First Year - DONE!

Yes, I've finished my year! Praise God! And guess what? It ended with a blast! SEGi REVOLUTION PARTY 2010!

It's been loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong since I last updated about myself! Been busy (not so, and yes) all these while. Let me bring you my first year's half highlights!

January February and March
SCHOOL time as usual. Busy and Yes Feb 16th, is the one day I'll never forget!

I went for Victory Weekend, conducted by Eaglepoint church! There, I truly experience God's grace. I think everyone should go Victory weekend, and let Jesus do the healing and set us free from sins and bondage.

May and June
It was my exam period. But Praise God for HIS favour and grace, my results were out now, I got 3A and 1B for my first year Pharmacy! (:

It was REVOLUTION party. Though we started promotion late, but thank God, HE filled the Auditorium with more than 270+ people, 61 people responded to the message, 17 confirmed salvation! PRAISE GOD! It must have been God that is being so REAL in that event!

All in all, thank God for HIS astronomical grace! HE is always faithful even though sometimes I felt dry inside, and HE always fill my cup when I'm empty again! I love you JESUS. Thank YOU for using me, as an instrument of YOURS and become a blessings for others!

I've also get to know Subang CF people through REVO planning. The likes of Melissa, Fee Vien, Jevin and Ailynn and many more, they are so committed and come for meeting and practice everytime! Great people to be with!

Now, I'm back in Penang, I'm gonna use this one month and a half to refresh myself again and go back on my pharmacy track again this Sept. As the saying goes, there's a season for everything, and I'm on holiday season! But still, that doesnt mean I will stop SERVING HIM. I will do what HE says. I will choose only to PLEASE HIM.

That's all for now! I'll revive my blog from this post onwards!

Greetings from Penang!

Facing the Mountains

Lots of things happened recently. But God is GOOD, HIS mercy renews every morning and HIS GRACE is always sufficient for me. That is why I'm still alive here (:

100MCQ was okay, but I'm aiming high this time. I name it, claim it and gonna take it! But still I'm humble enough to prepare the marks that I'll get. Still give thanks anyway!

Next would be, this Sat, Campus VIBE will have an outing to Lake View Garden in KL. I heard it's one of the best gardens in KL. Forest in the city? haha Anyone interested can let me know!

Gonna go off now, Nights!! Cheers!

New Year!

Readers, please bare with me. I wont shut this blog up. But there will be less post already. Been busy nowadays. Exams are coming up.

I pray that 2010 will be a God's favour-upon-you Year!

Blessed 2010 guys!

Thank You

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