Back =(

Guess what, today went to college with my report, hoping to be the "kuai" student to pass up my report, in the end?

Ms Jenny was just scaring us nia for the past few days. I was like? =.=
I spent whole night just for the report!!

Anyway, think from another aspect, I don't have to rush already when the times comes to pass up! Hahax. My record, 40 hours straight didn't sleep already! LoL

Today, played with dry ice got it from baskin robin. It was fun. Photo? Next time. Now I'm sleepy already. Hahax! Nite Nite. GBU!

Stay tuned...

24 hours

I didn't sleep for more than 24 hours already. I'm like a panda now. I guess I'm bored now after completing my reports! LoL

Have a nice day yea today!

This is the day,
This is the day,
This is the day that the Lord has made!

I will rejoice,
I will rejoice,
I will rejoice and be glad in it!

Happy schooling, college-ing, holidaying, working and happy everything! GBU!

I'm done!

I'm done! I'm now looking like a panda! Hahax! anyway, I have finished my word already! PTL!

Nite! Sweet dreams everyone!

Why works?

Why works? Oh no, Teruk already. I don't think I'm gonna sleep tonight. Today, suddenly, my lecturer was angry and told us to pass up our reports tomorrow which it's supposed to due on next Tuesday. Teruk dee ler this time. =(

Thank God is that I'm doing the same topic as my Biology. So, I just change here and there and add a little bit. I left 1000 words to go. =(

Anyway, this Saturday 6.30 morning prayer meeting at Hunza. See you then!

Bye! Tata. God bless you!


Sweet post for my,
Sweet readers from a
Sweet blog owner for a
Sweet reason at a
Sweet time on a
Sweet day in a
Sweet month and
Sweet year with our
Sweet Lord Jesus!

God bless you guys!

Conference that I don't wanna miss

First is the Revolution Conference that will be held in KL from 21st to 23rd August.

The next one will be Hillsong Conference 2009 somewhere around July next year.

Now, I'm really looking foward to it. God will let me go if HE says it's the right time to go.

rEVOLution Penang Tour!

Last Friday, after college, me and Jeshua went to have dinner with Pei Pei, Lionel, Abigail, Joshua, Edmund and Charmaine. After that, we went for the Revolution Tour Penang conducted in PCC.

I can tell you the service was great! God spoke to me that night. God's presence was really strong there. Enjoyed the fellowships too.

Saturday was another awesome day. God really touched Ignite Youth that night. God's presence was really strong too. I'm closer to God each day.

Guys, I have few words for you. The time is really near. Like what Darren said, Satan is doing his work all over the place. A lot of things have been revealed and Revival has happened too. It's time to stand up and win souls for Christ. That's why we need to change our "tidak-apa" attitude. Make yourself right with God.

"For God so loved the world that He gave HIS one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."

John 3:16

Sounds familiar right? I can tell you, God loves us so much till HE sends his son whom HE is well-pleased just to die for something which He did not commit. Jesus died on the cross just for you and me so that we can go back to our Father. And yet how many times have we forsaken Him? Did God forsake you? NO! He is always there for us. But you and me?

Think about it.

So, it's time to change! Let us PARTY, shall we? Let us change and go out to tell the world about Jesus!

P reaching A nd R evolutionizing T hrough Y ouths

or some say it's

P reaching A bout R evival T o Y ouths
Anyway, to me, both also correct! Praise the Lord

Some pictures during Revolution tour Penang

Us with Pastor Kenneth Chin!

Notice the word REVOLUTION, it has the word LOVE there! God's love is amazing!
Us with Pastor Sandra!

Last but not least, Us with Pastor Andy Yeoh!
He's the lead vocalist of the band Altered Frequency and the Youth pastor of Acts church.

Oh ya, some updates, my friend Pamelyn Teh has recovered! Praise the Lord. Thank you for your prayer.


I'm plain happy. Dunno why, just happy!


Woo ohh ohh! God be the solution!

I'm happy, hope that u are too!
Just turn to God always!
Cheers! =)

Pictures I promised!

Okay guys, I've promised you guys about all my pictures cause this internet and blogspot having some mood swings lately. I dunno why? =) Anyway, enough said, let the pictures do the talking!

MMC Ground Breaking Ceremony

I took it around 7 in the morning. Nicer than Melanie's picture right? =p
PS: Melanie, admit it! Mine nicer! Hahax.

This is Pastor Wai Fong!

The stage during Praise and Worship

This is Joel Ban!

The people breaking the ground with uncle William taking photos.


Kon Way with his brother Ernest. So loving!

Melanie and Ben posing! They're such a good posers! LoL.

For more pictures,
Melvin's blog

Ignite Youth Watching Hell's Bells

Then last Saturday, Ignite youth watched Hell's Bells. A lot of youths were blessed. I don't have any pictures. Sorry. So for more pictures,
Melanie's blog
Shia Wen's blog

8TV The Ultimate Prom Night

Me and Julia and two Indian girls from A levels.
I'm sorry. It's a bit blur. Wanna see the pic, ask from me! Hahax.

For more pictures and details,
Tracy's blog
PS: Sorry Tracy. I'm too lazy to post everything. LoL. Sorry.

That's basically everything. Take care guys. God bless you!

Oh ya, please pray for my friend, Pamelyn (Pastor Andrew's daughter) for quick healing. She just had her appendix opperation. Thanks.

Ultimate Prom Night

That program is called the Ultimate Prom Night! Hahax. Still can't upload pictures. )=

I shall see how's tmrw then. =)

8TV Next Prom King and Queen

Have you guys heard a competition from 8TV? It's Prom King and Queen (I think it's like that). They came to my college to set up an audition counter and to scout for potential Prom King and Queen.

They all have to register, take pictures and go through an interview. Then all their pictures will be sent to KL and then they will be shortlisted. My friend at first doesnt wanna join pnuya. But the crew member of 8TV Quickie was like keep persuading. Then, one of my friend (Shin Juey), took my friend's wallet and gave it to the crew. Then, no choice, my friend had to join. LoL. They had a good response from the Disted people. A lot of people joined. Ermm, like, Shaun(LoL), Shin Juey, Brayan, Thani, Amy and Tracy and a lot!

But I didn't. Hahax!
Then, I met Julia in the college hall. She ajak me to take pictures with her and friends. But too bad, dunno what's going on with blogspot here. I cant upload the picture. Sorry.

Do you have what it takes to be the next Prom King and Queen? Stay tuned for the picture. Hahax!
PS: To me, God's glory that shines in all HIS children are superstars!

Disted's Prom Night and Parents day

Well, next saturday, is Disted's Parents day! All my lecturers are gonna meet my parents. LoL. My parents read the letter already but they might not be attending. Hahax. But that doesn't mean I could escape. Ms Lucy is gonna call my parents too if my parents can't attend.

So, I need someone to be my mum! LoL. Anyone out there willing to be my mum for one day? Hahax. Joking.

Then, I'm actually sort of decided that I don't want to attend my Disted'prom already one. It's held at EQ hotel. RM 55, but this Edmund was like pleading me to teman him. LoL.

I don't want to go because:
1. I don't have a partner
2. I'm broke

So, now I'm reconsidering it but mostly I will no be going. It is also come to my attention that KDU and PTPL are going to have prom night on the same night as Disted. So chun rite? LoL

Hahax. That's about it. Take care guys!

Happy Blessed Birthday Ben Tan

Guys, I wanted to post pictures about Ground Breaking Ceremony, but this blogspot wouldn't allow me to do so.
Anyway, tomorrow is Ben's Birthday!

It's not Ben Teoh but it's Ben Tan!

"Happy Blessed Ben! God bless you abundantly! Have a blast and wonderful day tmrw!"

I noticed Ben Tan and Teoh's bday date are very special.

Ben Teoh's bday is at 13 june

+2 +1 =
Ben Tan's bday! (15th July)! hahax.
God bless you guys!

Btw, Im sick! I'm having flu, fever and sore throat!

God is our Healer!


Pastor Mike Gugglimucchi of Planet Shakers suffers from blood cancer singing Healer at Hillsong Conference. This video touches me so deeply. We are one as a body of Christ! Furthermore, pastor Mike is now suffering from blood cancer. Notice the tube he's wearing now. It really touches my heart!

Our God is so amazing!

Praise The Lord!

Hey guys, I wanna share a good news to you all! Well, we as a Christian, it's our duty as children of God, to spread the gospel and tell the people out there about our God's amazing love and the truth!

Yes, you know what? My friend has just accepted the Lord last saturday! Praise the Lord for that! She actually was very close to accept the Lord already, because my friend Jeshua had been sharing to her already. Then last Friday, after CF, Jeshua invited me to go for dinner with him and my friend (Qiu Pheng) so that I can take the opportunity to share to her was well.

At first, I don't really want to go. Reasons:
1. I'm seriously broke
2. I'm tired
3. I don't want to be lamp post (cause they fall for each other already)

In the end, I said yes cause why not just give it a try? Then me and Jeshua picked her up, went to a restaurant near Subaidah Tanjung Tokong. In the car, I prayed something simple,

"Our FATHER in Heaven, later I'm going to share about how great is YOUR love. Holy spirit please guide me as I didn't prepare anything. May God give me the wisdom. Use me. Thank you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!"

Then, guess what? I ordered a sky juice cause I'm broke! Then I don't know why, the flow is there. I shared and shared about my past and my testimony that what has God done greatly in my life and all. And out of a sudden, she cried! I was like? Did I say something wrong? LoL. Then she told me she can sense the presence and the love from God. Then, I ask her, do you want to accept Jesus as your personal saviour? She wasn't really ready yet. So she didn't say no but she say she will go back and think.

On Saturday night, Jeshua was having cell group in his house. Qiu Pheng was also there. Then, as they worship the Lord, Jeshua's father out of a sudden, asked her whether she wants to pray the sinner's prayer. Then, she was crying and said YES! Praise the Lord. God really touches her heart! Then Jeshua called me, but I was praying. But as I was praying,I feel joy and can sense that something good has happened. And I know, deep down inside, she accepted the Lord! Then later Jeshua messaged me about the good news! I was like so happy that night! Amen! All glory to God!

I just want to encourage you guys, we should share Christ. God has commanded that! Sometimes when we share, we will sure get a lot of "shootings" from your friend. Don't give up alright? Pray for your friend and believe that God will somehow somewhat touches your friend's heart! Pray for wisdom and the flow of Holy spirit when you share! When I reach home on Friday night, I was thinking, is that really me that I was sharing? LoL. Cause the flow on that night is there and she cried after I shared about God's love! So guys, don't play anymore alright? Time to do something for God as God has given us the very best gift - Eternal life!

Praise the Lord and All glory to God!


Okay, at home now, I have one laptop, 1 old dekstop and one new dekstop which parents just bought it last Christmas. Now, my parents wanted to get me a new laptop by trading in the old computer and the old laptop. So, I'm kinda in dilemma cause I don't know which one to buy. I wanted to buy Dell and yet so many people say Dell is not good. So any suggestions? My budget is around RM 3K+-.

I don't need a canggih Laptop (cause I'm an computer idiot). I only want the normal ones with a build-in router,
bluetooth, webcam and I want those laptops that when u put on your lap, it's not really hot (something like melvin's laptop)

So leave a comment aite? Tell me the brand and model and I will check it out. Thanks

Macho and Hot for God!

Today, I'm gonna show you some macho guys!
First of all, Me, Saya! XD

Next, Ben Teoh!

Next, Aaron

Next, Melvin

Next, Michelle, Nicholas and Wei Kwong

Next, Michelle Yeoh and Melanie

And...... Ignite Youth, Kawan-kawan saya sekalian.

They are macho, ready to serve God!
They're very hot for Christ too!
I simply just heart them!
Thank God for putting them into my life!

I love you, our Father in heaven.

Just some deserts for the post of the day,

Melvin and Michelle
Pic of the day! LoL =p

Cutest guy ~ Nicholas

Take care guys! God bless you!


Okay, take a look from the post below on the title LOVE. There was a poem and a photo. I would like to take this opportunity to THANK them (A and B) for allowing me to jack-sparrow their piece of arts. =p

First of all, poem is from Melanie and the picture is from Ee Lynn (the best photographer I ever met).

Thanks ya! =p


You made my day shine,
Since you became mine.
Please appreciate our time,
Cause I want to keep you on my mind.

Together we will be,
Lying under the tree.
Please don’t try to flee,
Cause I wanna be with thee.

Your hands is what I wanna hold,
When I’m always cold.
I’ll be with you till I’m old,
Cause this is what I’ve told.

Everyday is you I miss,
What I want from you is a kiss.
My love to you is forever,
Each day it grew deeper.

My heart beats so fast,
When you walk pass.
It’s you I always think about,
Please don’t make me doubt.

Written by,
*you know who you are*

Thank You

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