Just to De-stress


This is what happen when you study too much Biology in one day! LOLOLOL.
Im going crazy. I got to know this video from Melaka Manipal Medical College when they came over here to give a talk about their MMMC. LOL. Enjoy!

There is a reason why God choosed you! Because HE created you in such that you have a purpose on this earth. Remember, you're SPECIAL because you're God's creation!

Finals and Freedom

Bye Friends, Miss me. Do keep me in your prayer! Hehex. All the best to all of you! I will finish my exams on 12th of november 2.30pm!

Will be back in:

Till then,

Bye, all the best! God bless you!

Appreciate what you have, God will take it away if you don't. =)

Last Week at College - Part 2

Okay, since I'm still awake, might as well post it up. I just came back from Ignite Youth and ABU supper, love the mee goreng there. Hahax. Anyway, back to here. Well, we did something simple for our Math sir, Mr Ng. We made him a card and bought him a mug. I would say our sir is a quiet person. But he is good. Whenever we have any question, though sometimes he may not know how to answer on the spot, but the next day, he'll come to you with the solutions. So, I'll just let the picture do the talking.

Us with our Math sir.

Glorianne, Jo-ey, Leykha, Ash and Melissa

For Physics, we did something a little bit more. We made him a video, and cakes and picture frame. LoL. Mr Ooi is a very nice guy, just that he doesn't allow us to eat in class. Usually he gives the longest break. LoL.

This is what we gave him. LOL.
I know, this looks like we all died or funeral something. * touch wood* hahax.

Us with Mr Ooi.

Finally the video, enjoy. Credits to Mad and Mich and Everyone. Hahax.

Anyway, time flew very fast this year. Wish you all all the best for finals!

Memorable Stuff that We(SAM) did on the last day!

Before I update you on my two lecturers on this coming Monday, here's a few snapshots for you to enjoy. LoL.

Mayhem to Jay Wyn's shirt. Muahahaha

Yea, we actually climbed up to the schl hall building through the big big air-cond ventilator. Mr President saw us too and then asked us to come back down. Thanks to Michelle! =.= LoL

Then, this picture, I love it. It's from Jeshua and Lai Boon's gang. They are too free after having lunch with lecturers and they did this! Swt. Hahax. Cool ehh.

Lastly, my friends - both from January and March group!

I simply just HEART them!

Bye for now.
Finals, I'm coming!

Last Week at College - Part 1

Guys, I'm back from grandpa's house. Finally can online. LoL. Well, it's just a blink of an eye, we're at the end of the year. After reading Tracy's blog, I find that it's very true that efforts are needed to maintain friendships. However, no matter how hard you try, when friends meet again, things will never be the same again. As in, there is no way for us to be that close to that particular friends again once we are separated. Last week in college was rather fun and happy but sad too. You know, the mix feeling. Happy and fun is you get to play with lecturers and fool with them. Sad thing is, we have to part after tmrw. Sad =(. Anyway, here's a review on how do I think and feel about disted, friends and beloved lecturers. Warning: It's going to be a long post!

First of all, Dr Teo. LoL. Erm, at the beginning, I don't really like him. He used to share dirty and racist jokes. All of them were lame. LoL. But to think of it, he's actually trying to make the class more lively rather than drop dead by the boring chemistry. I really appreciate his efforts although sometimes, I did get annoyed by his jokes. On his last lesson, we gave him 2 bottles of wine. LoL. And he did the "bhangra" dance for us. LOL. Hahax. Wanna see? It's something like the one in youtube that he did some years ago. Click here to watch =).

Last class photo. Click to enlarge.

Next is Ms Lai! At first, I thought she would be a very strict lecturer. We used to kena from her if we do not know how to answer her question in class. So, we have to be well-prepared all the time. But as time goes by, she's not just only a lecturer, she's our mentor and even FRIEND. Yea, we love her. She taught us not only biology, but as whole. She's also our counselor that whenever we face any problem, we can always go to her. We have her messengger too and we can chat with her at anytime. She's like our mum in school! LoL. She's sweet and took her effort and time to make us a small mini booklet containing all our informations so that we can always keep in touch when we leave. Cool right? LoL. Then we gave her a big big card, cupcakes from Joo Sing, cheese cake, T-shirt for her son Joel and a folio from all of us. The folio was contributed by everyone by drawing and writting what we want to wish her on papers each.

Look, she's crying while looking at MY PAGE. LOL. That is the folio that I'm talking about.

The cheese cake! XD

Cupcakes from cupcakes4u! LoL. Famous loh, cupcakes4u, which is GOOD!

Group photo with the big card and the shirt for his son. =) Click to enlarge.

Me and Ms Lai

Next is Ms Jenny. LOL. You all know her, she's a typical English teacher. She nags and nags non-stop. But, those naggings were for our own good. Just that sometimes we feel annoyed by her naggings. LoL. But, she's good and sweet. She will praise you when you listen to her in class. But if you don't, she will nag you. LoL. Anyway, we still love her cause we know she cares for us. We bought her a chocolate, shampoo and a decor lamp and card. =). Oh ya, we danced in class. LoL.

Ms Jenny was so happy when I kiss her. Haha.

Brayan with her. LOL.

Us with Ms Jenny.

Actually I have lots of pictures, I'm still collecting from Michelle and Leykha. LoL. Will post it all up in facebook once it's all done. Bare with me yea. This will be my second last post before exams. LoL.

Just some random photos,

The girls

Fantastic four. Ms Lai is Jessica Alba. LOL.

Yang Shi, Leykha and Jo-ey.

Stay tuned for my physics and math lecturers updates in my final post before exam. Tmrw we're all going out for lunch with all the lecturers on the final day. Hahax. Will update that as well. Take care. God bless you!

Of Presentation

Thank God. Everything is over. Reports, presentation and all the tests are all over. For now, I only need to focus and prepare for the finals. Anyway, yesterday we had fun, interesting presentation. We made lip gloss, herbs, cinnamon aroma and make-up stuff using nature materials like banana, honey and many more.

My group with teacher and deepak

Need I say more? LoL.

Ashvinii with indian herbs

Jeshua and Michelle with their bananas. LoL

Tracy's group

For more pictures, do visit my facebook. Thank You.

I wont be updating this blog that often already. I'm now preparing for exams. Thanks.


Okay. Tmrw is my bio presentation. So today, I stayed back at college to prepare my stuff. Had fun. While preparing, we get to talk and just laze around although tmrw is a big day. We're going to present to most of the lecturers and Mr president and all in the college.

Meet Joel! Ms Lai's son.

Handsome right? One day he will be as handsome as me. Perasaan me. lol.

He is cute man!

Then yesterday we watched the Inconvenient Truth during Bio lesson.

It's about Global warming documentary done by Mr Al Gore, a noble prize winner.




I'm gonna write it fast because i need to go and study. LoL.

Okay, Saturday was a tirng yet awesome day. Went for morning prayer meeting. It was really refreshing. Then, breakfast with friends. I went home with Aaron to prepare him for the final time for his PMR next week. Then, after shower, I went to Sunrise McD to meet up with Jenny, Michelle Ann, Siew Hui and Kevin to discuss about the Bio presentation. LOL. Michelle's car! LoL. Hope everything is fine. Then, we went off to gurney to buy and check things that we need for the presentation. We managed to call a button badge printer. Our theme is GO GREEN. HAHAX. Then I headed to Melvin's house then Ignite. Ignite was awesome. Interesting sharing from Abel. Then of course, supper. LoL.

Then this afternoon, went to Trader Hotel for the Aus education fair. As usual, kena lecture from dad. =.=. Anyway, I have a clearer mindset now. LoL. Hmm, I realised that there are a lot of ways acheiving your goals as long as you surrender them to God.

So, I'm applying either Medicine, Bio-tech or Medical Bio-Science in the following Uni.
  1. Adelaide U, Biotech
  2. Flinders U, Biotech
  3. Uni of Western Aus, Biotech
  4. Sunway Monash, Biotech + Medical Bio-Science.
  5. Aimst, Medicine
  6. IMU, Medicine
So, if I cant get medicine for 5 and 6, I will do biotech first. Then probably come out and work for like one year, then only MASUK medicine straight to the 3rd year. So, this is what i mean ways to achive goals. I cant get medicine straight, I use the longer way. As long as you put your trust in God that HE has the best plan for you.

Do uphold these applications in your prayer. Hahax. Thanks a lot.
All the best to those people taking PMR!

Put God first in everything you do! Always practice a Christ centered life but not self-centered life. No matter what happen, God is still in control of everything!

=) =( ??

I should be happy or sad I also dunno. LoL.

Presentation next week. To be honest, I don't like my group leader. Not telling which subject and who. Later ISA. Hahax. It's not I don't like ler, I mean I respect her and do whatever she wants and request. I have test foo this monday and supposingly today, she wants my slides by today. So I have to rush everything. I don't mind still. The only thing I mind is SHE's COCKY!

Oh well, I prefer my gang. LoL. Anyway, still have to work though! Tmrw is weekends!! Hahax!

Biology of the day - Clonning

Yes, clonning. I've just realised that when we clone, even it is plants or animals or even human, we actually created a life form. We created LIFE!

However in the Bible, Genesis 1:27

"So God created man in His own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them."

So does it mean that we can create human? Who gives us the right to create a clone of human, as we know, clones are life too! So today, I was thinking about this all the time. Is it okay to clone human? As in don't talk about ethical stuff, I'm now here referring, Does God say is it okay to clone His creation?
Any Comments?

Meet my clone!

This is the first clone, Dolly!

Can human clone? Your pick! But to me, I don't think so!

My bowling skill

Just something random. I was tired after practicing my presentation then I found this in my comp. LoL. It's me, bowling! Pro lehh, bowl also got syle wan ler. LoL. Hahax. But too bad, ada gaya but no skill. LoL.

=X =C =( =[ =/ =] =) =D XD
Interesting emoticons by Joyce, notice the change.


I'm better now. Everything was a mess just now. But after reading the Bible, and listening to the Bible Experience Audio Bible. I'm definitely BETTER now. =)

God is still the best comforter! Seek God first in every circumstances you face!

Time to Think

Again. Time flies I tell you. I mean serious, time actually flies really fast. A while we are celebrating Chinese New Year and now we are near the end of year 2008 already, which makes me getting tensed and frustrated.

Well, a year has past and I don't really know what I want to take up next. I mean, I know I want to do medicine, but where? and how? I don't wanna leave Penang island because it's full with friends and foods!

  1. PMC is definitely out, because it costs you near to one million to take up medicine there.
  2. Aimst. Nice, near to Penang. But it's hard to get in as they give their foundation students the priority first.
  3. IMU. It's kinda cheap, but I scared that I can't get in because they want high TER scorer.
  4. Monash KL. It's expensive and near half a milllion.
And my father doesnt want to help to decide for me! God, please help me! I might go for Aimst first. If don get, go IMU and third year, transfer credit to Monash.

If everything goes wrong, I'll just have to say goodbye to medicine because God has a better plan. How I wish I don't have to study, plainly just work at church and just enjoy the services and the conferences. LoL.

Need prayer. Thanks.

Random Pictures

LoL. I tried using photoshop. It was tough. Anway, there are a few photos I want to highlight which are really nice.

I love this picture. Dunno why, maybe it's because of my hair?Joking. LoL
I love this picture because of the expression.
photo by: Michelle Tan

This is really cool. I just feel relax while looking at it. LoL.
photo by: Melvin Teoh

I don't think this is that nice. Anyway, my first try. LOL

This is really nice. LoL
photo by: Melvin Teoh

Spot the difference?

Anyway, I still need help on it. Feel free to comment! Thanks.
Gosh, I'm getting sentimental? LoL

Thank You

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