Happy Merdeka Malaysians!

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I am a Malaysian and I'm proud to be one!

God, you take over this nation,
for we know greater things are yet to come,
greater things are still to be done in this city.
Lord, this year will be a year of UNITY
but not DIVERSITY.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done in MALAYSIA.

A week with Cousins

Haha, A lot of people ask me, are you bored after quitting Starbucks? Answer is NO. Because for the past one week, I've been going out with my cousins who are back from UK, Wesley and Andrew. But sadly, Doctor Wesley is going back to London this saturday because he doesn't have many leaves to apply as a doctor. A busy doctor life he's having. Haha. Anyway, we had great times together.

Last Sunday night, I brought them to Ananda, they love it there! LOL. And to them it's super cheap, 6 pounds to have meals for 4 person, that's something considerably cheap.

Monday, we went to Gurney Plaza to hang out, nothing much. Bought some shirts.

Tuesday, we went to Tropical Fruit Farm. I love it there. We went for the farm tour. I've learned lots of stuff about fruits, amazed by the creativity of God who created all these fruits full with vitamins and nutrients. But sadly, you cannot find those fruits in market because of no demands and nobody appreciates them. Then we had fruit buffet! Yumm, you all should try red dragon fruit plus pineapple fruit juice! It's superb! Then we stopped by the dam before going to Feringghi beach. There, we played Jet ski, quite expensive though. At night, we went to the Night market at Batu Ferringhi and then caught a late night GI Joe movie. Very tired but we had fun!

Wednesday, we went to Queensbay mall. Had Manhattan for dinner. Then I go my separate ways to Hunza to complete MFC games stuff. Midnight (Thursday 3am), we all went to Sunrise McD to watch Arsenal-Celtic game. My cousins are big-time of Arsenal fans. Then thursday morning, we set out to Teluk Bahang, Penang National Park and hike up to Pantai Kerachut (Turtle Beach). Imagine us having not more than 4 hours of sleep and then the next morning hiking. LOL. So tiring! When we're on our way back, it rained heavily, and we got no choice but to hike under the rain, we were all wet. After shower, we had lunch in Gurney plaza and then I went home and get some rest.

At night, I went out with great friends to Ananda for 4 in 1 celebrations. It was awesome, great fellowship! Haha we went to Starbucks to chillax. And then here I am blogging. That's basically about my week. Busy, tiring but AWESOME.

Tmrw most probably, morning I'm going to clean up my room, at noon, help out in PISA and then dinner with cousins.

Saturday is the big day! Mega Food Carnival at PISA. Please be there! 10 to 4pm! See you all there! God bless! And my cousin Wesley is going back =( but Andrew still got 2 more weeks.

That's basically about it. Praise God and all glory unto HIM for all the favors HE has given to me! =) God bless!

PS: Pictures coming up after I get it from my cousins cam.


I can still remember clearly when I did my first impression with Alice back in April. Time flies so fast as though it's just a glimpse and now I've completed my job or rather got my past 4 months filled with knowledge and earned some pocket money. I thank God, I met some great people there, great people to work with and great customers. We exchanged knowledge on coffee, world issues, shared about our journey walking with our beloved Christ and many more, I'm just glad that I'm part of all these.

Definitely, I'm gonna miss them. From my very friends that taught me the things in Starbucks, to the partners that I work along side with and new partners that I taught. It was a great experience. Great mentality that they had while working though we still did had ups and downs. But it's about character building, no one is perfect remember? Haha.

Firdaus, Gee and Me

PS: They're all my partners-in-crime! Wahahahah! LOL!
Friends missing (no picture): Annas, Ian, Seeling, Torres, Vivian, Emma, Sam, Kuan Huey.

Thats all! =) Kam Sia Chu!

Blessed Birthday Rize!

Sorry for the late late post, was super busy! And I had a super great time with God during the two sessions with Ps Susan Tang.

Anyway Blessed birthday Rize! May the Lord showers you blessings upon blessings in your life according to HIS perfect will. Take care and hope to go to Popeyes again with you soon! Hehe. You have been such a great blessing to me in terms of mentoring me and while I was in Singapore. And I enjoyed serving together with you by helping out others. Thank you and I hope you had a great one!

Rize and me - Merlion shot

Rize and me - Science center

Popeyes!!!! Saliva also wanna come out already. Best fried chicken ever! Hehe

Blessed belated birthday Rize!

Off day

Yesterday (Monday) was my off day. Went to Gurney and watched G I Joe. I must admit, it's a very good movie. The only thing I don't really like is they add a lot of stuff like extra characters in the movie compared to the real original cartoon series. Haha. Overall it was good.

Then dinner with Edward in gurney drive and we had Char Koay Teow! Yumm Yumm. I just got back from store meeting, quite draggy because of the business of the store. And I had supper with Gee Gee and Emma in Jamal.

2 of my friends flew to Bandung just now for Padjajaran University for their medicine. All the best to Thani and Ashvinii (both brother and sister) HAHA. I'll definitely visit you guys next year when you all rent your own house! Take care and all the best!

Thani, Lau Kong (Nilai), Me, Chang Tai (Monash Sunway), David (Kampar), Boon Kent (Melbourne), Yang Shi (INTI PG), Marian (Melbourne) and Ashvinii

I guess I'm the last one to leave from our group! Sad Sad. LOL

And then for today, BLESSED Birthday Elaine!! May the Lord brings joy, peace, health and wealth throughout this year! I'll see you soon in KL!

Later gonna have a great session with Ps Susan Tang! It'll be awesome, Praise the Lord! =)

Final Week

Before I say anything, Happy Belated Birthday to my mum and Michelle Anne!

Michelle, Hope u had a blast down in Melacca! Haha. May the Lord bless all your undertakings and once again, Happy Belated Birthday!

Janisha, Michelle and Me
I just realized she just loves to camwhore too! LOL

I had a busy weekend, it was a tiring one but I had fun and enjoyed myself in the Lord.

Imagine this, Friday night I was working closing. I reached home at 2am and slept at 3! Then woke up at 7 on Saturday morning to work opening till 2. After 2, I rushed back home and bathed then went to Photography workshop conducted by Bro Arden Khoo. I tell you, I learned lots of insights about photography, it was awesome! Then meeting at 6 then Ignite as usual and ended the night with supper. Super tiring right?

So this week will be my final week working. I'm so excited! And time really flies. My cousin will be reaching Penang on this coming Saturday (Stop by Hong Kong on Thursday before coming to Msia on Sat) and we'll just have a great time, so much things to catch up especially football! The season is back, the fever is back too! LOL.

So today (Monday) is my off day, gonna have plenty of rest. Tuesday night, Bible Study with Ps Susan Tang, Wednesday Prayer Conference at PCC, Thursday night doing MFC games stall preparations, Friday night Prayer meeting, Saturday I'll be sharing in Chung Hwa CF and selling tickets at Queens and Sunday Church and then hangouts!

Busy week right? I'm just so glad all the days are all filled up and I pray and believe all of the days will be a fruitful one!

Have a blessed and great week ahead! God bless! =)

Blessed Birthday Daisy

Seriously, my blog has turned to a dedications site. Maybe I should say, for advertisement, please contact me! HAHA. I was just joking.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been super busy with my work, but I'm glad that I'm quiting on next Friday. So need anything with discounts? Contact me ASAP.

Back to the MAIN TOPIC. It's Dais Birthday! Once again Blessed Birthday! I hope you will have a blast down in Singapore! All the best in everything you do! Continue serving the Lord in dance ministry ya and may the Lord memberkatimu selama-lamanya! God bless you! Take care =)

Dais, Fenn, Rize and CM

Going out now with Edward! Have a blessed day ahead!

Blessed birthday people!

Firstly, Blessed belated birthday to Jarold! His birthday was yesterday (7th August).

And today (8th August), Blessed birthday to Jolene Tan, Ivan Neoh. So many people birth date drop on the month of August. LoL.

Jarold, Ivan and Jolene

I love our expressions! Haha.

Anyway Blessed birthday to all of you! It's been great blessings to get to know you people. May the Lord grant all the desires of your heart and bless all your undertakings abundantly. God bless you and I had great time with you guys just now! Take care!

Daisy, Fenny and me

Also Blessed birthday to you Fenny! I hope you read this in Singapore! Haha, Sorry can't make it to celebrate with you. But I bless you with my prayer. Blessed birthday ya! May the Lord memberkatimu segala desires of your heart selama-lamanya! God bless you! Take care. HAHA, got campur Bahasa a little bit.

And also Happy birthday to Shi Jia! It's been long time since we met during Chinese New Year. Have a great one ahead! All the best in everything you do!

That's all for now, got to sleep. Good night! GBU!

Faith + Hope + Love

Last Monday I bought the album Faith+Hope+Love by Hillsong from Salvation in Midland. It's a good album. Seriously, few songs in this album really ministered to me. Praise God!

I had Coffee Bean Salmon Bagel for free! Yay! My STARBUCKS customer chia me COFFEE BEAN salmon bagel! HAHAHAHAHA.

I enjoyed working with awesome friends. Monday night was Firdaus last night working. We had burger party. Somehow God just brought all of us to Island Plaza. We didn't plan anything but somehow everyone just came to Island Plaza that night even Ian, Seeling and Ah Kong & Ah Ma! We all ate burger that night!

Tuesday I worked morning (back-to-back) for 8 hours also. Was super tired, but got no time to rest. After work, went out with William to Hamediyah for Ayam Ros with rice! It was awesome! Then Bible study, though I was tired but I really enjoyed and learned a lot of things from the message shared by Sis Jessie!

Tmrw working again, 8 hours! It's gonna be a long day again but I praise God for everything HE had done, the very small thing to the very ultimate gift of salvation and love!

The Joy of the Lord is my strength!

Hope you guys enjoyed yourself throughout the week in the Lord.


It's August already! I can't really believe it, time is like flying so fast than any other bullet train in the world because new year is still so happening in my mind. It's fast even I'm not studying for the most of the months this year.

God is so faithful, gracious and wonderful. AWESOME says it all. You can give me one whole day and I can just tell you all the wonderful things HE has done or provided me throughout the whole week. God is good.

Sorry for haven't been updating that often. These are the summaries of my past week. Went for dimsum on wednesday with great friends. We had great time fellowshipping with one another. Then went to Penang Hill! It was awesome to see Penang from a bird's view. And guess what? The tram broke down the next day we went. Praise the Lord, for HIS favor is with us.

Then didn't do anything much except working and going to church. That's all. And I believe this week is going to be an awesome week again!

Take care ya! God bless and have a blessed week ahead!

Man's way leads to hopeless end, God's way leads to an endless hope! =)

Thank You

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