Room 77

Attended Cheq Up Conference in 2006 and you want more?
Missed Cheq Up in 2006?

Friends, this Room77 is for all of us. I would love to invite you, dear readers and friends to come for Room77, a drama and concert presentation from Penang First IGNITE-Youth.

Date? 4th July
Time? 7.30pm
Venue? Hunza Sanctuary
Fees? FREE
What to bring? Yourself and Friends!

How to get there? Click the map below to enlarge

Feel free to drop any comments here to clear the clouds of doubts

or visit

See you all there! Take care and God bless! =)


It's been long time, not really, since I last blogged. Haha. Things have been real good. Praise God as everything just went smoothly.

Firstly, Room77! Everything is now falling into places and everyone is getting ready for it. I'm fired up and so excited over it! It's gonna be awesome, glory be all to God!

Working is fine as well, as I got some good friends. They have been good to me and we just share thoughts and our testimony to each other when we are free as some of them are Christians. =)

Yesterday, went out with MsLai and friends (Ash, Thani, Madeline, Brayan, ShinDee, JayWyn and Deepak) for breakfast in Gurney Kapitan. After that, Transformer in Gurney. It was such a good film! As usual! Haha. Then dinner in Ananda, saw Pastor Reggie Lee and Louis Manuel having dinner there as well. Haha.

Everything is good. Thank God for that. Now it's only all out for Room77, 7 days more! Great! After that, got to prepare my heart for KL now. =)

See you people! GBU!


I'm sorry for not updating that frequently anymore, cause I was really busy with God's work and my own work. I'm still alive and super happy cause I'm serving a wonderful FATHER.

I'm now:
-Looking for place to stay when i get down to KL this sept.
-Thinking when to resign, since JT has resigned. LOL.
-Preparing the stuff and myself for Room77, its gonna be awesome!
-Helping out people in their studies for free.
-Still working in Starbucks as usual.
-Trying to find time to have a mass cleaning for my room.
-Very HAPPY and I thank God for His favor upon me. And I'm happy cause you know why =)
-Got a very new assignment from God, which I'm still figuring out which 7 God is referring to. Hmmm.

That's all I guess. Haha. I pray that may all of you have an awesome week ahead cause we're Greatly blessed, Highly favored and deeply loved by God! GBU!

Room77 is coming so soon!
Transformer too! =)

University of Sunderland, Schl of Pharmacy


Check it out, Thank you, God!

Bon Vayage!

At first I was very tired eh, but then the message tones just rang in my notebook. So I got up and check. LoL. Chat with Melvin and just realised, tmrw Fenny and Daisy is going back to Palembang! So I would love to dedicate this post to them, I dunno why, just feel like want to blog about it I guess.

Fenny and Daisy were the first 2 friends I made when I went to Singapore. We went to the zoo, science centre together with Alarize and many more. We had fun. And I'm very very amazed by their love and faith towards God, I respect! I noticed the way they pray and talk to God, I can literally feel the presence of God on the spot. They were great people and I hope to visit them someday in Palembang! Besides, they are my blog loyal readers so they will sure to read this eh, so don't mind putting effort writing this post for them. LoL.

That's us in the Science Centre
Alarize, Me, Daisy and Fenny

Daisy, Fenny, Rize and me (I look fat, LoL)

Anyway, safe journey back ya, will definitely be able meet you Daisy (and hopefully Fenny) and celebrate your 20th Birthday with you and Rize when I visit Sg this mid August cause you'll be back by then. (I know you're gonna kill me cause I revealed your age =p HAHAHA). Anyway, I would love to go to Palembang someday to travel and visit you people. Have fun spending time with your family. Will keep you both in my prayers! God bless you! Take care!

This guy here reminds me of King Julian, He always jual mahal in the sense that he doesnt want to look at the camera eh, He will just turn his head towards the side when you try to take a picture of him. LOL.

I miss this guy, I wonder how is he doing now in Singapore zoo!

Blessed birthday Benjamin TKH!

Tmrw is Ben Teoh's birthday! I don't need to intro him already ler, since he's the most handsome guy on earth. Haha.

This day doesn't only remark his birthday, but our friendship anniversaries as well. We have been pals for 18 years already! How cool is that? Yeah, I know him since the day he were born. LOL.

Anyway Ben, Have a blast. Hope you will like the present. Haha. All the best in everything you do and May our good Lord bless all your undertakings abundantly. One year older, one year more handsome. Take care and God bless all the desires of your heart! =)

Still the same old us.
Tears or laughters, we will still be pals.

May the Lord continue to bless our friendship more than ever.

Blessed birthday Ben!

Kota Damansara Series

Time for picture post again. As you all know, I went to SEGi Kota Damansara last week and I just love it there. It's BIG. LoL.

Of Lights and Camera


We were playing with lights and Ivan's Alpha 300. LoL. It's pretty cool.

"Understanding Book Of Revelation"

"Understanding Book of Revelation" seminar/teachings has finally come to an end. Thanks Pastor Reggie, hope to hear from you soon! One word - It was a bomb! Man, I just wish and hope that God will just keep continue teaching me more and more in all one day, the insights, I just wanna see how and the way God see things. Truly HE is awesome. And everything went well for me.

Been busy, be it church or work. But this week is a rest week for me. Because I've been working many hours without proper sleep and rest and this week is super HOT. So I !can feel that tmrw I will fall sick, so keep me in your prayer ya. Thanks much.

Take care and God bless you

Good times!

Today, one of my friend went down to Melacca for Multimedia University. And finally, Penang has got the peace that everyone needed. LOL. Haha, When she laughs, the whole Gurney atrium will get to hear her voice. LoL. She's none other than Michelle Anne. Well, we used to do stupid stuff, like climbing up to Disted rooftop, playing jokes and pranks during class and many more. But I don't get to hang out much with her recently cause time doesn't really permit. Anyway, meet Michelle Anne, loud speaker. LoL.

This was beginning of the year, Maddy, Mich, Jo-ey, me and MsLai

Hahaha, I love this cause I jumped the highest. Mich is the one on the other end of me (right).

Mich, I know you'll read this! Haha. Make sure you be good when you get there ya! No more party but study. All the best in everything you do and take care. Will always keep you in my prayer, God bless you! =) Have fun!


I'm back from KL

I'm back from Ipoh

I'm back from the "Ladies Sleep Over" party

I bought Hillsong - a cross//the earth (Tear Down the Walls)

I bought two shirts and a shorts.

I ate too much. =(

ilike, ihappy, ilisten Tear Down the Walls.

Hello People!

I'm now blogging from the Gardens Starbucks. I went to SEGi Kota Damansara just now and my jaws literally dropped. Not because of girls larh, but the campus is super duper BIG. LoL. Serious, it's bigger than Chung Ling High Schl.

Anyway, my parents paid the fees already and from now, just gonna believe in God that HE'll provide and by faith I accepted the offer. So I'll be studying Master of Pharmacy 2 years in KL and 2 years in Sunderland, UK. Haha. So remember me in your prayer ya, thanks much!

So that's all about it. Got to go grab my BURGER KING. YAY! FINALLY!

Argh, ManU vs Msia 11 tickets all sold out. Got to grab it in gurney when i get back!

Bye Bye! Have fun people!


This is my first time since "dunno when" I spent so much on a day. LoL. First, I got my hair cut at Hair Impression. Then went to Midland with Melvin and bought a webcam and headset with mic. Then I went to Starbucks to get a 4C coffee press for my dad. I plan to give that to my dad in this upcoming Fathers' day.

I'll post all the pics up soon, about all the things that I got and bought. LoL.

Going KL tmrw midnight! Haha. Bye people!

For pictures on the night outing with Ivan, Melvin and Steph, Click here. We had fun playing with Ivan's Alpha 300 series and lights. LOL.


I'm still alive and doing great if you guys wondering because I haven't been much updating my blog. Anyway, it was an awesome week for me, though my ManU suffered a defeat in Rome.

Well, I didn't do much things except working and going to church. As usual, Friday prayer meeting and Ignite plus Sunday service were all awesome. God is really good. I go church with high expectation that God will do something great and new and God really did.

Oh ya, Thursday, we had a surprise birthday for Kylie! Hahaha. She was shocked! And I scored this assignment better than my biology! Yayayayayay! HAHAHA.

Working was okay as well, with great people to work with. And I'm so blessed. Just to share with you guys, I actually escaped from snapshot last night. LOL. I will always commit my working to God eh, HIS favour and blessing and all on my workings. So last night, somehow amazingly, snapshot came when I was in the storeroom (car park) to grab some stock. Haha. And my MOD and collegues were in the stores and facing the snapshots. I don't want to comment about how they did, but I think I'll be shaky if I'm the one facing snapshot, cause he'll ask lots of questions, the drinks that we make must be accuarate within certain range in terms of temperature and weight. Because I'm so called still new, haven't been much reading about coffees, I don't think I can answer them well. LoL. Anyway, really thank God that HE placed me doing things at the right time.

Another thing is, I got my new notebook! And praise God, I got it for free. Thank God and thanks to my dad and uncle which came back from Singapore.

That's all about it. Tmrw I'll be going down KL to pay up my schl fees, remember me in your prayer ya! Thanks and have an awesome week ahead!

Thank You

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