Blessed Birthday Stephanie!

Well, tomorrow is Stephanie's birthday!

"Blessed brithday yea! Have your wonderful day with your family and friends yea. Take care and God bless you abundantly."
*sorry, I don't have any of her pics*

With God, Impossible is NOTHING!


All I need is A MIRACLE from God now. And I'm gonna trust God that He's gonna do something for me.

That's all I can say! God, please help me. I love you and I thank you!


Cousin Sis and some Crappy Stuff

Today, is my cousin sis convocation day. Morning, I had to baby-sit two of her younger sis cause only parents are allowed to attend the ceremony. Then afternoon at 12, we went there to take pictures with her. Here are some of the pics:

She studies in Tar College Penang and she's going to KL Tar soon for her advanced diploma.

From left: cousin sis, my uncle, cousin sis, my aunty, bro and my mum

This is mum yang aku sayangi. .

Okay, updates for holiday. I had fun overall. During Thursday, I went to watch Wanted with Adrian. It's a nice film. They can bend the bullet range using their skills. LoL. Then after that, me, aaron and joo tatt went to Daniel's house to change his guitar strings. Then at night, went to Cell group. Had much fun there too. The fellowships, praising and worshipping God, sharing and the food were awesome in total. Hahax.

Then Friday, I'm stayed at home whole day. Feeling bored again and I fell sick and had flu.

All along this week was great. I was having some little bit of mood swings and some sugar rush. =p. So I had coke for 5 days straight this week. And this is what I did:
Looks normal rite? But take a look at the picture below
See, the coke is floating! Hahax. How did I do it? Hahax

So basically, that's all. Next week start second semester already. ='(
Take care guys! God bless you all. See you later in Ignite!

A new family member!

I wanted to post this up long ago, but I was having exam. So, since I'm free now, might as well ler. During fathers' day two weeks ago, my dad bought a new dog. =.= This time around, he bought a golden retriever. My dad is seriously a dog-lover. My mum is so not a dog-lover. I guess that's how they got married. LoL. Unlike charges attracts wad. Hahax! Joking! It's been a long while since my dad gave his two dogs to his friend (Labrador and a Schnauzer) =.= Cause that time, we don't really have a place to keep them cause my granddad was moving house. And then now, when things settle down, he bought a new dog and he calls her Kim

LoL. I'm not really a dog-lover but I'm okay with dogs. Unlike the Cats *you know who you are* Hahax! joking joking!
She just loves to stay in that pile of water! It was very cooling

My dad and his dog

Have fun and a nice day!

3 more days...

To the Beach!

Went to beach with friends yesterday since can't make it on Monday. It was fun. I enjoyed the moment we spent there. Then, out of a sudden, I saw an animal which looks like a seal, a dugong or something. It was on the beach, too bad I didn't bring my camera and when I take out my phone and try to take a picture of it, the waves hit on it. This is the best shot I could take. sorry. It's at the little dot there in the middle of the picture.

This is how it looks like.

What a day huh? I wonder how will be my day today? Hahax!

3 more days...


Saturday Night
Ignite was good! Music doesn't have to be 100% percent perfect, it's the heart that counts! Anyway the music was awesome too! Two of my friends came back, Michelle and Alarize! Great to see them back!

Went to church with family. After that, planned to go hiking with melvin they all. Who knows, it rained during the morning. When the service ends, the rain stops as well. Then. I went to Queenbay and had Nandos as lunch. Then I asked my mum to drop me at youth park there but my mum reluctant to do so, mum was afraid that it will be slippery for us to hike. Then, I said and pleaded her. So in the end, my mum dropped me in youth park. The moment my mum drop me and drive away, it rains heavily. Seriously very heavy. Then my mum called, she said that she's coming to pick me up and go home. When she comes, amazingly, the rain stops! Well, I learned my lesson. LoL. I know that God loves us. HE too wants us to enjoy fellowshipping with our friends. But sometimes, he stopped us from going to certain place for HE knows the reason. Like this hiking part, I believe God is trying to protect us by not allowing us to go that's why it rained the moment my mum drop me. And when I hopped into my mum's car again, it stopped raining. Hahax! So please obey God and your parents! If you insist to do things that are already given warning to you, you have to prepare to pay the consequences.

Went out with Alyssa, Limyn, Joyce, Kelvin and his friend. Watched GET SMART. It's a nice film though. Then wanted to meet someone, but it rained. At first, I don't really care still, so I get in the bus, and guess what? The same thing happened like sunday! It rained even heavily. Then on the journey, a car bang to the bus. =.=" Delay my journey time. In the end, I gave up. God's will be done! Cause I know that if I continue to go, I dunno what's next to stop me from going! So, I choose to obey God. I stepped down the bus, walk to the opposite road and sit a bus back home. And guess what? The moment I stepped into the bus home, it stopped raining!

So, NEVER EVER against God's will cause God's Will will surely be DONE!

So here I am blogging! Hahax! Take care yea! God bless you!

Morning Prayer Meet is Refreshing!

Yesterday, Aaron invited me to come for the morning prayer meet. at hunza. Well, since I've just started my holiday, why not? Besides, it's good to be in the house of the Lord! So, I followed Vivien to the prayer meeting. I actually woke up at 5 I think to watch football (Turkey won!) and waited her to come and fetch me at 6.30.

When I pray, I'm having a cold and it got worse! As I pray and pray, healing came upon me! Praise the Lord for that! I actually enjoyed talking to God. It comforts me a lot that I know today is gonna be an awesome day! This prayer meet. refreshes me and my spirit. After the prayer meet, I feel so fresh and happy cause I know God is gonna be with me no matter what I do! God is the best friend, best comforter, best provider ever in this universe!

If possible, I wanna go for prayer meet. every week!
My holiday is gonna be an awesome holiday!

Ignite later! Like what Mel says, Let's do this! =p


Overall it was okay, Chemistry was tough and Biology, I had no time to complete all. Imagine 11 long structures questions, 1 essay and 25 MCQ in just 2 hours! LOL. Anyway, I now just surrender it to God!

Amazing G-Race
So, miss me? Rindu sama saya? Hahax!
As you guys already read most of the updates on Amazing G-race already, so I'll will not post about what we did cause most of you guys already know but I will give me view about the race!

The race was AWESOME in total! Great job done by the organizers! And God is GOOD all the time by providing us a safe journey and nice whether!

First of all, my team was a blast! I couldn't hope and ask more from them! They were amazing!
The girls in my group, Shir Hoay, Julia and Jia Ling are qualified to be a mum already! The way they take care of the eggs, I salute them! During the whole journey, not even one egg is broken! Praise the Lord!
This is Ben and Matthew at the Christian Cemetery there during our first task!

Then, my group member, Shaun, Kon Joe, Matthew and David are the master mind! They are the ones who broke the lock in just the first try! Praise the Lord! Then Edmund, I thank him for his team spirit! Although he had a backpain but still he didn't grumble during the whole journey! Thank you bro!
A group photo at youth park

My group didn't start really well due to some probs and clashes of opinion between 2 of my members, but I see God moved in them! Because In CHRIST, United WE STAND! In the end, from last to the front pack of the race! Praise the Lord!
Group photo while waiting for the committee in the Promise Land there! Swt!

Church's Pormise Land (MMC land)
Shaun making a post! LoL
Kon Joe washing plates at the 7th Street there!
PS: your bro is gonna be so proud of you! Hahax!
Shir Hoay washing plates too!
Jia Ling washing plates!
Julia and David washing plates! All suddenly became so kuai wan! =p

The Land and people that God is gonna use them!

As a conclusion, winner doesn't matter in this race! It's the unity for God that matters! We start the race as one in the body of Christ and finish the race as one too! I hope that everyone of us will finish this race of life righteously in the Lord's eyes!

God really test us throughout the race. As we know ourselves, when we're at the Lam Hwa Ee hospital there heading towards Hunza, we know that we're leading and so close to finish the race already. Then, when we gone down from the bus, an uncle also blur blur follow us down. He wants to go to Sungai Dua but he followed us down to Batu Lanchang there. And he doesn't know how to get to the nearest bus-stop to sit the bus again. He wants us to bring him there but we're in the race! So, in the end, we showed him the way, write on a piece of paper for him, "SG. DUA - USM" and me and Edmund asked him to show to the bus driver when the bus comes.

I'm glad that we did the right thing to help that uncle! Not tempted to win the race! And I thank God for having such wonderful and understanding group members!

Overall, the race was AWESOME! PRAISE THE LORD!
For those people that miss it, you must not miss next year's!
Tata! take care and God bless!

I'm Happy =). Can't wait for Ignite this saturday!

Off to Exam!

Tuan tuan dan puan puan,

The author of this blog will not blog for these few days until his exams are over!
Sorry for any inconveniency caused! The updates on Amazing G-race will be up on this thursday or friday. The race was AWESOME in total!

STAY TUNE..........


Hey guys, back from CF's BBQ fellowships!
I've got ulcer and don't care still =D.
I'm so gonna get diahorrea tmrw! =( Thanks to eddy meddy (edmund)
His chickens are all with sands from the beaches!
But, I must admit, It tastes nice and crunchy! Hee.

That's Edmund (eddy meddy)

This guy, handsome rite? I love him so much! Cause he's a great guy! We used to solve crimes together in schl. Although at times we might quarreled with each other, but at least he will stop and think my opinion then if I'm wrong, he'll confront me! He helps to build me up and I help to build him up too to be a better person! Oh ya, He's too hot to handle, cause he's hot for Christ! When I need motivation, he'll be always there for me! Thanks bro!

Modelicious! hahax!
Marianne's hair - SHORT
Look at them, especially Ee Lynn's expression! LoL
PS: Ed, u look stunningly beautiful =p
Jacky is taichi-ing. He's using his own strength to blow up the fire.
I'm amazed, the fire really ignited. Pro!
The Chicken!(very crunchy with the sands! YUM! =.=")
Thats David!
That's Edmund again! Love you bro!
Girls, he's still available =p
If my stomach ache tmrw, you're gonna get it from me. Hahax! Joking. LoL

Guys, tmrw is the race? Are you ready? Hahax. See you guys there! God bless!
Got to study already =( Bye! Tata!

Mood Swings XD

I'm currently having some mood swings now. A mix feelings!












= o

LoL! Okay. Get back to books! B)
Oh ya, send me more if you have any other expressions! Hahax!

15 days to 3 months.....

Love me Hate me I'm just ME!

Like what Melanie said is true:


I'm tired of pleasing people.
It's because I care for you as my dear friend, I advise you!
I wouldn't advise you if I don't care for you! People do make mistakes!
I don't see it as a mistake! I just want you to be a better person. And I'm not judging you as well. Don't miss-understood it!

Guys, if I did anything wrong which is not pleasing to you, feel free to come and tell me. I don't mind to change for a better person!
So say whatever you want! I don't give a 'damn'. *forgive me cause I really have to use the word* I'm not going to please you anymore. I have done my part.
I'm only gonna please GOD! That's all that matters!


So, say all you want like "my ex is an ass"! I don't care! Confront me if you want to!=p

PS: I'm not blogging it to back-stab anyone! It's just about me changing into a person that really don't want to please people anymore. So, don't get it wrong! It's got nothing to do with you and me and my friends! Thanks
Later CF! Yay! =p Doing a farewell for her.
Poor her, she's gonna leave soon!


Guys, I'm actually tired. Tired of running this race! Tired of exams, worry-ness, things that to be repaired! Haih )=

Where were you when I need you most?
No one turned up! It's only me and God! You noe what? That's fine with me!
I only need God and that's enough even though the sky is falling on me!
I don't care, too tired to care anymore!

Happy Birthday Ben!

Today I must blog! Know why? Cuase tomorrow is Ben Teoh's birthday! So don't care!Blog first, study later!

This is Ben! Handsome right? Some say he's the JOEL HOUSTON of PENANG! I know him since the day he was born! Serious! He's my life-long pal! Once a pal, forever a pal!
So, blessed birthday to him!

To Ben:
17 years old already! It's good to see you grow up! (SWT, I'm not that old also). It's been a blessing for me to know you for 17 years. This year SPM, work hard ya! Beat me flat by getting straight As yea! Trust in the Lord and you will surely be bless! Do your best and God will do the rest! Take care yea! And have fun tomorrow!

Some pictures to show you guys!
I miss them! The guy in orange shirt is Pastor Jonathan!

Spot me? LoL! I miss them!

Current mood: ='(
It's been 2 months 15 days already! But, I'm still so useless! Sobx!

Set, run!

Hey guys, miss me? Hahax!

At first, I promised not to blog till I finish studying. Well, here i am is not because that I have finished studying all my subjects. I'm here is because that I wanna REWARD myself! Hahax

I've been trying real 'hard' to study for the past few days. It's hard for me to get back to the 'study' mood since my SPM for I haven't really touch books for these few months. I tried and tried, and now, I have the mood back and had gained my momentum to study! Praise the Lord! Now, I have the momentum to study already! So, I decided to reward myself by allowing myself to blog! SWT rite? =.="

Yesterday, went to college for my physics class and Malaysian studies. Something happened along the road (the road between my college and SGGS). Guess what?

Notice that car? It's upside down and downside up! Four wheels facing the sky! I think the car drove too fast and knocked the root of the big tress and got itself flipped.
Guys, when u guys are passing that road, drive slowly and be more cautious alright? Think of your loved ones! Hehex.

So, are you guys ready for this saturday's Race?
Get set and Go! See uyou guys there!

Nothing really to blog already. And I have to continue to study already! Hahax
These are my current feelings:

B) wearing specs cos have to study.
=X Hate chemistry!
=D cant wait for the race!
=') happy for all my friends!

So I guess this is it! tata =p


Okay. I admit. I couldn't really study that much these few days. Now it's like already Tuesday! It's like few days to go and I didn't really touch my book. So, I promise, I'm gonna study almost everything first then only online!

My everything here includes

Chemistry Chapter 1 2 3 4
Physics Chapter 1 2 3 7 8
Math Chapter 1 3 4 5 6

For my loyal readers,
So sorry cant really update already. Have to study!
So, Revolusi Pendidikan has just happen on SAYA!
Bye! Take care yea everyone and God bless. I'm gonna disconnect my internet now! Tata


After reading the post from Wayne Kor, I really go and search on "7 columbian youth which go to hell" and read it. As I reading it, I felt the spine through my nerve. Hell is a seriously you CANT IMAGINE HOW TERRIBLE IS IT.

For non-Christian,
Please, we have only one God and is through Christ we can go to HEAVEN. Come to the Lord our God as HE has a mansion for everyone in Heaven. Christ is our saviour. Jesus has died on the cross just for our sin. So, please don't forsake HIM aite? It's still not too late now!
Check out this video, even though with all the good thingys you have done, it's just not enough. All you need is to trust and believe Jesus is our Lord saviour! Our God is an awesome God!

For Christian,
I beg you guys, being accepted in Christ doesn't guarentee you a place in heaven. We HAVE to live righteous and holy before him. It's still not too late to repent all the unholy-ness things now and be close to him! Please don't play play anymore. You may not know when is your judgement day (the day that you die).

I prayed to God after that, I want to be holy before HIM. I don't want to go to hell. Our God is full of mercy and grace. As long as we're still on this earth, it's still not too late. But, but you may not know when you will die. So, don't play play before it's too late.

"You can play with fire of the earth but you can never play with the fire of the hell. "

I will remember this and will keep it as a warning to me always, so that I can always assure myself that I'm righteous and holy before the Lord. Amen!

Our God is an Awesome God!

This weekend, Saturday and Sunday, was truly an amazing weekend for me.

Saturday, went to ignite. That night, we had a special speaker, Rev. Carl. He shared with us about superheroes! How to do extraordinary things for God!
During the alter call, I suddenly felt a burden of mine lifted up and in my heart, I know that God will provide me the financial for my medicine. Now, I know that everything will be okay as long we're righteous in HIS eyes. Then, I cried and pray and pray. Pity Gabriel, cause that time I felt the presence of God was so strong till I exert my force on his shoulder cause I can't really stand right up as we were praying for each other.

Sunday, went to sunday service. Pastor Michelle preached about Hell. She shared with us on the testimony of a pastor of a conference in KL last week. Boy, trust me, HELL is something you CANNOT and DON'T WANT TO IMAGINE OF. God prepared mansion for us in heaven but at times, we, human just forsaken him and miss that opportunity. Humans because of sin, missed out a lot of blessings from God. I really want EVERYTHING that I could get from God cause OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD as HE wants the best for us!

After that went hiking with friends. Had a great fellowship with them. And guess what, we actually managed to climb till number 5 which is considerably high. Wow! Praise the Lord!
Some nice and wonderful view

I love our expressionsss!

Study Break

It's holiday time!
People holiday, I have class.
Now I holiday, people continue their class.

This week, I'm on my study break
cause mid-exams is like one week away only.
So, this whole week, I'll be studying

It's time to get nerdy!

me, the geek look. Yucks!

Yesterday, some guy (mostly spoiled brat) drove too fast while turning into my college gate,
in the end, out of control,
this is what happened,

oh boy, the whole gate with the pillar made by (batu) also topple down.
Tsk tsk tsk. And that car was a red sonata. What I rich kid!
he's coution money all gone!

Peeps, Life is unpredictable isn't it?

This game is magic pen! I love it and it's seriously addictive.
unpredictable rite?
Me, big boy
Play this type of games.


Friend of mine, Cousin of melissa and michelle Tan

Today, I'm going to share with you guys on how small is this world. This world is like so so so small. Know why, I have this one friend that happens to be michelle and melissa Tan's cousin. He's none other than Sin Jui. Today, as usual, English class was rather boring, then our creative director, Bryan, drew a pictue of him. I decided to snap that drawing and his face and edit it. So check this out,

This Bryan, really sweat. He always got something up during English classes. So is the drawing looks the same as him? LoL. You be the judge!

To Michelle and Melissa: You guys have a cool cousin! Hahax.

That's all for today. Tata.

Going, Random and Exams

As you guys can see here, I have three things to blog today as most of my readers are now in Cameron Highland for Church Family Camp.

Well, Im going to Ignite Amazing G-Race
Guys, you all must not miss it okay? I decided to go even though I have exams on the next following Monday. The race is on the 14th and I have exams on 16th. I don't want to miss it cause it's real fun. I've studied, so I'm gonna surrender it to God. Hee.
Details of the race:
When? 14th of June (Saturday)
Time? 0900 to 1730
Starting and Ending Point? Youth Park, Hunza
How much? RM 5.00 ONLY
so please come alright? See you there.
For more info, Ignite's blog

Today, English class. It was rather boring. So, Bryan (our creative director) did this piece of video which is really funny. Sorry for the ending part cause his handphone ran out of battery.

just ignore the background voice, it's my lecturer's voice! Hahax. If you don't understand the video, feel free to ask me. hahax!

Exams are just round the corner, so I need to go now to study.
Bye! Hahax. Pray for my yea. Thanks! God bless you all.

Happy Blessed Birthday Gabriel!

Tomorrow is Gabriel's birthday! Know who? The one that I salute the most. The one that help me and support me to be strong when I was the president to my CF last year. Now, he's the president of my CF for the year 2008. Please pray for him alright? Pray that God will give him the strength and wisdom to make CF grow near to God.

that's him in the middle

Happy and Blessed birthday ya Gabriel!
May the Lord bless you abundantly this year! All the best!


Guys, today I learned the word trust. And I'm gonna share a bit on the word 'TRUST'
Trust can be wonderful
and trust can be deadly too.

Trust is the pillar of all things, It supports everything.
Trust God is the best trust that you can ever give and get.
God will bless you more if you have the faith to trust him even though as if all things are trampling down to you.

Trust is the pillar of love.
It does not serve any purpose or meaning if a love comes with no trust of the two parties.

Trust is the pillar of friendships.
It does not serve a purpose on the word 'FRIEND' if there is no trust among friends.

What do you mean by trust? Trust is a bond between two parties that whenever someone says something, if you trust that fella, you wouldn't have any doubts at all.
Doubt as in here can be expressed by a few words or phrases, like "its not that I don want to believe you but......" that is what we call 'Doubt'

Trust is a chain reaction too. If you found out that when you say something that is really sincere and it's from the bottom of your heart to your most trusted friend and your friend doubt you, your trust towards him will be no more too. Because you found out that your friend don't even trust you and you wouldn't want to trust your friend too already.

Trust can be build. It takes time. And the duration is based on individuals' sincerity, experience and personalities.

So, I learned my lesson. Trust God and pray to God that you will only trust the right person.

Confessions =')

This post will be seriously long so just bare with it alright? Thanks.
I need to confess something.
BOOKS can be GOOD and can be EVIL
It's never been easy to be a son of a teacher. God has been blessing me with 8As to my PMR and 12As to my SPM. God has been blessing me with great friends in my life such as Melvin and Ben and Melanie. I need to confess, when it comes to EXAM time, I don't touch my bible. I'm not as good and matured Christian as you guys think. Since I have entered pre-U, I feel like as though I have less time for God each week. I was flooded with tonnes of assignments and tests. This time even worse, cause my parents actually pay 10K++ for this one year pre-U program. I actually flunk my first MATH TEST. To me, it's like a passport to Uni and I know I cannot afford flunk my test anymore. This really makes me more pressured. So, this actually makes have less time for God. Cause I have been like worshiping my books more than I worship God.

These two weeks, God really showed himself and His Love towards me. Same verse appeared to me like so many times in two weeks. These two weeks, my spirit down inside is fighting with the worldly things. I knew there's something wrong and it's time to wake up. The same verse appeared during my CF, Ignite service and my church Sunday service. I cried to God everytime I pray to Him. I felt like as though He loves me so much and I just ignored Him again and again.

Matthew 5:13 to 16
"You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It's no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.

You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.

Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.

In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

and the same songs appeared to me too. In CF, Ignite and Sunday service. The song OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD is the song. Today I cried during my service. I knew I was wrong for forsaken HIM so many times. And I learned that I need to surrender everything to him.
Now, I'm RENEWED AND REFRESHED again. And I'm close to HIM again.

=') Guys, set your priority right. We are the light and the salt to the world. God first loved us and we cannot just let him go just like that. I'm now putting God in everything first. We're so blessed to have the chance to get to know our Lord Saviour. Unlike those children in China or in Laos or in Myanmar. They die just like that because of the earthquake or disasters without having a chance to know the Lord. We? We have Jesus in our heart and we cannot just slip it up just like that. I'm now learning everyday.

Books can be GOOD and can be EVIL too. So SET your priority RIGHT!

Thank You

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