Feeling! lol

ppl always say first instinct is always true.
true enough, it's true.
btw, u're forgiven. it's ok de.
dat 'feeling' is finally gone!
good thing i know the feeling before christmas.
pheew! what a christmas! lol
anyway guys, merry christmas and a blessed 2008!


i need u now! where are u? i'm so lost de. sobs

it hurts!

it hurts to hurt u! sob.
i was just playing, didnt noe that u would take it so seriously, sorry!
i'll never do it again.

second thing is my eyes, my eyes were swollen and now it still hurt.
it hurts so bad.---> coludnt really close my eyes.

third thing is my heart.
i have that 'feeling' again sob!
i dunno wat to do!
seriously, can anyone help me?
i'm praying so so hard. still i dunno wat to do. i'm so lost de. sob!
hope that i could gain my faith back on time before it's too late.
i don't want that thing to happen.

fourth is my finger. my right thumb is still all cracked since coming back from genting. i've applied medicine but still crack!

God, i really need ur help.
i love her. i don't wanna lose her.
if it's not her, i dunno where am i going now.
i'm going no where without her. sob!
dear, if u're reading this post now,
i hope that u would understand my situation. try to help me aite?.
it's u can help me to gain faith back.
i'm sorry for today.
forgive me aite? sobs.......

miss u guys!

got back from genting for not than a week.
but i'm missing u guys so so much de!
find one day go out clubbing k? lol
whoops! i'm so bad! lol.
take care. i'll always keep u guys in my prayer!
all the best in everything u do!
*hugs* for everyone!

finally! it's a miracle!

i finally know wat i want! wheee. promise will not be blur again!

Weird feeling

i dunno wat i'm doing.
it's so blur.
i have a kind of feeling that i never had before. this is a feeling on her.
i love her. Not a doubt! but i feel there is a gap between us and i really don't like it. it's like we're from different world.
hopefully God will answer my prayer.

Thank You

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