S.A.D. this valentines? Dont Think So!

Going to celebrate SAD this valentines? I don't think so.. btw.. SAD stands for Single Awareness Day.. Feeling lonely this year? At first i thought: shoot.. I'm gonna be alone this year with my broken heart.. although there will be a lot of activities going on and on.. but I'm alone this year.. NOOOOOOO!!! Feeling so sad.. But wait! Although I don't have her, I have God and all my lovely funny friends! Not so bad after all.. hmmm.. Besides, Ignite youth will be having a celebration this saturday! so I'm gonna really enjoy myself.. I understand sometimes some people or somethings in our heart might be a little bit of eyesore or not nice.. but Am gonna close my eyes and focus on God and party like a rock star! haha.. For those people out there wanna make a difference this year, please come to this saturday's celebration and u'll make a difference for sure!

SwitchFoot 2008!


Switch Foot is coming.. but sad I cant go.. sob.. miss altered frequency so much! Guys, if u all got nothing to do on 2nd february@ 1830 local time.. please go to Switchfoot aite? It's at the KL convention hall featuring LOVE ME BUTCH BAND AND ALTERED FREQUENCY..

Altered Frequency band members..

Agnel Raj (drums)
Andy Yeoh (lead vocals, acoustic guitar)
Daniel Wong (guitars)
David Gary (bass)
Kysern Lim (guitars)

Oh ya.. this saturday (26th of January) at EPCC Sungai Dua, there will be our first Youth Wave of the year @1930.. See u there! xP..

it's time to get up and fix everything back!

hey ya all.. I've been busying with my emo stuff lately.. well, here's the current of me.. I'm waiting for results *SPM where I don think I did well in it*.. going to take foundation in medicine soon in Russia. Well, now I'm working with my dad in B-suite hotel *a new hotel, going to start its business this 1st of February* U guys must be wondering.. what am i doing there since the hotel haven't start its business yet? LOL.. Well, I'm learning a system IFCA where handling all the check in and out procedure in a hotel.. Tmrw, I'm gonna learn how to swap credit card..wheeee! so now it's kinda like I'm taking buta gaji..haha..but the only thing is my dad is working there as DIRECTOR OF SALES..=.=.. so he's so called MY BOSS..=.=.. LOL.. well, this is the picture of B-SUITE..*remember to come and visit noe* hehe..

Well, back to here.. Recently.. kinda emo-ying.. but I'm OK de.. It's just that I need some time to pick up and fix back my pieces of hearts back in one piece..
I give my heart to someone that I loved so so much and basically she took it and break it.. But now I'm alright de.. I'm fixing my hearts back up.. Need some time.. Sometimes, I wonder, did i lose my life to someone better? Maybe.. Only God knows..
So, I wanna encourage u guys that.. NO matter what had happened, NO matter how many people have forsaken u, just remember this.. GOD LOVES U.. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.. We might not be able to understand it now.. But one day, U'll thank God for what HE did FOR U! Amen..

Haha.. so this is basically what I've been through these few weeks..
Will update SOON..

Take care guys! God bless!


thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories...

thanks for the memories.
these two months are truly the best two of my lfe. and it'll cherish forever.
loving u and will always be!

Thank You

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