Blessed 2009!

Blessed 2009 People!

May God shower HIS blessing upon you guys abundantly in the year 2009 and the years to come.
Continue to walk with HIM faithfully and surely HE will reveal HIMSELF and HIS WILL more to you!

Greater things are yet to come!

See you all in watchnight service later!

Bye Bye readers!

Congrats People

Haha. I've heard all the good reports from you all. Praise be the Lord. Kam Sia Chu!

Congrats to all PMR people as you all did very well.

Renee the Yong Tao Foo, congrats! Pro lorh your chinese.

Aaron, I'm very proud of you and I believe God is also very proud of you. Congrats Aaron! Your hard work paid off! =) Tmrw, let me trash u in badminton! LoL.


I find this very interesting. Have a look by clicking it to enlarge. LoL. These pictures were taken way back in May. LoL.

And I miss them
Jo-ey, Jenny, Jo Ann, Melissa, Charmaine, Marian
Me, Jay Wyn, Siva, Chang Tai and Jeshua

=) They were great friends to me. They don't freeload me and helped me a lot!

Christmas Dinner 2008

Last night, Christmas dinner was nice. Food is nice, crazy-ness is there, vain pot also there! Haha. I'll just let the picture do the talking. LoL. I'm lazy.

Melvin and me

This is Gladys version of respect. LoL


LOL I love this picture, we look like as though we were the "
Aaron, Abel and me

Me and Aaron

Ben and me

This is super duper funny! We follow the girls way of cam whoring by taking pictures through the mirror of the toilet! But Melvin says it's the girls that follow us to cam whore this way!


The end.
As I promised, I will post up the camp photos and the Drama presentation soon

Blessed Bday Dedications

First of all, Blessed Christmas to all of you there! It's Jesus birthday 2000 years ago!
Thank you Lord Jesus for the cross. It's by the grace and mercy and love of God, I'm still alive here.

I am what God says I am and I can do what God says I can do!


Next is my old friend, Lydia Choo! Remember her? Haha. She last time very sotong eh (sotong = blur) LoL. Haha. Whenever I see her, I think of exams. Cause she always sit behind of me during exams eh. Haha. Well, she's a Christmas baby and she's very fair, like an english lady!

"Blessed Christmas and Blessed Bday Lydia! Have a great day ahead! May God bless all your undertakings abundantly in the days to come! Thanks for everything during schooling days, you helped me a lot! Take care and all the best in everything you do!"

Lydia is the one in blue pinafore! Haha

Happy Bday!


Gam Xia Chu! 3 nights of Christmas Presentation has ended smoothly. I'm really glad to see people coming to know the Lord! Praise God! I didn't really take pictures with my old cam this year because I was busy taking pictures using uncle william's cam and melvin's cam. Haha. I will upload more pictures when I grab from them okay? Haha. Oh ya, actually me very SOTONG. LoL. Blur me, I always thought that the requirement to go in IMU medicine is 85, manatau it's only 80. Swt, I actually can make it eh! Blur me. LoL.

Thats me, Ben and Aaron on the first night!

Okay, Christmas is just round the corner. When people think of Christmas, people think of:
  1. PARTY
  4. SANTA
Friends, it's been years after years you guys did all those things mentioned above. Don't you think you've missed out something? Do all these things really satisfy you?

Now, do allow me to tell you more about Christmas, the TRUTH meaning of Christmas.

Christmas is actually Jesus's birthday. Jesus was born on this very day (25th of Dec) 2000 years ago. Why is it so special?

It is because God sent HIS one and only son Jesus to die for us. As we all know, everyone is a sinner. We do tell lies, hate someone at times, talk dirty and all. It's because God loves us so much and HE doesn't want us to go to Hell, because the penalty for SIN is death and eternal suffering in Hell. That is why HE sent Jesus to die for our sin. So that whoever believes in HIM shall not perish but have eternal life.

Friends, Bible never lie, God's word never fails. Come and know HIM and you will definitely feel different in celebrating Christmas this year.

You can make a Difference.


JESUS is the REASON for the SEASON

I wish you all Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year! God bless you!


They Rock my World


2nd Chance

Kam Shia Chu!

Yes, I admit, I wasn't really happy and kinda disappointed with what I get. Of course, thank you to you all that cheered me up! Haha. Of course, thank you Lord Jesus for comforting me as well.

I got Tertiary Entrance Ranking of 84.80 upon 100. I actually wanted and hope to get at least 85. Haha. Less 0.2. LoL. But anyway, I did my part and God did HIS part as well, by blessing me the wisdom and strength and protection during the course of the exams.

After going out with William to eat the Koay Teow soup, and had a talk with Ms Lai and of course lots of cheering from Jo-ey and praying to God, I'm definitely better! I'm just gonna make the best out of my result and I believe HE's going to help me to find a medical schl too! Thank You God! =)

Really Kam Shia Chu!

And I didn't know that my blog's birthday was 11 days ago! Haha. Belated bday blog! You have been great, serving me as a tool to share, spread the gospel and to let me crap! Haha.

More to come =)


Another 2nd Chance I want to talk about is the Christmas Musical Drama Presentation!

I want to invite you! Yes you! My friend, reader to come and celebrate Christmas with us by coming to the Penang First AOG Christmas Drama Presentation!

Venue: Dewan Sri Pinang
Date: 19th 20th 21st December 2008
Time 7.30pm

Please come any of the day. You will surely be bless by the testimony. This drama is inspired by a true living testimony for what God has done. Come and enjoy! Your view towards Christmas will surely change! Christmas is about HIS grace and mercy and LOVE!

Any enquiry? Do leave a message or comment in the chatbox! =)

Kam Shia Chu!

Blessed bday Glorianne

Blessed bday in advance! LoL. May God bless all your undertakings abundantly! GBU and All the best for your Uni. Haha. I know I love to annoy you and Ashvinii in those days. Haha. And thank you for everything like teaching me math during the very last minutes, fetching me back once in a while and all. I appreciate it! =) Don't worry, tmrw TER sure 90 and above dee eh!

Birthday girl on my right in the picture, which is your left! LOL.

Haha. Your birth date is so meaningful, the result day dropped on your bday! Haha. Your TER will be the best present ever! Take care!

BBQ Night

Pai Syeh, seriously I didn't take any pictures at ALL.

Was too busy "investing"! Haha and of cause cooking too!

Results date were finally confirmed.

It's on the 17th! which is tmrw! =)

And I'm glad that Floorball has received Olympic Recognition! Meaning next London Olympic, there will be floorball tournament. It's so cool! Haha. I miss those days......


Christmas is about HIS glory..
Christmas is about HIS grace..
Christmas is about HIM, Jesus Christ!

Yes, everyone is excited about Christmas, but let us not forget the main reason and meaning of Christmas alright?

Hmmmm, let's see what I did on last week.

Yes, Thursday, Michelle Anne just came back. She bought me a boomerang. Thanks much. We went to New World Park to eat, with Jenny, Leykha and Joey. Then, after dropping back Jenny to work, we went to Gurney to jalan jalan. Met Matthew, William and Adrian there. Haha. Nothing much on that day.

Friday, I went picnic with friends to celebrate my sifu Michelle's bday. Had much fun. Went for lunch at the Mat Lan nasi kandar. William joined us for lunch as well. Later on, we went kayak-ing. Haha. It was fun as well, splashing water around, teams with funny names Eagle 1 and Love Birds. LOL.

The birthday girl


Afterthat, went out with William and Aaron for dinner. We had fried rice, fruits and the sweet sweet water. Haha. Was very full that night. Then we headed to Prayer meeting.

Saturday was also an awesome day. Went Hunza for practice. Had lunch opposite of Queens with friends, jalan jalan, and I went to William's house to rest. Very tiring after going out whole day. Later, had KFC for dinner and CAROLING in Queens. It was fun. LoL. After the program, we went to supper as usual.

Tomorrow, my results is coming. Scary. LoL. And BBQ! Haha.
Chicken Chicken and Chicken. LoL.

Will post up more pictures when i have all of them. LoL.



Here I come

Yea, I know but I'm bored!
Going off to tesco to grab BBQ stuff for Monday.
See ya people!



Year 12 results are expected to be released during the week commencing 15 December. Office of SACE Board will confirm this in a media release at the beginning of that week.

Keep checking this page for the latest information about results.

I copied this from the SSABSA website. Meaning my results is coming out next week! I'm so NERVOUS NOW! ZZZZZ

God, I need favour from you!

Work + Relax

Hey people, I'm back. Just some brief updates for you guys.

Monday, I went to Hunza for the special fasting service. It is good to fast! The key to everything is Prayer and Fasting. Although you may be hungry a little bit, but it's worth it, especially your heart desires to see souls to be saved for this month of December. I pray that the gospel will spread like a fire speed throughout the whole Malaysia.

Later, I went to B-Suite to meet my friends that I used to work with. Haha. Then went Queens to catch up time with Gan. LoL. Nothing much on Monday.

Tuesday, I went to Simon's house to help him out with refrencing. It was eye-straining with all the scientific name of the filus plant. But I've learned a lot of things! Thank you Ms Lai for introducing me this job. It is good! I'll babysit Joel okay? Hahahaha.

Wednesday which is today! I went out with my grandded for dim sum. Later I picked Jo-ey up from college and headed to botanic gardens to jog. It's been a while I last sweat. LoL. Then after buying lunch for my grandad and teman him, we went to watch Transporter 3. It was a good film. However, story line is a bit of boring. His driving skills were very good. Haha. Just watch if you have the time and if you're 18 and above. Haha. Oh ya, I saw Kwan Ann! Haha We chatted a while and all, met Gabriel and Andrew in the Big Apple donut. Welcome back kwan ann!

Battle of the cuteness starting soon. Haha.

Oh ya, camp updates, please go to Ignite Blog. Thanks. I lazy to update here. In total, I've learned how to put my burden on the cross. Praise God! =)

Click to enlarge! =)

Blessed birthday Michelle Tan

Blessed bday ya. May God bless you abundantly this year. Take care and have a great day ahead. Sudah old dee, can naik pangkat already! Haha. Anyway, thanks for helping me throughout my SAM, encouraging me, teaching me and everything. Thanks! Take care.
People, this is my SIFU! *RESPECT!* hahahahahaha

Comic Strips


'To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.'

When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you,

but merely opening your hands to receive something better.

'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'

"Our GOD will fight for us." NEHEMIAH 4:20
"I can do all things through CHRIST who strenghten me."
PHIL 4:13


Hey people! I didn't follow my parents to Johor. Haha. Meaning I'm alone until Thursday. LoL.

Some updates:
Today I will be going to Simon's house. Gonna get a job there if can! As lab assistant I think? Then later go Shin Juey's house for photoshop tutorial after going to Hunza.

Battle of Cuteness is just round the corner! Haha

AND... People that are now in HUGE camp, HAVE FUN! Bless people and be bless by people and God! I missed this year's =]

Okay, got to go! Bye


Hello people, I was too tired too update my blog. Well, I did nothing except the floral fest. Nothing much. But my friend, Millipede keeps coming back and find us! Haha. Oh ya, Gabriel, Adrian and Shir Hoay actually came over yesterday and they hiked up with me to the waterfall! It's really nice. Haha.

Sorry Adrian, I will give you the pictures when I online aite? Last night I went to Prayer Meet that's why didn't reply you! Haha.

Got to go, I'm late. haha. Bye!


Results are coming out SOON.
I think it's on the 18th? my TER =S

Battle of the cuteness awaits after Floral Festival

Floral Fiesta Day 4

Today was really BORING. HAHA. Erm, Ms Lai "lecture" ADVISED I mean on BGR. Haha. Learned a lot of stuff. I'm totally into Leaves today! Haha. So just sit back and enjoy!

Early in the morning, I met a friend called millipede!

I'm into leaves! Haha.

Now, the flowers!


And after

Then something random out of boredom (Ice Cream!)

Then when we wanna pack up to close our booth, I meet my friend millipede again!

Taken by Ms Lai

Till then, Bye! Stay tuned for camp photos, I'm going to grab all of them from William real soon. =)

Thank You

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