dinner. We ate quite a lot. Nice food. I ate until nearly burst off my stomach. LoL.

Melvin's blur face with his mum and bro

Our bros with Aunt Catherine's son

My mum with Aunt Catherine's children

I dunno why I forgotten to take Aunty Catherine's photo. Sorry people! LoL. Haha.
That's all about today!

This is the picture from Ms Lai - All of the facilitators *Click to enlarge*

I can't wait for Ignite Camp! Bye! God bless you! Oh ya, my aunt is coming back from Perth again! Hehe, meaning more chocolates! LoL.

Saturday and Sunday


God is good! My holidays have been great so far. I love it, can say it's the best holiday that I've ever have. Greater things are yet to come =). Saturday was a blast. LoL. Morning, I went out with Melvin, Aaron, Michelle and gang. We went to the beach. This time around, I don't have any nice pictures compared to last time. So, I will not post it up. Then we went to have breakfast at the famous Roti Canai stall near tanjung bunga there. We met Felicia's uncle there and he chia us breakfast. Totally free =). Praise God cause I was nearly broke at the end of the week. LoL.

Then I headed home to prepare myself for the camp's committee meeting and wrap up present for Lye Boon. Then I headed to gurney to meet Chang Tai and Yong Chin. Gurney's new atrium was quite nice. Should go and have a look if you're free. Then we headed to Hunza for meeting. Poor them, they have to wait for me while I'm in the meeting. Thanks brother for your kindness to wait for me =). Then since it's early, we headed off to Queens and lepak there to kill the time. After that, we headed off to Lye Boon's house for his party.

Lye Boon's birthday was a blast. LoL. I was amazed when I stepped into his house. He actually has his own Bar with disco light ball in his house! LOL. We had a great time, fellowshipping with one another before everyone gets back to their hometown =(.

Look at his dad's alcohol collection! LoL.

Lye Boon and Siew Hui

"Happy birthday Lye Boon! We really had a great time. All the best in everything you do and take care!"


I went for the Hiking in Penang National Park so have to attend church extended service in the evening instead going to morning service. I woke up at 5.30 to get ready and wait for Shin juey to pick me up and head off to college. Ms Lai then fetched us, Melissa, Michelle Anne and Deepak, Janisha and Katinee to Penang National Park! Penang does have National Park! We waited for the kids as Jo-ey and Jenny they all arrived. Ms Lai assigned the Sui Cha Boh =.= (Jenny) as my helper. LoL. We wanted to lead small little kids but in the end, teacher assigned us with people from 10 years old to 14! Gosh, there's this one guy even TALLER than me. LoL.

Ms Lai used to call us "devil" as we are always siao and talk as loud as we want. But after meeting with the kids, she is so wrong! Haha. In fact, they are very cheeky and they already know the meaning of the word bitch at such young age. Jo-ey was telling them that we are heading towards the beach. Guess what they replied? One of them replied:"don't bring us to the female dog ler, very busuk eh." =.= very 'innocent" right?

We started our journey using the tracks, I have to explain and teach them about Wetlands. We climb up and down and all. We encountered snakes too! HAHA. I still can remember Jenny's expression, very LAWAK. LoL. For more details on the hiking part, do read Jenny's blog. I'm too lazy to type in details. LoL.

Overall, we had a great time! The water there was crystal clear. You can even see school of fish swimming. LoL. For more pictures, facebook. In facebook, look closely to the water. I managed to snap the picture of the fish. Thanks, Ms Lai for providing such opportunity to contribute to the environment. LoL.

Me and Jenny with our group

Me, Maddy, Mich and Chia Chyn
Will post up another one which is nicer if I have it!

Jo-ey teaching the kid. LoL.

I'm sleepy now. Time to sleep. LoL.
Night people!
Take care. =)

Oh ya, the kids were saying Maddy and Jenny pregnant! LOL. Hahaha. Meaning??? One word says it all. Haha



Today, I went to college to return my books and had a meeting with Ms Lai and friends regarding the hiking thingy in Muka Head and Floral Fest thingy. As usual, listen listen and listen and jotting down notes. After that, because of my ipoh friends are going back to ipoh already and I wont be meeting yup with them that soon, so I followed Shin Juey, Marian and Ash to meet up with Ipoh guys and Jay Wyn. We played table tennis for the whole afternoon after having lunch at one of the Nasi Kandar shop near my house.

Lau Kong in action!

Shin Juey too! But he was playing PSP!

Jay Wyn and Jia Xian

I'm gonna miss them very much as I can't really always go to Ipoh and meet them! Take care guys!

For something random, I took this! Hehe. I'm such a nature boy! Aku Pencinta Alam Sekitar! Hehe.

Then at night, headed to Prayer Meeting. It was good! Then, William took out his DSLR camera after the service. I was like @.@!!! It cost him around 4K just to buy that camera! LoL. As I told you before, I love photography. I wanna do that after I retire! haha. Then I start using his camera and take pictures everywhere, including cam whoring! HAHA. I will post it up when I have it okay?

Good night people! I most probably going to blog everyday! =D
Stay tuned for surprises, Lye Boon's bday party and PnP Hikng to Muka Head! Hehe! God bless you!

I like to move it move it, she likes to? MOVE IT!

Haha. I'm back! Today, awesome day! Haha. First, I went to Hair Impression in Komtar to cut my hair. I kinda like it, but I prefer the first time cut there punya style. Haha. Then, I went down to Gurney. First, I met up with Michelle Anne and Leykha. We went to Chicken Rice Shop and eat. They eat actually, not me. Then suddenly, whole Gurney BLACK OUT! Black out as in the whole basement all dark dark. Then Jenny came and then Jo-ey. We wanted to watch Madagascar. But then, when we were at the box office, everyone was like lining up to get their refund. They can't watch as they were facing power failure. Then, we CHAO all the way up to Queensbay just to watch that movie. Chia Chyn and Rachel and Jeshua then reached there and join us.

The movie was a BLAST! Very very funny! When the six packs of the macho macho lion, TEETSI came out, I was like, WOW, as though I'm seeing myself there on the screen (perasaan me =P). Haha. Thank God I'm not the fat Hippo MOTO-MOTO can already. Haha. You guys should really watch! Then me and Chang Tai headed to Midland to buy present for someone. Then got home!

Was a tiring yet awesoem day! So, what's next? Tmrw, I'll be meeting up with Ms Lai and Bio friends! Then might go to Melvin's place and play Red Alert 3! Then I might be going to prayer meeting! Hehe. Bye!

I like to move it move it, he likes to move it move it, she likes to? MOVE IT!

Pre, During and Post-Exams

Hey! I'm back! Freedom! Youuu-hooo! Im no longer a junior college student anymore. I'm going to be a Uni student soon! But I don't look like one, too Gina-ish de. Haha. Who cares? This is ME! Haha.

This post is about Pre-Exams, During-Exams and Post-Exams. So, sit back and relax!

Well, for the past 2 weeks, I keep going to library to study so that I won't be distracted by my WIFE (Computer). During the days of studying, it was rather fun. =). Me, Jenny (I know you'll gonna be so proud for your name to be mentioned in my blog =p), Jo-ey, Leykha, Michelle Anne, Chia Chyn, Rachel are the usual friends I studied with. A lot of cho-siaoness, MAKAN and everything plus stress just made my wonderful 2 weeks. No regrets=).

It was very "Chi-kek" to have exams in the 7 morning. I woke up like 3 o clock just to warm up and prepare myself. During exam, while I was keep answering questions, sometimes I dunno why, I will feel like just giving up. But through God's strength, Im still here today! =D

Ahhh yes, the best part! I have lots of activities coming up! Lol. Today, after chemistry paper (which is quite okay to me) , me and usual gang went to gurney KIM GARRY and eat! Haha. Nice loh the beef baked curry cheese. Yumm. Then, just walk here and there and lepak. Then tomorrow, going to gurney again to watch MADAGASCAR with Jo-ey and Jenny, Mich they all.

My To-Do List:
1. Watch madagascar, get presents for two people, and CUT HAIR.
2. Penang National Park voluntery work with Ms Lai
3. Floral Fest by Nature Society voluntery work with Ms Lai. (Im such a nature boy!)
4. IGNITE CAMP! (Im so excited about it!)
5. Going down to Johor, Ipoh, KL for wedding dinner and meet up with friends.
6. Hang out and more hang outsss
7. Christmas Carolling
8. Christmas Drama Presentation
9. Sports (Squash, Hiking, Kayak......)
10. Hang out with friends from outstation to catch up with time!

Haha. I can write lots more until 101 items (why 101? ask my friend, I dunno =p) but Im just too lazy! For here, I wanna thank a few people that really made my day wonderful! First is Jenny, Rachel, Michelle Anne and Jo-ey that really really helped me out during study group time. Helping me out with difficult questions. Thank You MICHELLE ANNE for teaching me Flocculation at the very last minute. LoL. (So, I don't have to chia u desert anymore! ahaha). Thank you to someone for encouraging me while Im down with stress and all. And of course, thank you to Ignition that prayed for me! =).

Of course, thank you Papa God that gave me the wisdom and strength! Im so blessed =)

Oh ya, all the best to Account and SP math people. Pity you all! haha. And all the best to SPM people! Do your best and God will do the rest!


A short note. Just to de-stress. I just don't like chemistry and physics. Tomorrow is chemistry. I studied everything in the text already. But suddenly, the word FLOCCULATION came into my mind. I roughly know what is it but I don't know how does it work in details. So I go and search in my text lo. Manatau my book is fourth edition, don't have wan. They only have it in 5th edition. ZZZ. I was like so panic. In the end, have to ask lots of friends, just to get a clearer picture of flocculation. ZZZ.

The only thing I remember most about flocculation is about the joke by Dr Teo

A japanese scolding an american FLOCCU Americans . ZZZZZZZZZZ

Last Day - Wednesday

Haha. I just came back from college. Was having Bio finals just now. The paper, it was superb! LoL. Not to say easy, but can do. Maybe it's because my teacher trained us up so well using her own evil mean plan on us. I still can remember, she used to ask us question whenever she enters the class. If you're not well-prepared, you're so dead. haha. But now, she's not only our lecturer, but our friend too. And of course, wisdom comes from God! Thank God for His wisdom and strength upon me. =)

Now I left one last paper - CHEMISTRY on WEDNESDAY

I shall go sleep now. After waking up, PIA! haha. I can smell wednesday! =)))))


Bummer! I envy few batch of people.

No. 1 UPSR students!
No. 2 PMR students!
No. 3 HSC students!

oh well, upsr and pmr is just the beginning of your misery of secondary schl and spm life. HAHAHA.
HSC, grrrr. They finished their chemistry paper on the 6th! Me, 12th! They can play an extra week before Uni starts! LoL. I shall not complain now, continue studying my biology. Oh well, gym anyone? LoL. I need to get my six-packs to show to those ppl that laughed at me! LOL. Haha.

Anyway, take care people. I love you all lots.

Gym or sports anyone?? All kinds of sports! Any of them! LoL.

Baby, 4 more days! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA. Oh ya, alll the best to SPM students man! Do your best and God will do the rest!

Thank You God for not giving up on me =]


A short update. I survived ESL and Physics. Praise God. Today, I think I was killed by math this morning. The first 10 question can do, with ample of time left. Then the remaining 7 questions was like so hard. In the end, have to rush everything in the final half an hour. Imagine doing all together 17 questions in 3 hours also not enough. So tough!

Anyway, today my math was from 7 to 10 in the morning. After math, me, Jo-ey, Leykha, Mich, Jenny and Rachel went to Gurney for lunch. We were at Pastamania, saw the promotion for students 30% off starting 2 o clock! But it's only 11. So, we plan to watch 007 Quantum of Solace at 12. By the time we come out, it's 2 then makan time! haha. But then, we were too hungry, so we bought 1901 Hotdogs and just watch the movie and just forget about the Pastamania. LoL.

The movie Quatum of Solace was okay to me. Last time Pierce Brosnan's role as James Bond is like more play-boy and womaniser. But now, they actually trying to change the image of 007. This movie Quatum of Solace and the previous one, Casino Royale, there were lesser kissing scenes and Bond actually in love and very loyal to his gf. But sadly, his gf died in Casino Royale.

Anyway, here I am now. LoL. Have to study now already. Biology and Chemistry. Oh ya, I got conditional offer from Curtin, Adelaide and Flinders University already as long as I meet their requirrment. I got for Marine Biology, Bio-tech and Health Sciences. Praise God.

But of course, my priority is still medicine. I will got there and do if my SAM TER is not good enough for me into meidicne. So after taking up that, work one or two years, then MASUK medical schl again! haha.

Anyway, I left two more papers. Then, merdeka!

Biology and Chemistry


If you guys have facebook, you all should know that


I was so panic. I went to see Ms Lucy about it. Although she said it's okay with it as long as I have my registration slip. Yes. I do believe her. But my heart doesn't feel good. Maybe me I'm a perfectionist? LoL. I scared that later the Aussie invigilator doesnt want to let me go in and sit my exam.

I was keep praying about it, especially just now early in the morning.

GUESS WHAT? Shin Juey called me, saying that he's having my slip. How did my slip go to his place?? I have no idea.

I'm like SO HAPPY NOW man! PRAISE THE LORD. God will HELP you somehow, as long as you don't give up!

YOU-HOOO. This has boost up my confidence level a lot! Amen!


Exam Time Table

Since now, Im kinda relaxing my mind to prepare for English later, so I might as well post up my time table, to show how pitiful I am. LOL. Oh well, a total of 15 hours of exam in five days.

3rd November (Monday) ESL 11.30 - 2.40pm

4th November (Tuesday) Physics 7.00 - 10.10am

6th November (Thursday) Math 7.00 - 10.10am

10th November (Monday) Biology 7.00 - 10.10am

12th November (Wednesday) Chemistry 11.30 - 2.40

Wait for me baby, I'll be back. Recently I think a lot. I remember how God moved me in my life and all, but somehow I just feel that I don't wanna move on this year (as we know, now is nearly the end of the year). Maybe is because God has put great friends in my life this year and I feel so reluctant to separate especially next year, I'm off to somewhere. I feel so heavy-hearted to move on and separate with them. I know better awaits, but well, I'm lazy to find new clicks.

Will share my thoughts in detail after exam okay?

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend, Lucky to have been where I have been. =)

Blessed I would say. Bye! Pray for me! =)
I'll talk more about this when I finish my exam okay?


Friends, I really thank God for my friends in college. God has been very good to me by allowing great people into my life to learn from them.

This is a picture, photoshopped by me (beginner). Comment on it! I did this in 20 minutes time because I realised that I took break for too long already and need to get back to books. Anyway, please comment!

Will do nicer ones when I have the time and learn from professionals.

Thank You

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