Emo? WHY?

I think I have this need to post it up to all my readers.

Nowadays, whenever I click unto my friend's blog link, all I read was all about Emo stuff.
I wouldn't say all, but majority of them, and sometimes even my own blog. And my heart just sinks after reading them one by one.

Why is this happening? Why is everyone emo?
Friends, Breakups (Whoa I tell you, I have been hearing a lot of the news on most of the couples in my friend's list), Work loads, Stress, future undecided and everything else that will make you sad. It seems like everyone else has forgotten their center of life. I'm not here to judge, but what I'm about to write, hope it will be useful.

Emo because of Friendships

Well, people fail! That's for sure. But so many times, we (which includes me) always pick point on other people's weaknesses. If people are perfect, why do we need God anymore? NO right? God is always here to edify us, like a potter that mould us into shapes. That is why, we must not always look at the weaknesses on people (example: character) but to encourage them and pray for them to change. Even the very Lord's prayer says forgive our debts as we have forgiven our debtors. Yes I understand what they did might hurt you, but first thing you should do is pray and seek for comfort by reading the Word of God but not to blast everything in your own blog. Even pastor Marcus says, don't always blog about emo stuff for the world is reading at your blog. Some people confused over friendships, the "like and love" issue. What I can say is, set you eyes on Jesus as ultimate example. It's the time where you start to loose your innoscence. Pray more and God will reveil the steps that you should take.

Emo because of Breakups

Well, breakups is not a big deal. What I meant was, if things don't work out, it just don't. People breakup because of cheating, going seperate ways to study, different opinion and chemistry and all other reasons. So don't be too sad over and over again because of breakups. You should know yourself, if you really put in effort into a relationship and it wont work out, at least you know that you have tried and you cherish the moments being together. But why always emo because of a guy/girl? Do you remember that you actually have a faithful valntine? John 3:16 has the word valentine in it. The very first love from God is ultimate, so don't long for the love from the people of the world too much, but always hunger and thirst for HIS everlasting love. He will open your eyes and see many things.

Emo because of works and stress

Actually, for students, it's just an excuse. Stress because of exams and all. You guys stress is because your priority is not really right. As in, for my own expirience, I used to watch TV and delayed my study time, when exam comes, I start to feel the "stress". Why wanna do that in the first place when you already know if you watch TV, your studies will be neglected? Concetrate on what you want. Pray for a change in study habits. Isaiah 26:3 says You, Lord give perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and put trust in You. In this verse, pray and stand firm on your goals and trust God.

Emo because of future undecided

Haha, this one I have been through way too lot during last year. I came accross to this verse yesterday, Proverbs 16:9 says In his heart a man plans his course but the LORD determines his steps. It's clear right? Think about what you want to see in your life and just leave it to God, God will definitely provide you a way, a plan to prosper you and not to harm you. Always pray that let your will be part of God's will. If God says no, take courage because HE is giving you another way way way better way.

I hope all these verses helps. Always remember to basic, that is to live a Christ-centered life but not self-centered life. Whatever things that happen in your life that will make you sad or angry, just take courage and pray immediately, cause for me, this is the BEST way to relive my anger or sadness. Everything happens for a reason. Just be patient and set Jesus as your ultimate example in your life. God bless you! =)

Tagged by Ze Yin and others

I'm not being biased. This is a tag from Ze Yin and lots more people. I'm going to do it because it has been requested by so many people. ZZZ. I wonder why people love to play taggie game! So here I am =D

Directions: Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

  1. I wanted to study medicine so badly, but I'm giving it up because God has a better plan for me =)
  2. I miss everyone in Australia.
  3. I'm sleepy but I have no choice but to complete this tag.
  4. I love Jesus
  5. I love FFS
  6. I love Man Utd
  7. I love to EAT
  8. I love to laugh
  9. I don't like stepping on grasses, I dunno why!
  10. I've been singing a lot lately.
  11. I'm taking IELTS soon.
  12. I love football, but I play ping pong more than football
  13. I'm childish
  14. I'm learning to be a better person
  15. I'm going off soon.
  16. I'm HAPPY.
That's all about it. I shall tag everyone who even bother to read this. This shows that you're too free to read a tag! Haha. So, gotcha! Go do your tag!

I will update this blog tmrw about all the hang outs.


It's time for updates again for my happenings.

Let's rewind up the time a little back to last sunday. As usual went to church and prayer service. But I dunno why I slept so sound the night before and I could not wake up on time to get ready for church. Thank God I made it in the end. Then later evening, we went to Ananda for Man Yoke's bday. We had masala chicken and it tastes so good. After that, we head to Sunset bistro to have some chats and catching up time. I don't have any pictures, do be patient, I'll try to grab it from Melvin.

For Monday, me and Edward and Ben went to gurney. Had Tom Yam (I'm getting sick of it) LoL. Then we played table tennis. I miss table tennis a lot, first time playing ever since I finished my SAM.

For today, me and Edward and Ben went swimming. LOL. Yupp then we went to Poly with Melvin for lunch. After that, we walked to Gladys (senior)'s shop. We followed her sister to send flowers then lunch. After that we went to gurney AGAIN. Oh well, gurney is my third home after my family and church. Then went to Bible study and here I am blogging.

What's up tmrw? I dunno. But mostly gonna just stay at home.

But definitely going out on Thursday for breakfast and Museum with Ms Lai, Michelle Anne and Prangin with Ben and Neil. Haha.

Friday? STUDY and PREPARE for IELTS.

I'm taking IELTS soon. I need tips from those who had theirs and prayers!
Dunno why feel so pressured to take English test, maybe because I actually have to pay for this test, so parents could actually kill me if I don't do well.

Till then. TTYL
May the Lord's favour is upon Man Utd tonight! =D

Man Utd

Alan just sent me a cheer for Man Utd.

And because of facebook is so laggy, I'll cheer it up here! =D

Glory Glory Man Utd,
TWO points dropped by Liverpool, ONE step closer to title!

HAHAHA, sounds lame.


FACEBOOK is driving me Crazy

FACEBOOK sedang memandu saya GILA

FACEBOOK is so slow

FACEBOOK ialah sangat lambat

FACEBOOK is teaching me to be patient, I guess

FACEBOOK sedang mangajar saya menjadi sabar, aku fikir

LOL, Haish.

I'm better

I guess I was down just now.

I just got no place to complain and to blah everything out except to complain it to God and to this blog (my reader).

But I learned one thing, People are not perfect. I don't blame anyone now for not practicing what they preach, because I used my time to think this afternoon when I was in gurney, sometimes, I don''t really practice it too.

I'm sorry for my stubborness.

I'm learning to be...
MORE of HIM and LESS of myself

I'm really learning to enjoy the wonderful things from God!
And thanks to my many friends (you all know who you are), their concerns and all, thank you!
Continue to keep me in prayer! Hehe


Glory Glory Man Utd

Haha, the songs of Man Utd cheers! Well, after tonight, Penang will definitely miss out a big cheer from Man Utd fan in Penang. Yea, why? Because my friend Jeshua is leaving Penang for Adelaide.

Yes, Jeshua is a big Man Utd fan. We used to talk about footballs in college last time. Haha. Well, Jeshua is a really nice guy. I know him since form 2 I think? Of course through Youth Waves and CF meetings. We used to organise CF beeach outing (Hamid Khan High and Chung Hwa High) together. Haha. He has been great and a blessing to me. I thank God for him. =)

Next is Lye Boon and Nigel. Lye Boon went to Curtin in Sarawak for engineering and Nigel is in Auckland U for math. No health science people yet eh. LoL. I don't have many friends left in Penang anymore. Haha. They both have been great as well, though I don't have enough time to get to know them really deep.

Take care guys, all the best and I'll definitely keep you guys in prayer. God Bless you!


Haha. Yea, I did nothing for past few days and finally I did something from my to-do list. LoL.

I have been dragging it for almost one week already. Pai Syeh. Haha.
I've cut my hair! Haha.

1. Cut hair - done
2. Do IC
3. Do passport
4. Take pictures of passport size
5. Take parcel from GDex

I'm going to do 2,4,5 tmrw! Haha.


I'm here to introduce you a game. Mc Donald video game!

It's fun and quick!

To Gladys and Edward, I've already broke my record (year 2012) which my business this time can survive from 2000 to year 2100 and going on, just that I was sleepy so I stopped. I've found the secret thing to survive. LOL.

I was first introduced by Melvin, so if you want, grab it from me or Melvin or Gladys or Edward. LoL. The size is superb small where we can even transfer this game through MSN.

Two screenshots. Click to enlarge!

Hope you all had a great day! Unlike mine, boring me. All I did was sitting at home and going out to do some Uni application stuff.

Vitamins anyone?

Vitamins anyone? LoL. These engineers-to-be (Jia Xian - Mechatronics, Boon Kent - Chemical, Jay Wyn - Quantity Survey) are too talented. Last time they study half way for finals and then they made this! Haha. And it actually balanced very well. Can support a bottle filled with vitamins. LoL.

I miss them! Haish


.......For God so loVe the world
............that He gAve
.....His one and onLy
......................That whoever
............believes In Him
................shall Not perish
...........but have Everlasting life

John 3:16

Most common / famous verse is all about LOVE because God is love.
Everyday is Valentines' day because God loves us everyday! =)
And I would like to thank everyone that helped me in a way or another in Valentines program. Praise the Lord!

The "c" letter tag from Kon Way

Copy to your own note, erase my answers, and enter yours. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name: Chia-Ming
2. A four Letter Word: Card
3. A boy's Name: Carrick
4. A girl's Name:
5. An occupation: Cashier
6. A color: Crimson
7. Something you wear: Coat
8. A food: Chicken - fried
9. Something found in the bathroom: comb (maybe condom? HAHAHAH, of course no)
10. A place: China
11. A reason for being late: car break down
12. Something you shout: Crazy!
13. A movie title: Casino Royale
14. Something you drink: Coke
15. A musical group: Chiodos (I also don't know who's that)
16. An animal: Cat
17. A street name: Chow Kit road
18. A type of car: City - Honda
19. A song title: Counting on God
20. A verb: Cry

I tag people that are bored! LoL
This tag is harder than it seems, I have to even google for the answers. LoL. Enjoy!

Hang outs + Works + Movies

Haha. I'm free now so I decided to blog. Blog has been part and parcel of my life now.

Well, the title says it all. I've been busy with a lot of stuff lately though, I'm not working anymore. First, I'm doing final preparation for Ignite's valentines celebration which leads to yesterday. Yesterday, me and Melvin, Ben, Mabel, Edward and Uncle William went to Hunza to practice and preparing some stuff.

So, now let's rewind up a little. Before I went to Hunza, yesterday afternoon, I went to Gurney to meet up with Leykha and Michelle. Janisha ppk us due to her preparation to Aus. LoL. As usual, we hang out and eat. Ya, we ate a lot of stuff. LoL. Then, they dragged me to watch a movie from India, Slumdog Millionaire. Yea, indian show, but they all speak in English. At first I thought it's gonna be a boring one. In the end, it comes out with a great film. It's a great show. A movie that shows you the life of India and the life of poverty there. No wonder the movie has won so many titles from Golden globe and all. I would give a rating of 8 out of 10. It's a great show. You all should go and give it a try! It's not like any other Tamil show where they dance a lot. No this show is different! Haha.

After that, they went to Sunset Bistro where I can't join them because I have practice. Sorry mich and the people there! Haha.

And I also watched Pink Panther and Wedding game. Pink panther was as funny as ever. A great show too. For wedding game, I kinda fell asleep ler. Maybe because I'm not really into romance movie. However, it's a nice show also ler. The actress is Fann Wong from Ah long PTL and Just follow the Law. Haha.

For Transformer 2, they released their trailer teaser! Not the trailer, only the teaser of the trailer. But it's enough to blow up everyone's mind! I believe it's gonna be a great movie too! Click here for the video clip.

Thats all about the movie, hang outs and works! Ha!

Dedications - again

LoL. This time around is my friend Marian Quah that is going to Melbourne tomorrow night at 9. Why is everyone going to Melbourne? Li Wen is already there. Boon Kent too, Jia Xian was there then later transitted to Tasmania. Haish. What's up with Melbourne? Haha. Hopefully I can go there on the third year La Trobe for my pharmacy if that's God's will. Haha.

Anyway back to here. Marian has been a great friend, work buddy to me, not only in SAM but in Floral Fest as well. She helped me a lot during Biology class last time. Thank you! I appreciate it. Haha.

Miss bug!

"Thanks Marian for 2008. Haha. All the best when you're in La Trobe. We're still Uni-mates. LoL. We're both from La Trobe. HAHA. Take care ya and may God showers HIS blessings upon blessings on your life! Steph is gonna miss you too! Haha. Take care"

IGNITE Youth Valentines Celebration

Valentines is all about LOVE. Yet, we always forgotten about the ultimate, unfailing love from God. Yea, make this Valentines of 2009 special, by giving back your love to HIM because HE had done everything that would gain your love. Jesus is HIS ultimate expression of love for me and you.

Feeling SAD again this year? or are u Single and Desperate?
Looking for the perfect love?

God's love is perfect! HIS mercy, grace and love will always be sufficient for us.

You can make a different! Come join us in IGNITE youth Valentines Celebration and you will know more about this perfect love from God.

Time? 7.30pm, this Saturday (14th of Feb 09)
Where? Hunza Sanctuary (somewhere near Chung Hwa)

For more info, feel free to visit Ignite's blog.
Leave a comment if you need any help or guide to Hunza Sanctuary.

All are welcome! Do bring your friends along.


This morning, I got a call.

It's from Masterskill. The intake date has changed to July.

ZZZ. Another 3 months from April.

I'm really missing my friends. Haish.
Safe journey my friend. Your adventure awaits.


It's been long time since last dedication. My friends (tour guide) Jia Xian and Boon Kent is leaving to Aus tonight and tmrw night. Both leaving to Melbourne, Australia. Jia Xian will then later transit to Tasmania.

Sigh, two of my best buddies in SAM is going off. Seriously, I miss the times that we play ping pong together, lepak in hostel, skipping classes, talking in math class and of course, Ipoh tour.
Jia Xian (UTAS) and Boon Kent (Monash)

Ping Pong

"Friends, all the best in everything you do ya. Continue to read my blog for my happenings. Take care and have a safe journey! Come back that time, makan tour again! ok? GBU!"

Good Times

Good times I had in the month of January. Everyone "was" back. And now, everyone is going back to their working and studying place again and the whole new year awaits. There are so much excitement in me, where I know deep down God has installed many great things for us this year. This two pictures were taken last Thursday I think, where morning, Edmund picked me up and we visited Abu and Kar Guan's place. It's a great reunion for Chung Hwa 5S1 Kakis.

Note the couple "T". So loving, Abu and his GF, HK.

Then later on, we had a pot bless gathering at Ivan's place. Had great time fellowshipping with one another and playing fire cracker and fireworks. LOL.

But now, everyone is going back. From Penang to.... Kampar, Seremban, KL, Singapore, Sarawak, Australia, N. Zealand, UK and the list goes on. Even my fellow SAM mates, most of them will be going to Australia next week.

I wish you guys all the best in the academic year to come. GBU!
Time flies, 11months to new year. I shall do countdown now.
Maybe we should buy new clothes and prepare for Christmas? lol.


Nothing much this trip. I went to KL to settle some stuff.

Went to Midvalley as well and it was raining heavily. Kinda disappointed with Midvalley cause it's a little bit rundown.

I'm back but I'm sick now. =(

CNY updates?

Haha people, how's CNY so far? earn a lot of red packets? LoL. Well, I hoped you guys enjoyed your CNY.

For me, as usual ler, but to me not that happening already, maybe grow up dee kua. Haha.

Thats all I guess.

Bye people, I'm off to KL

KL, here I come! =D

Thank You

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