Let go and Let God

Hey people, I actually wanted to post this last week eh, but too busy. LoL.

Okay, what amazed me is the message from Pastor Kong and Pastor Phil Pringle for the past few weeks. Pastor Kong Hee is from City Harvest and of course, Pastor Phil is from Christian City Church from Sidney.

Sometimes, God allows problems into our lives. We know that. But you have to understand that, everything has a purpose. God is stretching your heart and HE keeps stretching it until the limit where your heart is unable to go back to original shape. Let me explain further, it's like a rubber band or spring, when u stretch it until the limit (in science we call it the extension limit), if you let go, the spring wont go back to it's original shape. And if u further stretch it, it will snap, right?

We know that God knows what is best for you, definitely HE knows your limit. So HE often allows problems to come into our lives, so that our heart is stretched until its extension limit, so that our heart is moulded and changed. In other words, we're now BESAR HATI to accept what God has installed for you in the future.

For example, last time you're very kedekut, but after you learn your lesson, you're now willing (BESAR HATI) to give cause blessed are those to give than to receive. It makes any sense?

That is why, it is very important to not give up on God whenever a problems strikes. Hold on to God and be patient. However, the devil will do whatever it takes to stop you fom fullfilling God's will. So negative thoughts keep coming in, telling that you're too weak to handle. So sometimes, we always ask ourselves, can we actually do it? So really, don't give up! God is making you big!

Another thing is we often allow ourselves to be holded back from the things of the past.

I quote from Pastor Kong, "who hasn't back-sliden before?"

Everyone does. Everyone did stupid things before in their lives. But many of us always doubt, does God really forgive all our sins? Answer is YES. God forgives every single things you did before, as long as you really change and repent. But so often, we always hold ourselves back and the devil will keep reminding you that you're not worthy in God's plan. But let me tell you again, you're BIG in God's plan. You want the proof? The truth is Jesus died for you even before you know Him. It's not fair for God to do that for us. But HE did, right? This proves that HE loves us and has forgiven all our sins through HIS love, grace and mercy. So, we just have to let go our past, our stupid stuff and let God!

Third thing is sometimes, we feel that we're a loser. But you guys forgotten one thing. Before you were born, you're only a sperm and an egg right? I mean this is science. Everyone is made up of an egg and a sperm. Imagine there's only one egg but millions and millions of sperms, and we know that different sperms has diffrent genetic materials. But look! You beat the rest of the sperms to fertilised with the eggs from your mother. You're a champ even before you were born! God made you is not a mistake!

Pastor Phil said you're born because you're a victor!

So in other words, God made you with a purpose and trust God He knows what's best for you. Have hope in HIM, definitely He will prosper you in every area. Don't give up when you face problems, hang in there. Let go and let God!

God bless you! =)

Super Nice and Cute Animals

I'm gonna post up some nice photos of animals I encountered in Singapore Botanic Garden and Singapore Zoo.

These geese/swans just swim FREELY in the pond of the Botanic Gardens. Amazingly is when I go near to the bank of the pond, they will come to me! Serious, they don't just run away because of humans. Besides, they swim in pairs. Makes me realise God's creation is so AWESOME.

These are from the zoo. Above is a giant squirrel and this one I dunno what is it called. This guy here, jual mahal. Whenever I point my camera lense at his face, he will turn away his face to the ohter side. He doesnt want me to take picture of him. Well, I wanted to touch him t first, but I dare not. LoL. Anyway, he's cute! Haha.

Little India and China Town

I heart Mustafa

I heart Singapore Sling

I heart Little India

I heart China Town!

Haha, last Thursday, me and Alarize went to City Hall and from there we walked to City Link Mall, Sg Flyer, Esplanade, Merlion, Raffles, Clarke Quay, then we walked to China Town! It's a whole afternoon and Evening Journey! Haha. Imagine we walk from Gurney plaza to Jetty! That's the distance! Lol.

I love Mustafa, they got great and cheap stuff there and I love Merlion! Haha.

Ananda? Haha

Till then =)

My Students

Hey, I'm free, so I decided to dedicate this post to 2 and only 2 of my students. They did quite well in the subjects that I tought them and I'm very happy for them. Praise the Lord.

One is Aaron, he messaged me last night to tell me about his results! LOL. He scored 95 for his add math! Praise the Lord.

Second is Shir Hoay, she scored 79 (Highest in class) for her biology and might change to 83 due to some error. Praise the Lord too! =D

Haha, this is my present for you both! =p

Take care and keep it up! All the best. To God be the glory!


Supposingly, I planned to go China town today, but in the end, I ended up myself in Raffles place. That area is a city center and there are a lot of historical sites. LoL. At first, I was lost, but in the end, I managed to find my way to the Merlion! Ha! I'm not that poor in navigation. LoL. Anyway, it was a nice place there along Singapore river.

This is self-cam-whoring! Haha
And this picture was taken by a tourist!

Singapore Flyer (Eye of Sg)
Man Utd (Sigh, reminds me of defeat to Fulham)

And this really takes me back to the memories back in Penang Chulia Street's Curry mee and Chicken rice behind St Xavier! LoL

Till then!


I have been staying at home Thursday and Friday. So, I have been playing PS3 Resistance and NDS Pokemon a lot. Haha. Because my cousins now are having holiday so i'm spending more time with them. LoL. Quite boring ler at times. LOL.

Anyway I went to their IT fair (PC fair) last week and it was so packed! LoL.

And tmrw, I'm going to Beth's cells BBQ outing. Haha. I actually got sick of BBQ already ler, but since they invited me and I'm bored, so might as well go ler.
So what's up next week? Singapore zoo and Flyer! Haha. Till then!

Meeting with Charles and of Pulau Ubin

Yesterday night, i met up with Charles. For some of you doesn't know who is he, let me intro him to you guys. He was my youth and cell leader back 5 years ago and now he's working in Singapore. We had a great catch up last night. We chat about a lot of stuff on our friends, where and how have they been. It's wonderful. We went to Suntec Mall and ate japanese buffet in a restaurant, right just opposite of ROCK auditorium where service of Pastor Joseph Prince's church is held. And he chia me! We had a great meal and time! Thanks Charles!

Pai Syeh, we chat and ate until I forgotten to take a picture with him, so for my reader's sake, I'll just post up some foods and his photo! =p

Snow crab and all the sushi(s)

That's him!

Charles, if you're reading this, thanks much for the meal! I enjoyed catching up everything with you! God bless you in all your undertakings and works! Have fun in your upcoming holiday to Hong Kong!

Next is today, I went to Pulau Ubin with my cousin and aunt. Pulau Ubin is situated north east of Singapore. We went to Changi fishing jetty and went there through ferry. We cycled throughout the island and it was tiring! LoL. Now, I shall let the pictures do the talking!

And I got sunburnt now! LoL. Till then!
People, have fun in the conference! GBU!


I'm bored. That's why I'm here. It has been raining whole day here. Nothing much left to do. I would say I have nothing left to do here. LoL.

The more I read friend's blogs, I find myself missing Penang even more. I want to blog, but I have nothing to blog. LOL. So, I'm mainly crapping here. Haha.

Well, life here is not as easy as back in Penang. Everyone is so obedient and the law here is super strict.

Another thing I realised about myself is, I give in too much. Really too much. For an example, whenever people confront me about certain facts, I will just follow whatever they said regarding how true is their facts. But I know deep down inside, I'm correct. But so often I will say I'm wrong at the outside. Am I being a hypocrite?

Oh well, this is just me. Sigh.

I need to go already. This is a random one! Bye!


Pictures of Orchard, Changi, Youth service and makan(s) and my cousin Jason!

me and my cousin Jason


Haha. Hope she doesn't see this as she says it's ugly but NO right? Hahaha.
Till then.


I came back from Harvest Care Center Youth service. Sarabeth is the one guiding me. Haha. We had lunch before the service and dinner after the service as well. It was very nice of them, nice people and I enjoyed my time there! Got to know her brother and some of her friends. Haha. I'll post pictures up later next time. Haha. She's gonna kill me for that.

Well, I'm kinda sad. Tragedy to ManU. Haish.


First of all, Congrats to SPM people! Congrats Congrats Congrats!

The news spread like wild fire to Sg until the ends of the earth! Haha.

Well, now I'm using Alarize laptop to online now, I'm in China town! Haha. Thanks Rize! I just came back from Sentosa and Vivo City. We had fun! At first, it was raining, but after that it turned out to be a good weather! LoL. Thank God!

These pictures were all taken by Alarize, pictures from my cam other days okay? Haha. Because she needs to go cells already and I need to go back!

Till then, Bye Bye!


LUGE skyride and Go-kart!

Fun, not!

Well, I'm facing problems here, as I have to pay tax up to 20% from my wages, cause I can't be working as part time as a foreigner. So well yea, I still prefer Penang! LoL. It's not as fun as it seems as first, lots of travelling to do.

So, aku considering to quit everything here and chao back to Penang!

Sigh, why everything has to be so complicated?

I'm in Singapore!

Yea, thank God for the safe journey! I'm already in Singapore! I went to Science Centre today. It was AWESOME. LoL. Picture? Wait for facebook to be tagged from Alarize. Haha.

Bye Bye! Pray for me! I need Favour!


I have ONE more speaking test to do!


after that, it's all about PARTYING!

3 days

3 Days Left

Meerkat Manor


Meerkats! I think they're the coolest animal on earth. LoL. Reminds me of King Julien!

All Geared up!

I've been busy with my preparation for IELTS.

Dad just bought the ticket. It's a BUS ticket (not plane), leaving at 9.15 morning next Monday.

I'll not be free until Sunday. Haha. Limited time to go out eh? LoL. So wanna date me? Sunday is the only day!

Last Sunday night, I went to Sunset bistro with Jo-ey to catch up some time and chat, since she's going off to Belgium and me to Singapore.

We ordered this drink called the"Wild thing", our intension is not to drink, but to try how is it taste like because there they have a lot of funny names. So, we tembak-ed one and ordered the "Wild thing" In the end, it's very sour. LoL.

The Wild Thing, Tada!

And today, early in the morning, me and her went up to Penang Hill to hang out again. Today was a good day, I've managed to take a couple of great pictures. We went up there at 9 morning and it was raining last night. So the whole penang was covered with mist, even the mainland. Awesome-ness.

Do click on those pictures to enlarge and leave some comments!
Some looks like open burning in Penang, but it's all mist!

Jo-ey and Me
(My double chin! Sigh)

Cool beetle I found!

After that, I went to IELTS workshop and back!
Haha that's all. She's going to Belgium and me to Singapore! Bye bye!

Back to IELTS!

Thank You

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