The word "sorry"

SORRY speaks nothing, but CHANGE speaks a thousand word.

I know I've taken things for granted. Sometimes, I even take God's mercy, love and grace for granted.

I'm sorry for doing that. I seriously need to change and I am changing. Change for the better and not turning my back against God.

Thank God that HE never gives up on me. It's by mercy and grace, I'm still blogging today. And thank God I'm improving. Never ever turn your back against God cause the consequences is unbearable.

Pray for me, I'm sorry.

Of Biology Botanical Field Trip and Work

Today, me and my classmates went to Penang Botanical Garden for Biology field trip and work. My Bio lecturer is a scientist and she works there in the botanical garden. This trip really opened up my eyes. It's more than just a boring normal park for exercise. Serious!

We all meet there at 8 in the morning. How early! LoL. Then we went for jungle tracking. It's seriously nice and fun. LoL. I'm gonna show you a few pictures only to save time. For more pictures, please do visit my facebook.

The pond with the fish

Centipede, nice right?
God's creation is amazing!

Here comes the spider man!

Amazing leaf!

More trees

Monkeys from botanical garden! (Thani, Brayan and Shin Juey)

This is really cool, A tree growing upside down. LoL

Some photographic skills attempt. Edmund, I know you're so proud of me. =p

Then after that, we went for fishing! Hahax. We got down to the river of the garden and start catching fishes. LoL. I caught only two. LoL.

We're in the stream

Some of the fishes that we caught. There were fish, prawns, water spider, dragonfly and many more. There was also water snake but Ms Lai doesn't allow us to catch. How sad! LoL.

Then it's game time and we have to find out the trees that our partner brought us to hug. LoL. We call it tree's appreciation. LoL.

Look at them! Shin Juey and Yew Kheng. LOL.

Deepak and Kelvin


Later it's the part that I don't like. PRESENTATION. We were given 25 minutes to discuss with our own group and have to come up with a presentation. SWT. LoL.

Thani, our leader.

Caterpillar, i'm so in love with it.

The cave men! LoL

Group photo (Click to Enlarge)

Another group photo

We had a fun trip in overall. Learned a lot of things as well. For more pictures, do visit my facebook

After that, I headed back to college to library to work. Heard that Ms Jenny was like mumbling again. LoL. Went home, slept and then here I am, blogging. Helped mum just now but apparently misunderstood by people. Never mind then, as long I'm speaking the truth.

Take care.


Haih. I just realised that Trials is like 20 days from today. How sad and I didn't even start revising a single subject or even single page of my book! I'm seriously slacking.

Oh well, need to plan and buck up now. I cannot afford to not do well this time. Tsk Tsk Tsk.

Yesterday's Olympic was okay, football was okay too nia. The way Chelsea play is not that convincing (WHICH IS GOOD!) Hahax.

Today I did my ester experiment, got a pineapple fruity smell. LOL. Some even got DURIAN. SWT! It's supposed to be pineapple. LoL. Then I saw teacher Alan in my college. LoL.

Thank God for tmrw's holiday and the following Monday's holiday due to Merdeka so that I can study.

Till then... Bye!
I'm watching ManU match tonite!

Special Sunday

To my surprise, today's church sunday service speaker is Ps Shyju Matthew. LoL. I was like so glad to see him. He plays facebook and all and he is close to us.

Today's service was a service that I will remember for the rest of my life because it turns out to be not like a service today as it has no sermons and all. SERIOUS! LoL. After praise and worship and announcement and offering, Ps Shyju came up and start an opening prayer. At first he has sermons for us. And then as he prays, Holy Spirit stirs up and we started to worship and all. Then, presence of the Lord was seriously strong and there and then, He started to phrophecies, pointing out some people in the congregation that God wants him to pray for them and all. The anointing of God was strong that the whole congregation was like praying the whole time. A lot of youths were anointed when Pastor prayed for them, they fell and then pastor ask us to pick them up and prayed for them again to get double anointing and they fell once again. For the first time, I see that on my own eyes. Even when both senior pastors, Ps Andrew and Michelle, they both fell when Ps Shyju pray for them. The anointing was seriously strong. Then he phropheicise on Pamelyn Teh (she's Ps Andrew daughter and Jeremy Teh's cousin) that God's calling is upon her and soon she will be going to Bible schl already.

We spent whole service praying and worshiping the Lord. Thats what we did nia! What a special sunday! LoL.

Den later on went to Queensbay with family for lunch and watched Olympic Basketball final (USA vs Spain) and USA won. Now, I'm blogging waiting to watch the closing ceremony. LoL. Bye. Take care!


Time flies huh. It's likw so fast and my break is gonna end already. I wish I have one month! LoL. Anyway, today is Ignite, so it's gonna be awesome.

Updates for my break. So far so good. Monday I went down to Taiping, Tuesday stayed at home, Wednesday, went out with Edward they all and then had steamboat with melvin and ben's family, Thursday, I went to National Worship Concert conducted by Paradise Community Church in PCC and then Friday gave Aaron tuition. Thats all.

PS: I've noticed that this break supposed to be meant for me to study, in the end, it just makes me slack even more. zZz

For the National Worship Concert, it's more like a service. The message was great and a lot of people attended too.

I guess that's all. Take care, God bless you.

Oh ya, more pic for Taiping trip, please visit my facebook, click here.

Tata! See ya later.

5 days to go...

God is using a 8 year old boy to preach HIS word


Debate between Dr Koh Tsu Koon and Mr Lim Guan Eng

Watched a debate between Dr Koh and our Penang Chief Minister - Mr Lim Guan Eng.

So lawak ler. LoL. But both of them have their points. I don't even know what are the debating about. LoL. They look cool and like kids nia. LoL. Hahax.

Will not further comment now, later I kena ISA. LoL.

Post Dedication!

Today I'm going to dedicate this post to 3 of my friends, Alex, Ivan and Alarize.

Alex is going back to US 8am today which I think around now, he should be flying in the midair already. Then Ivan, our stim guitarist is going off to US this coming Friday to further his studies. Sad nia. All of my friends is going off one by one. =(

" Alex and Ivan, take care man. May God be with you guys always. All the best in all your undertakings. Take care yea. See you guys around!"

And today is Alarize birthday! Hahax!

"Alarize, Blessed and Happy bday yea. May God bless you abundantly this year! Hope u had a great one that day. LoL. I read your text already. So lawak ler in the bus yesterday! LoL. Anyway, take care yea! See ya around!"

Take care yea guys. LoL.

9 days to go...

Taiping Trip!

Okay, as I pormised, I'm gonna talk about our Taiping Trip! LoL. Taiping trip was fun and yet tiring and not so fun. LOL. Chim ler rite? LoL. Okay, let's begin my journey!

Vivien picked me, Stephanie Ivan to 286 Macalister. Kinda frustrated there. Not gonna say why. =)

We head off to Taiping. It was raining! =(

In the bus. Melvin was playing with his camera.

On the journey to Taiping, most of us were sleeping due to the nice weather. LoL.

Reach Taiping. But still raining. That time, was a bit dizzy. On the way to the zoo that time, a lot of lame jokes were shared. Had fun with the cho-sioa-ing. LOL.

This is the other bus. LoL.

Reach the zoo. But due to the rain, we head off to the muzium first. LoL. There, I snapped a lot of pictures. LoL. Had fun with all the "Animals". LoL.


This is the horse. LoL. Muzium was kinda fun but a lot of people because of the rain.

Some of us in the muzium. LoL.

Jet plane (taken in the bus)
Because of the rain, we went for lunch first. But the rain just don't wanna stop. I had economic rice, kinda nice but it's not cheap.

Uncle William eating "beer noodle" LoL.

Some group photo with the BB guys.

Due to still raining, we change the plan. Instead of going to the zoo, we head back to butterworth and go to SUNWAY CARNIVAL MALL! Hahax. On the journey back, a lot of people were sleeping and Melvin was like enjoying his peanut! LoL.

We reached the mall. LoL. Took our group photo there. LoL. Went to eat again and played Daytona.

Erm, we're looking at something.

Uncle william posing with his praying mantis. LoL.

Melvin drinking water from the fountain. LoL.

We stayed there till 6.00pm (4 hours). Then we head off to Autocity for makan again!

We reached autocity. LOL. There, BB guys ate a lot. Not even Kon Way can beat them. LoL. First, we head off to Pelita Nasi Kandar. They ate big plate of rice already then somemore some rotai canai! LOL. Kon Way also surrender to them. LoL. Then they headed to Secret Recipe for cakes! LoL.

At secret recipe. LoL.

After that, they went to McD for ice cream! LoL. They can eat rite? LoL.

Kon Way, Ariel, Melvin and Matthew in McD.

AutoCity. LoL.

One of the plant there, they call it "Periuk" in BM.

I guess that's it. For more pictures, please wait for Melvin. LoL. Bye. Take care! GBU! Tmrw, I'm goimg out with friends! Yes! LoL. And Thursday, I'm going to the Paradise Concert. LOL.

Back from Taiping

LoL. Today was a very tiring and yet fun day. We didn't manage to go to the Taiping zoo but we still had fun.

I'm very tired already. So, good nite! About pictures, I will post it up tmrw okay? LoL.

Stay Tuned! Tata!

Happy and Sad

Today I'm happy and sad. LOL. But more to happy! LoL. But before that, Today is a busy day for me. After church, me and parents went to Queensbay. After that, we went to Metrojaya in Island Plaza. Later, we went to Giant and later to the market in the Komtar there. SWT rite? LoL. Today my parents are kinda plan-less what they want to do. LoL

Firstly, I talk about happy first. I'm happy because,
1) Tmrw is the Taiping Trip
2) I've found my HAPPY SIM card
3) Have a great feeling that Man Utd is gonna do the double again!

And I'm sad because,
1) Our hero Lee Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan

But he will still be a hero to Malaysia.
He got Silver this time, which is kinda important because this is the first medal won by Malaysian since 1996 Olympic.

2) My stomach is upsetting me, always "Lau Sai"
3) Chelsea played well in the Portsmouth match!

Anyway, I'm still happy! LoL.

11 days to go...


God started my break with a BOM! I mean serious, God started my break with an AWESOME IGNITE! Ignite was superb, even with the e-zone prayer and Ignite team pre-service prayer, God's presence has already dwell with my spirit. Kon Way even prophecied during pre-service prayer. You can see how Great is our God that stirs our spirits among us. Tears just burst in all of us. God is GOOD!

I believe God has prepared a wonderful break for me. Taiping trip is next! Hahax! It's gonna be fun with lots of cho-siaoness. Then, it's Paradise Confrence! I heard this conference featuring Planet Shaker, so must not miss! I might go for their concert only. It's at PCC this wedmesday!

Okay, time to sleep. GBU!

Ignite Youth (2)

I'm now blogging in the mean time waiting for Edward to pick me up and head to Hunza to get ready for tonight's IGNITE! I'm seriously excited, dunno why? I'm happy! LoL.

Remember, all are welcome!

When? Today! (7.30 to 10.30)
Where? Penang First AOG
Hunza Complex, Greenlane Heights,Island Park.
Admission? FREE!

Please do come aite? It's seriously gonna be AWESOME. We have installed a lot of program for you guys!

Well, a lot of my friends have asked me, whether wanna go prom (which is today), or TAO at Autocity with friends (which is also today), badminton at Farlim (which is also today) but I rejected all and they were like kinda disappointed. Don't get me wrong, I'm not try to be holy here or boost. I'm just posting it up to tell how I feel.

Well, to me, NOTHING else is better than to be in the HOUSE OF THE LORD. Serious. The best thing you can ever experience is to be soaked in the presence of the Lord. Don't believe? Come today!

We welcome you! *Click to enlarge*

Ignite Youth

YES! IGNITE is just less than 24 hours from now!

I'm so excited and I have a feeling that God is gonna use this Ignite reach out and minister to a lot of people tmrw!

The previous two Ignite was simply just AWESOME. This one, is gonna be AWESOME too.

Trust me, if you don't believe me, come and be blessed, God is gonna do something in your life!

I invite you, you, you and you all to come for Ignite and you will experience things that you never experience before in your life.

If you guys notice real close, my chatbox has one GUEST,
And I finally know who he/she is,
They are just playing a prank on me nia,
Thank God that fella told me the truth, I thank you for that.

If any of you out there having the same problem,
that the guest doesnt want to tell his or her name,
just don't entertain them
They "chiak pahh boh shu cho"

Sorry no pictures, dunno why cannot upload. =(


I'm going to Taiping,
I'm going to Taiping,
I'm going to Taiping,
I'm going to Taiping?
I'm going to Taiping!

Physics Presentation is tmrw! Pray for me, thanks!

Oh ya, yesterday was Renee's bday! Happy and Blessed and Belated Birthday! Hope you had a great one yesterday. Take care and GBU!

You tell me why and how...

Chemistry of the day - LOVE

Chemicals that related to love:

Phenylethylamine, Dopamine and Norephinephrine
- Found abundant in Chocolate
- Provide Romantic High

- Encourage Cuddling between men and women

These are the chemicals that promotes the feeling of love. It will soon fades away. Guys, there is only one type of love that will never forsake us. 100% Promised! That is...


Yupp! That's right. God never fails. HIS love towards us are unending and unlimited and free! HE wants to have an personal close relationship with you! His arms are widespread wanting to hug you. Yet how many times we want HIM as much as HE wants us? We only go to HIM when we want something from HIM, the rest of the time? Think about it.

If you're free, please do visit Pastor Shyju's blog, He talks about having a close relationship with God because God really loves us that HE wants to have a personal relationship with you. Make yourself right before him always.

Today I went to the One Life Revolution. The exhibits is amazing. Tmrw is last day already! Please go if you're free. It's worth going. It will change your mind set on HIV people from poor country. It's at Gurney Plaza. I bought their T-shirt. It's really nice and cheap (RM 20)! All their fund raised will go to the children!

I'm HIV negative. LOL

I've found this on Pastor Shyju's facebook. LoL.

Pastor Rajen. Remember him? LoL. He has shared in Ignite before.

This is Pastor Shyju! LoL.

My Happy Sim card =(


Sorry guys, have been lazy lately. Okay. Last week was AWESOME! I learned a lot of things. We shall first go back to Last Thursday first.

Thursday 07.08.08

Went to Jimmy's house for Connection Point. Ivan's sharing was short but sharp. Uncle William and Jimmy's dad shared a lot of things too. I've learned from them individually. After that, it's celebration time. We threw and had barbeque for the three of them: Jarold, Jolene and Ivan.
Had an awesome fellowship there.

Jarold, Ivan and Jolene
I shall dedicate this post to all the birthday boys and girls. Hahax.
07.08.08 - Jarold's bday
08.08.08 - Jolene, Ivan, Emily and Shi Jia's bday

Happy and blessed guys! GBU!

Friday 08.08.08

Went to college, was fishing all the time. My friend Lau Kong even took out his pen and wrote on his hand, "Wake me up when math class ends" LOL.

It's 080808, remind you guys again, it's Jolene, Emily, Ivan and Shi Jia's bday! Hahax! Besides, it's also Olympic Opening Ceremony Day! After college, attended Christian Fellowship. Learned a lot of things as well especially from other people's mistakes. After that, went home and watched the Olympic Beijing Opening Ceremony. The fireworks and lighting up torch part is nice nia. The rest, okok only.

Saturday 09.08.08

Went to Hunza for practice. Stayed there for whole day already with Ben, Melvin, Gabriel, Melissa and Edward. Had fun learning guitar and all. Ignite service was AWESOME and God's presence was AWESOME as Jolene shared about herself. After that, as usual, MAKAN time! We went to a cafe near the Penang Hill there (formerly known as Asia Cafe).

Sunday 10.08.08

Went to church in the morning. Service was AWESOME. God's presence was AWESOME too. Pastor Andrew shared on the topic on Our God. Our God is almighty! Amen! Then after that, went to eat duck rice with family. In the late evening, i went out for KAYAK-ing! It was AWESOME. First time in kayak! At first I was a bit scared, but then after prayed, I enjoyed myself! Fellowship was great too. 13 of us were there (Jimmy, Denise, Melvin, Daniel, Stephanie, Priscilla, Vivien, Me, Alan, Jarold, Kon Way, Luke and Edward). Had fun as there were a lot of cho-siao-ness. LoL. Sorry guys, no picture YET! Melvin should post about this soon I think. LoL.

Monday 11.08.08

Chemistry was fun. We did on Esterification! Wow. It involves a lot of weird apparatus. LoL. But early in the morning that time, mind already polluted with some lame jokes by Dr Teo. Swt!

Lau Kong's hand. Quite complicated when first set up the thing.


Finally, after hours of sweat and all, our ester! LoL.

After that, Biology class was fun too. Ms Lai wants my friend to do a demo on how to resuscitate people. The fun part is FROM MOUTH TO MOUTH! Hahax!

Deepak, you're the MAN!

Overall, everything was AWESOME. But I lost my Happy Sim Card! Sad, was searching for it throughout the whole night. Anyway, I will still rejoice and sing unto the Lord.

Night Night. Got to sleep already! Take care! GBU!

Prayer for KL, Malaysia

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

Dear God,
Whatever things that is not Just,
Whatever works by the devil that has blinded the Cities of Malaysia,
I pray that one day God, you will bring Just,
You're the Light that are gonna lead Malaysian away from the Darkness,
You're the one that are gonna reveal the work of the wicked ones,
You are a God of Just, a God full with unending love,
Your timing is the perfect ones.
Bless those Christians that are the rulers,
May them seek you for wisdom and strength
So that they can rise up for you, oh Lord Jesus,
Bless this nation, Bless this country,
It is your kingdom oh Lord,
Enthrone this city oh Lord,
I believe one day, revival will happen and Malaysians will turn towards Christ!


Busy Busy Little Bumble Bee

LoL. Nice title right? Hahax. I'm really busy this week.
Oh ya, Praise the Lord. My scholarship form has been settled. Thanks to Melanie, she suggested to me that to go find my lecturer about it. Hahax.

Today. had my experiment practical test. LoL. After that, me and my friends went to Midland. I was trying to get one album "This is our God" but sold out. Btw, their DVD is already out but I don't have money. Then everyone were fishing during lecture class till 4. Then, I went to Aaron's grandma's house waiting for Uncle William to pick us up and went to Island Hospital to visit bro weng sern. He just had his appendix operation. He's good now, recovering fast. PTL! Had a great fellowship there. Then, me, aaron and uncle William went to new world park to eat. After William drop us back, I gave Aaron tuition.

When around 7 o clock, sat bus back. On the way back, I saw Baptist book store is still open, so I get down from the bus and go and buy the album. PTL! I managed to grab it. Then, hopped into the next bus, went home and here I am blogging and listening to the songs! PTL!

What a busy day!

Desert Song

This is my prayer in the desert
When all that's within me feels dry
This is my prayer in my hunger and need
My God is the God who provides

This is my prayer in the fire
In weakness or trial or pain
There is a faith proved of more worth than gold
So refine me Lord through the flame

I will bring praise, I will bring praise
No weapon formed against me shall remain
I will rejoice, I will declare
God is my victory and He is here

This is my prayer in the battle
When triumph is still on its way
I am conqueror and co- heir with Christ
So firm on His promise I'll stand

I will bring praise, I will bring praise
No weapon formed against me shall remain
I will rejoice, I will declare
God is my victory and He is here

All of my life in every season
You are still God,
I have a reason to sing,
I have a reason to worship

I will bring praise, I will bring praise
No weapon formed against me shall remain
I will rejoice, I will declare
God is my victory and He is here

This is my prayer in the harvest
When favor and providence flow
I know I'm filled to be emptied again
The seed I received I will sow

This is our God

I'm doom

Im doom =(

I have a 50-50 chance screwing up my scholarship application

God help me...

Family dinner in Rasa Sayang Resort

Hey guys. I love today. Know why?

Cause it's friday - last day of lecture class and tmrw is saturday which is Ignite and church! Siok rite? LoL. okay, today! Me, Ash, Lau Kong and Glorianne went to watch Batman - Dark knight in gurney. Had fun. Batman, to me is seriously the best film of the year. Joker was phenomenal, but it is not really good film to watch cause it's violent.

This is my friend Lau Kong, we're at the midland Shell petrol station.

Then, after college, dad pick me up and headed off to Rasa Sayang resort for International buffet. Don't get me wrong, we're not really rich. It's just that my dad's ex staff is now working as a manager there. So he wants to thank my dad by chia-ing him and family to eat the buffet. I heard in the hotel, one pax is around 99 bucks and we ate for FREE! Praise the Lord! We ate a lot of food. From western grill to eastern sushi and desert with the fundue. So let the pictures do the talking!

The swimming pool! =.=

Ice sculpture with the cray fish!

Prawns, Cray fish and raw oyster.

Cheese baked oyster

My ice cream with the chocolate from the fundue

The cheese cake is nice! Beside it was the strawberry.

Enough said. I'm gonna talk about my family now. I simply just love them!

My mum and bro

My dad emo-ing? No larh. He is just facinated by the cheese cake and coffee. LoL

I thank God for them! =)

My dad and mum

Thats all. Bye! GBU! See you guys tmrw!

Thank You

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