Happy Chinese New Year... indeed...

Yo everyone.. how's celebration? hope YOU ALL had a real blast - happy and blessed new year celebration this year.. haha.. me? erm.. quite good this year.. BUT.. my phone died on the 1st day of chinese new year.. sad rite? Maybe it's time to change a phone in a new yer.. haha.. but erm.. I'll surely miss my phone ler.. it's so hot and sexy.. but my new phone mostly will be W810i.. same like edward.. he bought a new phone this chinese new year too.. haha.. don worry guys.. I'll do a minute of silence for my old phone later in my blog.. wait till I have a new phone first.. My old phone indeed served me a lot.. such as.. help me to pikat girl.. JKJK.. make me closer to all of my friends.. and many more.. ok.. come back to chinese new year celebration.. this year kinda normal cause one of my uncle couldnt make it for the celebration so I felt that something is missing.. but still ok.. normal.. can still hear my mum and those aunties 'laughter.. as usual.. LOL.. will post pics of celebration next time! chao for now.. take care guys!

Thank You

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