Car Test!

Tuan tuan dan puan puan..
hari ini.. i took my car test...

and i.......

PASS!! hahax!
Praise the Lord..
yo hooo!! i can drive.. =p

have fun guys!


have fun in football.. haha LOL

Battle begins..

God, i need your help!
I just got an offer from JPA to go for interview for my medicine scholarship..
the interview session will be held for 4 days (1st of april to 4th of april)
so, i got my interview session which will be held on 3rd of april 10am at USM..

i noe my parents surely cant afford me medicine.. so the only way i can study medicine.. is through JPA scholaship.. and i really wanna take up medicine..
Guys please pray for me.. u noe larh.. malaysia.. they have some sort of quota thingy which priority is not given to chinese like me.. so i really need a miracle!

God, I will do my best in the interview and please help me and give me the wisdom and strength to finish my interview session successfully.. Amen!
Guys.. thanks for your prayer!

Happy Blessed Birthday Melanie!

well today.. im gonna blog bout someone.. and it's none other than...


i wanted to call her cat.. but later she screw me again.. haha..

well guess wat.. tmrw is her BIRTHDAY!!! i repeat.. HER BIRTHDAY (28/03)..
so guys.. please don't forget to wish her n buy prezzie for her.. cause i can get some $$ from her.. haha... joking.. LoL..

she pretty not?
LoL.. girls.. don be jealous.. haha.. guys.. she's NOT available dee.. NOT AVAILABLE .. haha..

although at times.. she says she's mean cruel and all.. but..
I (CHIAMING) can assure u.. she's crapping..

She's kind(to her friend but NOT ME!..haha joking..) ,
helpful(well, she's a ranger unit in her schl.. so any probs.. seek HELP FROM HER),
loves to joke(seriously) and
smart and... ermm many more..

oh ya.. the way she worship God and all, i salute her! she may be small but she's a strong prayer warrior for God.. i myself also learning from her..LoL..

mel, if your reading this.. i would like to say a few words to u..

"mel, 15 dee.. no more play play yea.. all the best in your pmr.. so STUDY.. haha.. take care man.. and happy always.. =p"

Hospital and my passion..

u guys must be wondering.. wat's got to do with my passion and hospital?..
well today i attend a.. they call it.. kursus pendedahan kerjaya sebagai doktor..
it's basically a 5-days program organised by JPA.. i applied JPA scholarships for medicine mar.. so mar have to attend lo.. It was fun.. get to see baby kena injection.. which was so cool.. den.. we went to the wad.. get to see the nurses doing their 'things'.. then.. ermm.. at 3pm... we were going through some briefing in neurosurgical clinic.. den go to the wad.. one of the doctor told our doctor(the program coordinator) that one of the patient in the wad is going to DIE.. then we all go and see.. i saw this old lady.. gasping for air.. she looks so restless and helpless and suffering.. den the doctor said no hope dee.. have to call their family member.. i felt so sad.. i prayed for her deep in my heart.. hope that she's a christian.. i talked to God.. i noe im not in control of HIS plan.. but i believe everything HE do.. there must be a reason.. so i just pray.. don let her suffer.. if possible.. i wanna share Christ to her.. i really DO!! but then doctor ask us to go out dee.. doctors need to try to save her life..

Well if u guys noe me well.. i told u guys i'm not interested in anything rite? well.. i wanna tell u guys now.. i will fight for a place in JPA medicine.. i wanna be a doctor.. to help those ppl.. in the mean time.. share Christ to them.. cos i notice when ppl are in trouble and helpless.. they tend to accept other things more easily.. well.. this is the only time.. they will accept Christ easily.. and hopefully God will do a miracle in their lives and become a testimony for God and win more souls for God!

so now.. I really want to help these ppl and in the mean time can do misionary work for God!


oh yea guys.. forgotten to tell u.. today I'm seriously happy cause of 3 things..
1. God is soooo good to me!
2. Don wanna tell..haha
3. Man Utd won and Arsenal lost..

This blog is to dedicate to all the MAN UTD fans out there.. to the Man Utd.. cheers!!

thanks to brown, C. Ronaldo and Nani.. and ALL the PLAYERS out there.. haha..
*denise and liverpool fans.. pls don sad k.. there's always a next season.. but i don think will stand a chance ler.. haha..*
and i wanna say thank you to Drogba for gunning down Arsenal..
cheers to him! but now Man Utd must aware of him as well.. man Utd are the CHAMP!!

m bored and tired here

okay.. time for bloggie.. LoL.. well.. im bored here.. waiting for someone to bathe.. *well so long dee.. i wonder how's your water bill.. haha* hmmm.. today college.. nothing special lo.. but my bio teacher damn fierce and strict.. LoL.. and kinda tired lo.. cos almost 8 hours of lecture everyday.. so.. ermm.. i wanna post this pic.. but seriously.. SERIOUSLY.. no offense to gals yea..
just wanna let u guys laugh a bit...

The truth of easter!

God is really an awesome God..
Many of u guys think that... easter.. it's another HOLIDAY..
In nursery... when it comes to easter.. It's bout the easter egg.. and easter bunny..
hey guys.. NO it's not bout that!!!
come on.. Easter is about Jesus died on the cross just to pay the price for me and u and everyone's SIN.. He's willing to do that for us.. but U?
if one day .. one fine day.. one guy point a gun at u.. asking u.. are u Christian?
knowing that when the moment u say u are.. u're gonna die straight away..
will u say and declare u're the son of christ?!
Christ is willing to die for u... but Are u willing to die for Christ?
Now now.. Jesus has risen.. and HE is coming BACK soon..
Guys.. please don play play anymore dee..
don take going church is a normal routine anymore.. take it as an opportunity..
U noe how many ppl out there doesnt have a chance to noe Jesus Christ?
or some of them want to go to church but banned by the government.. ppl don have the chance.. but u guys jus slip away the chance of being close to God one day by one day?
think bout it! so.. WAKE Up!!

watch this video and u'll understand wat i'm saying..

God is so awesome.. Jesus was crucified just for our SIN.. We don deserve that and yet.. he gave us the life.. an eternal life.. and how could u guys being stubborn and just ignore him like this? just imagine your kids just abandon u guys like this? how would u feel?

Those were the days..

hey guys.. dunno why I miss u guys a lot.. 5science1 was basically my life.. I'm loving college life now but I'm missing 5s1 life.. guys u all were awesome.. see how we dance together, perform together, exam together, compete together and SPM together.. i wonder when we can meet again..

those were the days..

having fun in class x)

we perform together in schl concert

we cho siao in class
(under my umbrella ella ella in moments before graduation ceremony)
(me, kai wen, tsu min, edmund)

this is the last pic of us which taken right after our SPM last paper..

guys.. may God bless u guys wherever u go and whatever u do.. All the best!!

Bleed it out? wat? anything ler..

Yea here we go for the hundredth time,
Hand grenade pins in every line,
Throw 'em up and let something shine.
Going out of my fucken mind.
Filthy mouth, no excuse.
Find a new place to hang this noose.
String me up from atop these roofs.
Knot it tight so I won't get loose.
Truth is you can stop and stare,
Run myself out and no one cares.
Dug a trench out, laid down there
With a shovel up out of reach somewhere.
Yea someone pour it in,
Make it a dirt dance floor again.
Say your prayers and stomp it out,
When they bring that chorus in.

I bleed it out,
Digging deeper just to throw it away.
I bleed it out,
Digging deeper just to throw it away.
I bleed it out,
Digging deeper just to throw it away,
Just to throw it away,
Just to throw it away.

I bleed it out.
Go, stop the show.
Chop your words in a sloppy flow.
Shotgun I pump, lock and load,
Cock it back and then watch it go.
Mama help me, I've been cursed,
Death is rolling in every verse.
Candypaint on his brand new hearse.
Can't contain him, he knows he works.
fuck this hurts, I won't lie .Doesn't matter how hard I try
Half the words don't mean a thing,
And I know that I won't be satisfied.
So why, try ignoring him.
Make your dirt dance floor again.
Say your prayers and stomp it out,
When they bring that chorus in.

I bleed it out,
Digging deeper just to throw it away.
I bleed it out,
Digging deeper just to throw it away.
I bleed it out,
Digging deeper just to throw it away,
Just to throw it away,
Just to throw it away.

I bleed it out.
I've opened up these skies,
I'll make you face this.
I pulled myself so far,
I'll make you face this now.

I bleed it out,
Digging deeper just to throw it away.
I bleed it out,
Digging deeper just to throw it away.
I bleed it out,
Digging deeper just to throw it away,
Just to throw it away.
Just to throw it away.

I bleed it out,
Digging deeper just to throw it away.
I bleed it out,
Digging deeper just to throw it away.
I bleed it out,
Digging deeper just to throw it away,
Just to throw it away,
Just to throw it away.

I bleed it out.
I bleed it out.
I bleed it out.

After bleeding out love and everything and hanging out with a bunch of kids (edwin, ben, mel, els, wen, edward, Luke) .. Im better now.. x)


hey u noe wat? I'm awake at this 8AM.. blogging..
noe why? cause of stupid things haunting my mind..
Well, I thought I'm alright all the time.. but just realise I DONT!
Ask u.. how can someone be not care bout others' feeling?
I mean U threw me into damn shit and still publicly announce 'D' stuff and be ego and mean to me?
i dunno wat's the feeling but i hope.. HOPE it's not hatred..
I don heart her anymore.. tat's for SURE... if she were to come back to me or something (where i don think so) I'd rather jump into the lion's pit..
I really want to.. u noe.. Live in peace.. but cant.. and i just dunno why..
I need tips from U and God..

First day..

First day at college.. it was BORED cos all the speech speech stuff.. got my time table today.. whoa.. no time for lunch also... my schedule is so so pack.. haih..

i'm gonna die! God, give me the strength and wisdom..

guys now i don even have the mood also.. LoL


after days of stress.. finally decided.. but not my decision! parents drag me to disted to register SAM today.. I prayed to God that HE will bless me in this path.. May the Lord give me the wisdom and strength to go through SAM..

guys.. for your info.. SAM stands for

South Australian Matriculation

yea.. in this.. I'll be taking five subjects..

- ESL studies -
- Math studies -
- Biology -
- Chemistry -
- Physics -

seriously.. I need all of u guys punya prayer.. cause it looks tough..
Thanks guys.. and to this.. SAM is more on assignments stuff..
so if u all ajak me to go out to hang out or something and i reject.. pls don get angry man.. cause I'll be busy of completing my assignment stuff.. haha.. take care and thanks..

Dilemma... haih

DILEMMA... haih

options for me:


SWT =.="

My Friends in SCHL

I would like to thank you all for giving me your support in anyways..

He's a great guy.. If I have a daughter now.. I would have ask her to marry him.. LoL..
He's my prayer partner in class.. He helped me a lot in my studies and all.. besides, he's the head prefect and I'm the head of break monitor so we always solve 'crime' together.. haha.. He has gone trough with me during the ups and the downs.. we have quarreled to the earth and enjoyed the great time at cloud nine together.. In other words we have gone through a lot..

Beng Wong (ah wong)
He's also another great guy.. my study motivator.. he liverpool fans mia.. so i always perli him if liverpool loses.. haha.. I love him so much cos when i think I'm not gonna do well in certain topics.. he'll teach me and help me out..

Lydia (the smarty)
She's a hot girl in my class.. sometimes blur wan.. she has a very sweet voice.. speaks fluently in English.. she's the schl choir conductor as well.. I will not forget her bcos.. through out the years.. she has been sitting either infront or at the back of me during exams.. so sometimes.. she helped me a lot as well..

Kai Wen (ah ma)
She's so popular among the guys ler.. LoL she helps me out when I'm emo.. haha.. she's a good counselor!!

Saw Yi
she's smart yet very humble.. she has helped me a lot academically and in terms of homework.. LoL i always copy her works wan.. haha..

and lots more ler.. they all have been great to me..

All the best guys
May God bless u guys all the way..

My Secondary Education Life

Well, it has come to an end of my secondary education in my life dee.. going in tertiary soon.. haha.. well wanna noe my schl life? hope u all wont be bored reading it.. LoL

Secondary One (2003) - The innocent

haha.. just got into my secondary schl.. that time i look real short.. poor thing i don have any photo of mine tat time.. so cant post.. hehe.. ermm.. at first i was in chung ling wan.. but my mum.. transfered me to chung hwa (which i think it's a correct move).. that time, I was so innocent.. in class 1D.. dunno anything wan.. LOL.. a little bit of scared of prefects.. haha.. den later, i was picked to be a prefect.. strange huh? Well, it was like hell in prefects.. every saturday marching push ups and all stupid things.. For exams, it was great.. glad to have wei lin as a friend.. helped me a lot.. hehe.. so basically thats all lo..

Secondary Two (2004) - The maturing stage =.="

hey hey.. secondary two.. my class 2A.. it's so totally diff atmosphere in 2A.. All not money face but markah face wan.. this is where i realise the important-ness of study.. In 2A, i mixed with a lot of great ppl.. edmund, beng wong, yi hao, phillip, zi jie, teik heng, kai wen, lydia, tsu min and all.. they influenced me a lot.. transforming me to a more matured guy.. haha.. from here... i started to be more hardworking.. but still (always copy friend's work wan) haha.. then as the competition in class position is getting tense.. i also start to have stress.. LoL.. for my co-curricular activities.. i quited the prefects due to their siaoness.. and i joined the coral speaking team.. guess wat.. chung hwa for the first time join the competition got second which is just few points behind CGL.. haha..

Secondary Three (2005) - The First Fight

PMR year, u noe lar.. start to get nagging from parents dee.. "chiaming, better go study this la that la".. well.. true.. pressure was all over the place.. so mar.. hard work lo.. tuition here and dat.. activity stuff also cut down a lot ler.. and in the end.. it was so fruitful.. thank God for dat.. I got straight 8As.. well.. I didn expect myself to get an A for my chinese in PMR but.. it turns out to be an A.. Praise God!!

Secondary Four (2006) - The Heat is On

Well.. it's no play play time.. ppl say form 4 is a honey moon year.. but i say it's so not true!! I went into science stream.. and the co-curricular activities is getting more important.. So, i joined a lot of activities.. debate, coral speaking, public speaking and all.. I also getting more and more stressful.. from parents, schl and classmates.. as i said they all markah face wan.. LoL.. erm.. I love my form teacher(Pn Khoo) a lot.. she rocks my life.. she teaches me biology.. she's such a great person from God.. erm.. nothing much that year.. basically all study and activities only.. wanna go out with friends also very hard ler.. =.=" swt.. LoL

Secondary Five (2007) - The Last Battle

haha.. it's SPM year.. wanna DIE.. LoL.. as usual.. nag nag nag and pressure pressure pressure! as usual.. I turn out to be more hardworking.. influenced by my friend.. Got one time even siao.. next day exam rite? ate the coffee powder and study all nite till midnite 3 and den watch football sambil belajar.. haha.. den until 5 o clock.. drink coffee and sleep a while den go to schl @6.30.. hee.. siao rite? yupp thats my study life.. haha.. still the same old me.. lazy and no time to finish my homework so i always copy in schl the next day.. haha.. den today.. took my result.. guess wat I have? neh.. this time around.. no more A for my chinese.. i got C instead.. haih.. no straight.. if without chinese straight dee lo.. so I got 12As and 1C.. haih.. but still praise God for such result!

haha.. so basically thats all.. haha.. don follow my footsteps man..always last minute in everything wan.. haha.. all the best guys!!

Result! Praise God.. LoL

yea.. such a relieve now.. haha.. praise God for my result.. unlike last nite.. cant sleep lo.. haih..
well.. this time.. kinda ok lo.. haha.. so my result is..

9A1s (shortage of one.. sob..)

3A2s (for my moral est and accounts)

1C5 (for my Chinese..haih)

anyway.. thank God for my result.. Praise the Lord for HIS blessings and the wisdom given to me.. YAY!

Happy Birthday Melanie - The great CAT LoLoLoL

seriously don feel like blogging yesterday and today.. maybe the mood is diff gua.. well, SPM result is just 12 hours away only.. so got a bit of nervous lo.. well.. today nothing much.. I went to Disted to ask things bout pre-U.. well, mostly I'll be going to SAM in Disted dee.. which my class starts next monday.. LoL.. erm.. so yesterday..

Guess wat? we all went to celebrate her birthday.. who? of course melanie lar.. LoL.. yea..that girl.. always steam and crazy wan.. First we ate at Nandos.. the foods were great but poor services from their crew.. den.. here comes the CAKE!! i look at melanie's expression.. she was rather surprised.. haha.. and i was like ate the whole cake with the board as my plate.. haha using the cake knife and fork.. Lame rite? haha..

like kid huh? LoL

den after dat, we went to watch 10 000BC.. at first I thought it's a very lame movie.. very uncivilised.. but in the end.. it's such a great film man.. very meaningful.. haha.. and thanks to Ben's idea for shuffling the seats among us.. and then.. Edward the moh get to sit with Melanie the cat.. haha.. so chun rite? haha.. thanks ben.. LoL..

Then later, we played Daytona.. haha.. as usual.. I'm suck in it.. *don laugh* LoL.. After dat.. time to say goodbye lo.. so basically thats all.. Hey Mel, hope u enjoy it.. haha.. tata for now..

WEII DIE dee ler tmrw.. it's my SPM result.. Pray for me noe! thanks.. haih.. 12 hours from now only.. zzz

Some Pics of my friends.. Enjoy.. =p


Movies for today! Err.. I mean yesterday..

Guys, it's movie time.. LOL.. well actually.. I watched it( i mean them - cause i watched two movies) yesterday.. until today only blog because was too tired after entertaining my mum's friend from Seremban.. Guess what.. yesterday was so so cool man.. I watched Jumper and Redline.. both movies also in the same theater.. what is so cool about is I got back my seat that i sat for the movie Jumper when I watch my Redline.. I show you the tickets..

check out the date(same) , time(after one another), theater no. (7), seat no.(B01)

cool rite? haha.. ok bout the movie.. Both of them were great..
First Jumper (i wanna try to keep it short)
Jumper, cool guy, films and all with a great story..

For Redline.. hot chicks, hotter car, great story, superb race..

So basically, thats all.. both also superb.. GO AND WATCH NOW>>!! =p

New Shoe - Latest Nike AIR XDR

Hey I bought new shoes today.. My old reebok shoe has been worn out since serving me for almost three years dee.. finally i can change a new one.. haha..So now, I'm wearing this Nike shoe which cost me only around 200 after discount which is quite cheap actually.. here are the some photos of it..

One of the sides

The other side

The back

Thanks mum and dad and for HIS blessing cause I prayed for it for almost three months de.. hehe

Becareful for what you're laughing at... =.="

U guys must be wondering.. eh.. siao is it? i blog so early in the morning.. Ahem.. to be honest.. it's not that I siao of my blog.. it's because I got nothing to do now.. It's because....

Today.. as usual.. woke up early.. prepare myself and went to the driving site to practice.. when I saw my instructor.. he said.. eh, why are u here? Then I was like.. like duhh.. I came for practice lar.. Then he said.. NOT TODAY.. i repeat.. NOT TODAY.. it's supposed on FRIDAY(tmrw).. Then I was like what?! Then I began to laugh.. I was like LYDIA.. the blur case(refer blog below).. In fact, I was worse than her.. she noticed it's the wrong day before she started to go to her driving site.. But me? zzz.. I went to the driving site then only noe.. seriously totally swtness...

So.. never never ever laugh at people cause someday you'll be laughing at yourself for the same thing.. Sorry for laughing at you Lydia.. LOL..

Today, haih.. swt man.. =.="

Lydia Choo - Joker of THE MONTH!

Swt lo today.. serious man.. Lydia - the joker.. online-ed last night.. according to her.. she's supposed to take her driving exam today(WEDNESDAY- actual day is THURSDAY)...zzz.. den we both chat a lot.. bout the car stuff here and there.. wish her luck, pray to God that she'll pass and all.. SO..

TODAY.. she online.. so i ask her how's the exam.. guess what she said? *hahahaha.. laughing while I'm typing.. weii.. now stomach ache dee.. *she said.. I steam dee ler.. i thought today is thursday.. den i was like wat?? SWT man.. so she will be taking her exam tmrw(Thursday).. thank God she noticed today is wednesday before she goes to the driving site.. If not.. she'll be the first one to do that in PENANG and kena scold.. LOLOLOLOL..

now I show you who's that girl..

(the blue shirt girl wearing specs on the most right)

Don't laugh at her so much man.. she's very intelligent wan noe.. always TOP in class and schl.. and always win me wan.. so never never underestimate HER..
Quotation by the experts.. an intelligent guy tends to have bigger brain and person having a bigger brain tends to be more blur on small little things.. hahahahaha

Movie for today!

Yes, it's movie time! but sad case again.. went for movie alone today again.. nothing to do.. cause all my friends are all busy today..
well actually i went to Queens today.. some might say SIAO rite?.. i mean i stay in tanjong tokong went all the way up to Queens alone? LOL.. well that's the fact.. I went up alone by bus.. haha.. So, today.. i watched Vantage Point..

Vantage point, hmm.. seriously u ask me nice not.. i would just say ok nia.. above average a bit.. i only like the ending part.. the fighting and car chasing part nice only.. the rest.. too draggy.. i don really noe how to say.. but if those ppl who have watched.. they will know wat I'm saying.. haha.. chao for now!

12th of March - Life changing moment

12th of MARCH

One paper Slip

Everyone's life will make a huge turn

Trust HIM and HE WILL bless your life

well, it's.... SPM!!! SPM result is coming in no time.. please pray for all those brothers and sisters who are waiting for the result anxiously.. and of course.. please pray for me.. On behalf of everyone.. I would like to thank you all and HIM!
take care..

Movie for today!


It's... STEP UP 2 the streets!
gosh dunno why i love this movie so much.. this is the second time watching it.. hehe.. aint she hot? haha.. they are so cool man.. at first don feel like watching it one.. but then once give it a try.. WHOA.. it's was so awesome.. so awesome till when i went home still feet tapping and trying to get their moves.. haha


Here goes the past, here comes the new..

Sadly, i will miss my phone (V3i) a lot but I'm glad that i have a new phone too! It's a brand new w810i.. YAY! Thanks mum, dad and HIM! I will take care of it very well and in the mean time, try to revive my old phone..

Now I'm gonna do a minute of silence for my beloved phone..

Bye.. hopefully you can be revived.. I will surely miss you..
For now, I will appreciate my new phone..
Once again, thanks to mum dad and HIM!

what's the point?

hey guys.. m back.. just bought a phone in gurney just now.. but i'll get my phone tmrw due to out of stock.. After that, went to alarize's farewell.. As we all walked down the gurney drive.. the sea reminded me of someone.. the cruise reminded me of someone.. haha.. at first.. i feel emo again.. so i wondered.. what's the point of striving so hard just to forget someone? what's the point of being emo again and again? can she turn the clock back? well.. my dear friends esp jia jie.. who is going through what i went through last time.. just let go and forgive man.. what edmund says is true..


Thank You

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