Nothing much except I have grown FATTER. LoL.

I went back to school on Thursday and all the teachers were like saying me fat. got my SPM cert, and RM70. Yea, prize money for my SPM. LoL.

Oh ya, I dunno why I kinda like this song Love Story by Taylor Swift. I find the meaning rather funny but very meaningful yet childish. LOL. Here's a stanza of chorus of that song:

And I said,
"Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.
I'll be waiting; all there's left to do is run.
You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess
It's a love story - baby just say 'Yes.'

The movie "Jesus is my Boss" was good, though I kinda fell asleep in the middle part. But then, it was good. Jesus is always there for us even we have sinned against Him. HE will FORGIVE your sins if you cry out to Him and turn away from sins. =)

Of course, tmrw night, Reunion Dinner! Yes, get to meet all my cousins, play football together and all. I really cant wait! =D

Blessed and Happy Chinese New Year to all my fellow friends and readers.
May the Lord prosper you abundantly this year!

Ipoh Guys came to Penang!

Haha! I had so much fun in these 2 days (Tuesday and Wednesday). Of course, my money also goes all the way out in these 2 days. I spent a lot on food. LoL.

Yea, we went to eat chicken rice (behind SXI), saw William there. The chicken rice was superb. Then I brought them to Port Jetty there to have desert. Then we went to Queens for FISH SPA (my very first time trying it) and for a movie Australia.


Marian and Yang Shi

These 2 pairs of legs are definitely not mine, I have healthy feet. Unlike them. LOL.

We also went to Ananda for Tandoori and then burger. LoL

And my money also goes to food like:
Seafood platter (Ipoh doesnt have any Manhattan)

Us again.

Next is about Boon Kent. He slept so soundly in my house. So, I took a video of him! LoL
Be sure switch on your SPEAKER as loud as possible. LOL. I'm so dead, but everyone does snore right? LoL.

bye and ENJOY =)

Just for the sake of blogging

I feel like blogging, but I dunno what to blog. So, I'm here just for the sake of blogging. LoL.

Really, holiday had been great so far, except for those boring parts. LoL.

Chinese new year is COMING, Are you guys ready? Haha.
I miss KL ler actually. Wish I can go there again

Oh ya, I'm going down KL again after Chinese New Year to enroll myself in an entrance exam and then July going down to KL again for MAN UTD pre-season tour! =D

Haha Ya, how random huh.. LoL

Penang Hill Field Trip

Last Tuesday, I went up Penang Hill with Simon. I had a whole new experience up there. The way I see things are also different compared to last time. Last time, I will only enjoy the view, weather and all. But dunno why this time, I've noticed many more things, like birds, trees, flowering trees, centipede and many more. Maybe I'm more nature-friendly these days. LoL.

I love this most! Hehe.

Ipoh - Food Mrathon

Seriously, Jia Xian and Boon Kent brought me to eat every single hour when I was in Ipoh. LoL. I'll just update the pictures and let you all "enjoy" the food ler. Enjoy!

Mango and Honeydew lolo

Curry mee with fried chicken and pork

Old Town Origin White Coffee, so many people until we have to take away

Dunno what egg, with sweet sweet water
Honeydew lolo

YES, salted chicken (Sorry was busy eating until forgotten to take)

At night, we went to eat rice with dishes
Sweet and sour pork
Dunno what fish
"Kam Heong" lala
The next morning, Hakka noodle for breakfast with fried stuff

Dessert, Tau Fu Fa and Soya milk

Half boiled egg in Kopitiam

Things we did besides eating
Cyber Cafe LOL

Repair Boon Kent's car while on the way to Jusco Ipoh

Padang Besar Ipoh with the flag

Dessert shop

Jia Xian abd Boon Kent's schl (St. Michael) Seriously their schl all heritage building eh, very nice

Walking around Ipoh Town

Walking past SM Convent (Not to see girls but to go to Ipoh Parade)

Thats all I guess. Thanks to my tour guide and friends,

Jia Xian and Boon Kent

Ipoh trip was the best so far. I wanna go there again but too bad they are going off to Monash and UTAS Aus. Thank you!

Oh ya, I met my facebook friend in Ipoh which happens to be their friend. LoL. Bye!

I'm back!

LoL. Yea, I'm back from KL and Ipoh. I had so much fun there! This is my first time travelling alone (Alone here referring to NO parents, NO older adults, NO seniors, NO teachers)! Only me and Chang Tai. Haha.

This trip, there were so much fun and food. LoL. So I decided to tell you guys about my trip first. When I'm free, I'll tell you more about what I ate. It's more like a food marathon when I was in Ipoh. Thanks to my tourguide Jia Xian and Boon Kent.

We travlled around KL only by train and by walking.
Hotel > KLCC > Times Square > Petaling Street > KLCC > Hotel

Hotel > KLCC > KL Convention Centre > KLCC > Help Uni College > Help Residency > Hotel > Pudu > Ipoh

Then Sunday and Monday is just merely travel around Ipoh town for FOOD. LoL.

Just Enjoy the photos =)

Thats all about KL. Tmrw will be Ipoh time! LoL

Thank You

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