Tak geram.. hahax

hari ini, aku tak geram.. hahax.. noe why? LoL.. cos ...
esok ialah holiday... going out with friends.. yay! and...
last nite.. ManU.. is going to Moscow!

ManU vs Barcelona

Don be sad ler.. jus come back next year.. hahax

he's my man!

well.. hoepfully.. if i get my jpa.. pray that i would get to go to moscow for my medicine..
then i would be able to watch it real live...
I wanna go to moscow for the finals...


hey guys I'm back.. Arghh.. geramnya.. noe why?

had fun at first with friends when i went for hiking
but my sunday didnt ended that really nice..
i had a cold during the nite.. then i was rushing my report and had to study for my chemistry
cause monday im gonna have a test. Then while rushing.. a guy out of nowhere came to talk to me
accodrding to him, he's jus using flowery words.. but to me his words are full with thorns..
Arghh! den reason.. im not telling u... cos it's a very stupid facts with no truth in it at all..
it's all based on rumours and the cakap banyak of his friend which so happen to be my friend too.

when sir walked in my class.. he announced that my test has been postponed to next monday..
which makes me so geram again cos i studied sooooo much with my cold and that guy disturbing
and he came to tell me that my test has been postponed? Arghh..

today.. i took the USW science test in chung hwa secondary which was real easy.. then went to college and had my math test.. the test i can do.. but it's real hard.. most of the ppl drowned in calculus i think.. including me.. sobs.. geramnya..
when break that time.. i pondered... see tmrw is the last day before labour day rite? so..
here's supposingly my 'evil' plan.. hahax.. wednesday rite.. go for bio class from 9 to 12
den 12 to 2 is the ESL studies.. but the session is gonna be an interview session which i had done mine on today.. so after taking attendance.. we're on our own way dee.. so i plan.. at 12.. after giving attendance.. go home dee.. don care bout the moral class (2-4) .. skipping it so that i can rest for longer time and thursday whole day holiday.. but.. mana tau jus now moral class..
sir said cannot skip tmrw's lesson cos he's going to teach us and give us the guidlines for our moral folio.. haih.. so have to wait from 12 to 2 doing nothing and then 2 to 4 for moral tmrw..
den go home at 4 tmrw.. swt niaa..

aiya.. i dunno yet ler.. now still tuesday laa.. LoL.. only God noes.. we'll see wat's up on tmrw.. hahax.. take care..
GERAM dan sakit hati.. LoL

Updates - Hiking and Birthdays

sorry for didn update my friends birthday and hiking stuff.. cause was really busy during over the weekends.. reports.. outings.. college.. whoa.. no time to catch my breath also.. LoL.. I'll say and greet who's birthday and all as i go along my story on hiking.. hahax.. well hiking was fun... it really sweats me out.. LoL.. here are some pics..

this is our friend.. say:"hello mr monkey!"

this is my sifu.. =.="
he ask us not to eat.. cos wats the point of losing 1kg to climb up to station 3 and then eat and gain 3kg.. so in the end.. u gain weight of 2kg.. LoL.. but dia sendiri cant resist it and go eat.. hahax! *i also did makan ler.. hahax*

this is sifu of my sifu melvin.. LoL..
he's so pro in hiking man.. LoL.. well.. he's funny..
gals, he's handsome rite? he's still single but i don think he's available dee.. too bad.. hahax

i love this pic the most..
this pic makes me feel like im the director of the movie forbidden kingdom..
they are fighting.. LoLoLoL..nice pic isn't it? LoL

okay.. here comes the birthday guy and girl...
the girl there.. her name is shir hoay.. her birthday is on 27 april..
and tua chiak aka Adrian.. his birthday is on today (28thApril)..

May the Lord bless them abundantly this year..
Adrian and Shir Hoay

Lastly.. this guy.. he's birthday is on today (28th April) too.. he's a great guy.. i thank God for this brother of mine.. we've been through ups and downs when we were in chung hwa secondary.. he was my prayer partner in CF and we have been through a lot..
he was my head prefect and i was the head of break monitors.. so..
we used to solve 'crimes' together.. hahax.. he's... none other than..
EDMUND LEONG.. *clap hands*

serious side of him.. LoL..
he handsome lehh.. gals.. too bad..
he's still single but not available dee.. hahax..
i wonder nowdays.. why all the guys are not available dee huh? LoL..
hard to find a good boy like them and ME! hahax..

thats all for now.. take care yea.. tata


It's coming soon..
it's on the second week of May..
if I get it.. that would be my best BDAY PRESENT ever in my life from God..

God, I need miracles!


I'm bored here
Later going for hiking..
that's all for now.. LoL



hahax.. finally i can post up pics taken from my camera.. i lost my cable months ago and i jus bought a card reader during the pc fair.. so now i can post up those pics.. LoL..
well i got nothing to do now. so might as well show u guys some pics.. ENJOY..

this is my sifu.. anak murid of melvin.. don mess with him man.. LoL

this is a spider.. LoL..

ini semua anak-anak murid saya.. LoL
*shia wen aka worm, ben, edwin aka els' lover and mel*

i dunno why i have this pic in my camera.. taken during ignite CNY celebration.. LoL..
*well, she memang vanity ler..*

hahax.. thats all.. hope u guys had a nice day today..


Nowadays.. floorball has been getting more and more popular.. it's one kind of sport.. something like hockey... Youth wave.. has been using it as a tool to outreach to the non-Christian out there.. and i noticed.. this sport is the only sport that interests the gals.. most of the gals only love to play floorball.. so why not floorball to invite friends to church?
PS: ben, im supporting u..hahax!!

samuel.. i miss him.. he's my secretary of CF last time..
*me and him went back to chung hwa to introduce this game to CF*
ask Gabriel for more info...


Today, i'm gonna talk bout injections.. since i plan to take up medicine..
funny part is.. i dunno why people scared bout injections..
well actually it's not dat bad ler.. it's not worse than taking out blood for test ler.. LoL
i actually all sorts of injections also kena before ler..
i kena injections at my butt arm wrist and leg.. hahax!!

when i was in the hospital program for 5 days, on the third day i think... we went to the general wad.. then i saw a nurse trying to give injections to a guy *age cant tell*.. LoL.. the guy was like a kid.. *like shia wen, refer her blog* hahax.. he was like ask the nurse.. got pain arr stuff.. LoL
people not afraid of fight, gang bang, speed in car(not afraid of accident) but small little needle.. they afraid pula.. SWT!!! LoL

well injections are actually nothing ler.. they will make u numb and tired only..
for some guys or gals.. it'll affect our hormones and u'll experience mood swing nia ler..
it's funny to read all of their blogs about injections where the blog owners all afraid of injections. hahax!! esp those gals jus took their injections yesterday.. UNEXPECTEDLY.. LoL

see.. they are friendly.. ahaaX!

see.. so next time whenever u're going to take injections.. jus do this to the nurse and everything will be okay..

Youth Wave

yesterday morning.. i went to church.. penang first with melvin they all.. den noon went to PC fair.. so cramped and packed.. i bought myself a card reader.. going to test it out today.. den nite.. went to youth wave.. it was awesome.. it was good.. the praise and worship was good.. u guys should come next time aite? .. then the message.. guess who's the speaker? LoL..
he's well blessed guy.. really funny.. we all love him to preach..
he's none other than Pastor Andy Yeoh! LoL.. u guys noe who is he? LoL..
well he's the lead vocalist of the band called ALTERED FREQUENCY..
LoL.. he jus got married 7 months and 6 days ago(if im not mistaken).. hahax.. his message was sharp yet simple..

this is him.. (ps his concert was awesome too)
i first attended his concert when i was in form 1 i think in TOG during youth wave..

hahax.. thats all.. LoL.. got to do my work now.. later got class.. tata..


Nowadays.. i notice that things happening in this world are jus for your eyes only..
they wont last...
Like for pals.. last time he really treat u very well.. but for some reason.. misunderstanding..
he still treat u well.. but i jus can feel that the sincerity is not there anymore..
but one thing is lasting..
our God will always be with us no matter how..
Life is full of ups and downs.. i've been through both..
The ups oness are memorable and sweet
but the downs ones really made me humble till down to earth..
Everything happens for a reason..
We may not noe it now.. But one day U'll thank God that it happens.

*this pic reminds me of the love from our HEAVENLY FATHER*

Friends out there.. who is emo-ying.. don be aite?
jus cheer up and one day you'll noe why is it happening..
And i was once liddat but now.. i've found great things in my life..
I believe God has installed his better plan for us in the future..

Extraordinary of the Ordinary

well.. today is jus like an another ordinary day created by God..
today.. as u guys noe.. im currently having semester break..
morning.. nothing to do.. oh yea.. i was doing my assignments.. gosh.. with all the works with all the datelines.. LoL.. u'll faint man.. den i was browsing the internet.. to do some research on my biology.. den i found a website.. whooaa.. inside there.. they have all sorts of discussion and essay and lab report!.. CHUN!! inside there.. i type what i want...hmmm.. let's say the title 'macromolecules'..
POFFF!!! come out all the things.. such as carbohydrates proteins.. etc etc.. den i jus copy and paste lerr.. cause experiment result match with their essay merr.. LoL.. u guys mus be wondering..
"die dee ler.. chiaming.. copy all.. exam dat time.. sure gone case dunno how to answer"
to be honest.. in fact, i read theirs.. so can say im copying while im studying.. LoL.. thats why i call it extraordinary..

den afternoon.. LoL.. at about 3.. my sugar pie aka uncle william tan chee seng.. LoL.. called me! asking me whether want to go out to makan not.. but that time im still full.. LoL.. so i rejected him.. (extraordinary huh? LoL)
PS: william, if u're reading this.. don be sad aite? i still haert u! LOLOLOLOLOL
den.. at 4.. i feel bored.. went out jalan jalan and makan lo.. LoL..
where did i go? oh well.. DREAM ON.. IM aint telling.. LoL..
so now im back again.. bloggin.. LoL..
today is an ordinary day with extraordinary things happening..

Movie for today and chelsea is so screwed!

guys.. m back.. just came back from gurney only.. some of u guys might say..
"eh siao arr.. u go all the way to gurney just to watch a movie and come back"
*nod head* yupp.. thats me.. hahax.. i went to watch AH LONG PTE ALONE.. haih.. wat to do?
friends working and college-ying and exam-ying.. my course mates all studying and some went back to hometown. so left ME nia.. *missing someone sooo much*

ok bact to movie! AH LONG.. it's a seriously no jokingly GREAT FILM..
It's funny yet very educational.. and it's violent yet very educational.. thats why i rate this film as one of the best film.. Jack Neo is a very talented guy and all his movies are very educational yet funny... i love all his movies..

guys if u have not watch it yet.. u should!!! before GSC or any other cinema finish screening it..

ok back to football.. last nite.. guess wat? chelsea drew.. 1-1 with wigan.. thanks to who?
thanks to this fella emile heskey.. he's was a regular england striker when he was in his prime..

it's a massive blow for chelsea.. chelsea is like 5 points behind ManU with 4 games left.. if they screw it up.. then thats it.. ManU will be the champ again!
*still at schl rite? im soo bored here..*

Happy Birthday Edward and to my DAD!!

guys.. tmrw is 16th of april.. tmrw is one of the most important day to my loved ones..
its my best pal birthday Edward Ong and my DAD's birthday! yoohooo! cos mum is bringing us out to eat.. hahax..*though it's not my birthday but i still get to eat*
this is edward.. he.. got gf dee..hahax.. may i present u..

Mr Ong and Mrs Ong

and my one and only earthly DAD..

without him nagging me without me sitting here bloggin today..
*he's allergic to camera.. hahax*

Happy birthday to u..
Happy birthday to u..
Happy birthday to my dad and edward the MOH........
Happy birthday to u!

oh no.. im gonna be late for my movie.. planned to watch Ah long.. now its 11.30 my movie starts at 11.45.. LoL.. got to go!

ManU beat Arsenal.. yooohooo!!

im still awake.. noe why? cause i watched my ManU beat Arsenal.. hahax!
ManU is unstoppable.. I thank God cause HE truly bless my 'everything(s)' *u noe that i do*
LoL.. God is the EVERYTHING OF THE EVERYTHING(s).. get it? hahax..

PS: to ben and denise
watch out.. cause ManU is unstoppable

PS: to alan, jarold, jimmy and all the ManU fans out there
to ManU.. cheerrsssss!!!! *winks*

Pictures of love and emo-ness

heart-shaped cloud that i found on the way back after squash

can u regconise where is this place? nice view.. so near yet so far.. sobss..

nice view.. nice earth created by God


Today..after church.. went to my graddad's hse.. hahax.. had fun with my cousins.. den at about 4pm.. went to Bukit Dumbar for squash.. ermm.. me melvin melanie ben michelle edward and shir hoay all were there.. had fun.. LoL.. *i trash them all.. hahahaha jk*

Exercise is seriously equally important.. God gave us a perfect body.. we shouldn't just let our body liddat.. junk with all the junk food.. muss exercise once in a while.. hahax! so....


*this pic i use my effect of my phone to do mia.. its a combination of two courts to one court*
*from left to right: melanie, michelle, shir hoay and edward*

they pat toh more than they play.. hahax

M vs M
Melanie vs michelle

i would say this is the pic of the day.. haha.. this mel kor.. as usual lar him.. very farny
*in this pic, he act like as if he jus came out from sauna.. hahax*

den went home by bus * enjoyed it a lot.. so near yet so far* *time flies*
den here i am.. bloggin.. hahax
take care..

Happy Birthday Veryn!

well.. yeasterday was veryn's bday..
that morning.. went to hunza early to practice drama.. cos next week is ignite's first ignite of the year.. then afternoon.. we went to Spice Garden.. i was amazed how God created this world so perfectly but the only thing is.. humans don appreciate it.. they sin, destroy this earth..
den at nite.. went to veryn's bday party! had fun.. but not dat perli-ying part..
here are some pics..

i dint take many photos.. cos.. i forgotten to take my camera so i use hp and its quality is not dat good esp during nites.. if u want more photo.. go to melvin's blog or ask from him.. he should have.

well.. to veryn

"if I'm not mistaken this year form 5 rite? spm is coming! but not to worry ler.. God will bless u abundantly this year.. Do your best and God will do the REST! when get straight As dee must chia me noe.. hahax! take care.."


I wrote your name in the sky,
Wanting everyone to see it high
but the wind blew it away.

I wrote your name in the sand,
Sculpturing it with my hand
but the waves washed it away.

I wrote your name in my heart,
No one else can open it up and see
and forever it will stay.
(u noe wat it means huh? LoL)

PS: edmund, if u're reading this, this poem is for u too! LoL.. Go all out man.. Take care..

Blahh.. I-heart revolution is cool.. LoL

time for bloggie.. =p
today.. as usual.. go college.. i drove to college but my dad drove off.. swt rite?
it's like im fetching myself there.. hahax..
so today.. after math english.. its my break time.. from 1-3.. whoa.. siok lo..
so i went to midlands..
to grab the i heart revolution album.. *sorry for cant make it to the library.. sob..*
den went back to college..
it's physics time.. *booooooooooooooring*
so i took my camera out and snap this.. hahax..

boon kent was trying to do his lansi face.. hahax! aint he handsome? LoL

I heart revolution!

then i do my stuff as usual lo.. do some work den chat here n there den do some work again..
den came home.. and my daily routines start! LoL.. so thats all
tata. take care.. God bless..

Questions, questions, questions...


I dunno why I'm doing this.. maybe jus feel too bored from doing assignments.. so here it goes..

Remove ONE question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all. (you must be crazy to believe the blessing thing)

(I changed question 20)

1. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Not really cos sometimes it's because of infatuation.

2. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take with you, and why? I'm gonna make it 4.. =p
Edmund.. cos he's always there for me..
Melanie.. how can i leave her out? =p

Melvin and Ben .. my life long pals

3.What place do you want to go the most?
hmm.. Italy.. Venice.. *i noe u noe why.. =p*

4. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
be a doctor and everyone sing for Christ!.. =p

5. What do you feel like doing right now?
see her..

6. What are you afraid to lose the most now?

7. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
I'll pay the fees for my medical schl in england and I'll donate it to church esp the MMC project..

8. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
like wat edmund said.. Yeps, what's there to hide??

9.List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
Smart, handsome and loving

10. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
loves God, family, understanding and caring...

11. Which type of people do you hate the most?
Loud speaker

12. Which do you prefer from your other half? A hug or a kiss?
Both.. =p

13. If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
point out nicely in private, that is if they really care for me to change for the better, if its just for plain criticism, i'd rather have them shut up.

14. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
God's love and grace and mercy

15. Are you more afraid of failure or loss?

16. What kind of electronic device/gadget you own that you like most?
My new comp..

17. If you had the chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
hmm.. my self confidence?

18. What makes you feel disappointed?
People that jus don wanna accept the truth.. and ppl die without having the chance to noe Christ!

19. If given a chance, do you want to see your future?
yea.. cause i'm anxious and eager to noe wat God has installed for me.. hee

20. Are u loving your life currently?
yea.. palapapapa.. im lovin it..hahax



melvin teoh

ben teoh



joo tatt

aaron khoo

watch this guys.. I'm serious

hmm.. I'm serious bout this... guys please watch it..
i jus feel that the time has seriously come dee.. pls don play play anymore aite?
I just feel that there's this urgency to win more souls for God..
i think I'm gonna get few for my non-Christian friends (the I heart revolution) and share Christ to them..

Random.. LoL

hey guys.. m back.. after days of running out of ideas.. i finally got things to post.. LoL.. well.. how have u guys been doing this week? good? i bet so.. LoL.. well.. today, im gonna talk about few things.. LoL..

yesterday, crytal ball was like so blur.. he talked to me through MSN.. den u showed me his lansi pic! i say send it to me ler.. then he was challenging me.. he really send and try to cancel it when i try to accept.. but fail.. den i challenged him again.. den in the end i accepted it and he didn noe bout it.. i think he wasn't paying attention *maybe watch cha boh gua hahax.. jkjk* den i finally got it! so may i proudly present u aaron khoo aka prince roN aka crystal ball... *clap hands*

aint he handsome cute sexy and lansi? LoL

den today.. hmm.. well yea.. today at college.. was too boring.. den i drew something during my math class.. hahax.. wanna see? LoL..

see.. i use my graphic calculator to draw it! LoL I love u!

haha.. too bored dee i guess.. LoL

For the content below.. please do not read if you're 18 and below..

den.. after college.. went to secret recipe with friend.. haha. that fella.. so dirty minded!.. i ordered a alphabets fries den.. u noe lar.. that fella go and write something on my plate.. LoL

my friend wrote..

my friend seriously somethin wrong dee wan ler *u noe wat i mean.. hahax*.. LoL
den went home.. time flies huh? * u noe wat i mean* LoL.. well thats all for my today..
will blog tmrw k? LoL.. take care yea.. God bless..


well guys.. had been busy lately.. hmmm.. well. ManU drew with MIdsboro.. hmmm.. haih..
kinda disappointed lo.. but still having hopes that ManU will win! LoL.. today nothing much.. so i guess i betta go to sleep now.. hee.. nite.. sweet dreams..

wat say u melanie! LoL

this is a speed test that i took..
Melanie, wat say u huh? LoL..
well yea.. did u guys really believe it?

Life Resumes

Friends.. i noe u guys are there for me.. thanks a lot.. thanks for ur prayer...


I believe God will do the impossible for me!
I believe God has a good plan for me in the future!


JPA... sobs..

well.. today got two things i wanna share.. its the good and the bad.. which one u wanna hear first?
well i guess i'll blog bout the good one first..

the good one..
well today got my license dee.. means i can drive dee.. LEGALLY.. hahax..
(nothing special rite)

the bad one..
today is my JPA interview.. i went.. and i jus came back.. now im at home..
well.. my interview session was totally disaster..
i dunno why... i really did my preparation.. but when i went in the hall.. it's so totally diff..
i mean i can speak well outside here.. not a doubt! but when u're in the hall.. whoa..
i can speak.. but sometimes will lost in the middle of my speech.. whole mind BLANK..
For others.. they are like me as well.. too nervous..
I noe i could do betta.. but chance only comes once.. sobs..

Now i can only pray to God that I'll be accepted..
I really want this medicine.. hmmmmmm.....................................................*speechless*

anyway.. got to go to my college dee.. got physics class...Life RESUMES...
tata.. take care..

Best Prank EVER!!!! LoL

today is april fool rite? LoL.. had fun in schl and college?
well today i witness the best PRANK ever in the history of my entire life! well..
I nearly kena also.. but I'm not as teruk as the main target!
well today, after college, i went to gurney with 3 of my friends.. taking SAM in disted.. they're from ipoh.. 3 of them are best friends.. staying in midland condo..

Lets name them A B and C
so today.. i went to gurney with them after our college..
went to chopper board and eat..
while waiting for the food.. (i seriously dunno that they are pranking)..
oh yea.. C has a gf in ipoh.
so.. A pakat with B to prank C.

First.. A change the name in his phone's phonebook from the name B to C's gf name.. understand? but the number is still B's number.. jus the name change to C'gf..
then B message A.. saying that "pls tell C that im pregnant!" but the name shown in A's phone is C's gf.. so A show C the message.. C's face turns white noe.. he's like so scared and he thought it's his gf that wanna prank him.. so he call his gf.. LoL.. his gf also blur.. so both of them blur blur until A n C say.. APRIL FOOL.. so two of them kena in one prank.. I was a witness only.. but i really believe that its either his gf pranking his bf or really pregnant.. so can say i kena also ler..

Well.. guys.. it's kinda dangerous to make such prank noe.. must noe the limits also..
but today really open up my eyes ler.. it's a real canggih prank!
can say it's the best PRANK ever in MY LIFE!!!

Thank You

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