It's DONE! =)

Just finished my biology test (the final piece of work of the week)
It's done, I'm done! Wheee.
I'm plain happy!
Had done all my assignments and tests.
The rest I surrender all to God!

Now, I'm enjoying myself, gonna rock tonight and meet up my friends.


Hey guys, welcome back! I heard that the concert was seriously AWESOME! Too bad I missed it but then I know that one day my turn will come. I prayed that through this concert, more youths will get to know Jesus and for those who were dry this few weeks, hope that you guys are now refreshed by the Living Water of Jesus after this concert! God bless you all!

Me? This week was like so so so so busy. To summerize up, tonnes of assignments and tests are on-going this week.

Monday - Bio Test (have to prepare on Sunday, the day before)

Tuesday - Hand in Planning Material ESL (have to do on Monday, the day before)

Wednesday - Hand in Moral Folio (have to do on Tuesday, the day before)

Thursday - Hand in Component 2 Essay (have to rush on Wednesday night)

Friday - Physics Test (later have to study tonight =( )

Saturday - Bio Test (have to study tomorrow night)

see? it's like so restless and sleepless week. You all know me ler, always do last minute work. Hehex. LoL.

PS: Today is the first day of my so called new 'month'. *** **** *** *** ** ** *****! Hehex.

Have Fun guys!

Hey guys, I know you guys won't be reading my blog tonight already as you guys now preparing yourselves for tomorrow's Hillsong!

Guys, have fun ya! I'm a bit of sad but I really can't go because tomorrow is my component 2 assessment of my English. But God has his own timing for me, so it's chill for me now. Have fun ya. Snap more pictures for me k? Hee. I will be praying for you guys that you guys will have a memorable night there. And pray for me too for my on-going exams. Today, went to gurney with friends. FRIENDS, HAVE FUN!

PS: Vivien and Kon Way: Don't perli me already, cause it's of no use. I'm okay with it already. God has his timing. =) Wait and see, maybe I get to go to Sydney Hillsong LIVE!!!=p

just something random.

Tomorrow is my anniversary to the most memorable day of my life!

Exam Paradise! =p

Hey guys, today was my Biology test! Two hours. Well, it was okay, nearly drowned when swimming in those questions. Hahax. But overall can do, the only thing is I have to write and write and write non-stop. Hmmm. Guess most of you guys are now having holiday. Shir Hoay went to Shanghai last saturday, people get to hang out here and there and it's only me! I'm now having a vacation in exam paradise instead. LoL.

Well, I proudly present you homeworks of the week. This week, featuring:
ESL - Planning Material (Tuesday pass up)
Moral - Folio (Wednesday pass up)

Tomorrow is my Math exam, so pray for me ya!
Oh ya baby, I'm going to watch Narnia too!

At first I got pictures to post, but I don't know why blogspot can't post it. Just too bad! Never mind, I'll post some other time. Cheers!

Ratatouille, anyone?

Hey guys, just something random. Please quickly click the [x] on your top right corner if you can't stand these pictures.
Well, actually it was fun to be in school. I miss school life! We get to cut up animals! That's why I call it the best damn thing because majority of the people cant's stand it. LoL.

For those who wants to be a doctor next time, please overcome this as you will face even terrible stuff in the future like doing postmortem - cutting up dead bodies like CSI and all. So enjoy!

Astalavista baby!


Arghh. I'm like so dead. Don't know why I'm still slacking!
It's like tests after tests are coming soon but don't know why I'm still slacking around.

This week featuring
Monday Biology - 2-4pm (2hrs)
Tuesday Math - 1-2pm (1 hr)
Friday Physics - 3-4pm (1 hr)

And my Mid-exams starts on 16th of June which is three weeks from now.
Guys, I need prayer!
Guess I need to start working on it before it's too late. Got to study for my biology.


Happy Birthday William

Hey guys, guess what? Today is our beloved Uncle William's Birthday!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to uncle William,
Happy Birthday to you!

May the Lord bless you with double portion this year! Take care yea. Have fun in Taiwan!
I thank God for having this brother of Christ. He's has been such a great blessings to most of us here. He has blessed me a lot of things too! Thanks ya. I really appreciate it lot! Take care.

I need Dr. Jesus

Guys, today, I fall sick. It's been quite some time I fall sick.
First of all,

I'm having a COLD - keep sneezing for more then 100 times per day including while watching football last night and I'm leaking 24/7.

I'm having FEVER now - My friend Sin Jui says maybe it's FOOTBALL FEVER..

My stomach now is experiencing 'WIND' (the proper medical term I supposed) - Can't eat much cause stomach pain

I need prayers from you guys. I need DR JESUS.

oh ya!

Man Utd are the CHAMP of THE WORLD

Man Utd

Man Utd are the KING of the EUROPE!
hahax.. time to sleep.. tata.

hillsong united

Arghh. Everywhere I go, every corner I sit, people will sure ask me,

"eh, you going for hillsong arr?"


I want to go so badly. Haih. Every blog I click on, Michelle, Melvin, Renee, Ben, Konway, they all post about how happy they are and this reminds me that I cant go. sobs.
Esp Melissa, she has another extra ticket. Feel like just tell her can I buy it from you? LoL.
Just too bad. Guys, have fun ya! May the Lord bless you all abundantly there! have fun and take care!

why me? why me? why me? why me? why me? why me? why me? why me? why me? why me?

PS: It's not where you're from, It's about where you stand today!
*If you know what I mean*

The Game of the season

Tonight will be the biggest game of the season.
It's European Champions' League Final

Man Utd vs Chelsea

May the best (Man Utd) team win.

Kick off : 2.45am (Malaysia time)

Heat is going on real fast

LoL. It's only the first day of the poll and we already got a lot of response from the people. It's only the first day, we already managed to get 85 votes of total between me, roN and ben. You can see how many people are attracted to us. hahax. joking. Well, no matter what is the outcome of the poll, friendship between me and roN and ben will never be affected. This poll is just, well for fun only. LoL. For those people who has voted me, i wanna say thanks for your support. For those who has voted them, it's still not too late to change your vote. LoL. So Vote wisely!

The heat is up!

People, Me, Aaron and Ben has set up a poll to for you all to decide on who is more 'yeng' among three of us. Guys, 'yeng' means cool (for those people that do not know hokkien). Here are the three pics of us, after viewing it, please go to Renee's blog to vote.

that's me

aaron khoo aka crystal ball

ben teoh aka ben 10 the hero

So who is more yeng? you decide!
please go to this Renee's blog to vote. Click here to go to Renee's Kaleidoscope of memories

Your vote
U decide!
The result and fact is so obvious
I'm more yeng
ben and aaron admit it!

Things soon to be missed!

Firstly, I cannot go to the Hillsong live. Mainly is because, I might have a test on that day and my Mid exam is coming real soon which is really important to my TER score.

Secondly, I might not be able to join you guys for Amazing G-Race season 2. I missed last season and I don't really want to miss it again this year. Last year I can't go is because of I'm having trials for my SPM. This year, I'm afraid that I can't go it's because the monday after the race is my Mid Exam. So, I'm really in dilemma again. Haih.

I really don't wanna miss it this year. Tips? Anyone? God help me!! T.T

Anyway, I'm gonna start Malaysian studies aka History soon. I hate it. It's because...

Sejarah is History
History is his story
His story is not my story
So why i have to study their story?
hate sejarah!


well, I'm practically exhausted this week. To update you, I currently have a lot of work yet to be done. And I believe I can still coup. Well, these are my things yet to be settled:

Test - Cells
Test - Macromolecules
Human Awareness Essay - Topic cells (about a thousand words)
Human Awareness Essay - Topic macromolecules (about a thousand words)
Presentation - (preparation on next monday)

Two Essay (A formal letter and a 500 descriptive essay)
Planning material report

Test - Chapter 6 and 7

Social Relevance Report (about a thousand words)

Test - Chapter 4 and 5
SSABSA MATH Paper 2006

so, u guys know how 'lot' is my lot! hahax.. Got to go to study! tata!

Of trip to Bio Lab in USM

hey guys, I'm back. I'm kind of tired now. So I'll just show u this picture.

this pic is kind of small, so click on it to view it big.

Today I went to Bio Labs in USM. It was fun. Learned a lot of new things. But sad to say, I have to present it as presentation next wednesday with my group-mates. Had my Moral exam today. No comment. Mostly can pass. Have fun!

It's Amazing

Hi peeps, I'm back. Well it's amazing that I found my cousins in facebook. It's been a while I didn't see them already. The last time I they came back to penang was summer 2006. By the way, they are from England - where the heart of football lies.

The elder one is Wesley Joseph. He's a doctor now doing medical officer in England. He studied in Nottingham University.

Cool? Well, it's cool to have a half Negro and half Chinese as a cousin. I miss them a lot.
Then, this is his younger brother, Andrew Joseph, also now doing last year in Uni in Southampton.

he's the one in blue sweater. Sounds familiar right the one standing with him? Well, the truth is, He's Arsenal playmaker Cesc Fabregas. Awesome isn't it? He's like so blessed to have a chance to take photo with Arsenal stars.

This is him again with Theo Walcott. Well, I'll tell you how did he get this one-in-a-life-time opportunity. His brother won in a lucky draw held by the hospital. The prize is to dine and have a chat with all the Arsenal player. Well, he's a doctor right? so he's so busy to go. In the end, he gave it to his brother, Andrew, to go. it's so nice man. How I wish I would have a chance to meet up Man Utd stars.

That's him again in Nou Camp I think. LoL.
I really miss them lot.

This pic was taken 6 years ago I think. LoL.
We used 'fight' who is better than who as in our favourite football team. By the way, both of them are Arsenal fans. So, ManU fans out there, cheer to them! LoL.
I think they are coming back this year but it's still subjected to their holidays and all.
Anyway, it's amazing to see them in facebook! LoL.
tata for now. Tomorrow I'm going for a field trip and I'm having moral exams tomorrow. Will update about it k? LoL. Pray for my Moral exam yea. Thanks.

Tribute to the Champ

Finally, ManU is the champ again. It has been a long run throughout this season and yet ManU strive all these obstacles one by one and to be the top again!

Today's match was rather interesting, because Wigan was good but in the end, ManU once again showed their class to the world.

Chelsea, ManU is ready to go to Moscow!

Mother's Day

When I entered the world bawling on the very first day
Mother's love came to the rescue, soothing me all the way
Surrounded by her priceless nurture and care everyday
My life seems to sail into journey of joy and gay
It is you who guide me not to be out of the right way
When our society is now on the brink of the moral decay
oh! How can your adorable sacrifice ever I repay
I love you, I need you mum...... i must sincerely say
Bless you mum whose locks of hair now turn grey
Your responsibility's over and take rest while you may
Hey mum! There's something special I'd like to convey
On the auspicious day which falls on the month of May
Welcome to the unforgettable Mother's day!
With deepest appreciation and dedication to you, here's my big bouquet

"long live my devoted mum" , devoutly i pray
"my love for you will always cherish and forever stay"

Father And Mother I Love You

Written by Mr Tay
Posted by ME
Read by YOU
on this very special day... God Bless..

No where

today the results of JPA came out. I tried to go to the website but the website was down. Then my friend checked hers and she failed to get a place in JPA. I asked her to check mine and guess wat? I failed to grab a place too.

Although I'm a bit of sad and disappointed but
I'm still having faith and trust God that God has another better plan for me.

I will try to apeal or check again tonight. Bye


guess im bored here.. later have to go to college dee..

this is what i do when im bored in college..
this pic was taken in the library.. was bored... i was given 3 hours break on that day..
ain't i'm handsome or wat? hahahahahahahax.. joking joking..

anyway got to go to college dee.. see you all in tonite!


feeling better now cause my test is postponed.. hahax.. and my physics class for today has been brought forward to (10 - 12) siok niaa.. this means i can go too ignite earlier! youu hooo!
well.. nothing spectacular on friday..

oh yea.. friday.. ah wong and terrance came to disted today.. which really surprised me..
had a great fellowship with them.. they went to KFC near GBC there.. thanks Edmund for buying me chicken.. LoL.. thanks a lot.. well.. sad to say there are 4 friends (if im not mistaken) are going off from penang for studies..

First of all..
Beng Wong aka Ah Wong..
he is jus one smart guy im my class last time..
he's real sincere and honest..
he'll help u in anyway.. if u need help.. he's jus one phone call away nia.. but now sad to say..
he's going off to Negeri Sembilan for his matrikulasi..

well.. im gonna miss him so bad.. sobx.. i really thank God i get to noe this guy cuase he's simply jus one friend that u should not miss..

Next is Kai Wen aka Ah ma..
i dunno why i call her ah ma.. maybe she nags a lot..=p
she arr.. also a nice friend to be with.. she can be strict at times.. but she can be siao too..
she's going off to ipoh UTAR for Biotech.. LoL..

(me, KAI WEN, tsu min, edmund)

more stupid and crazy pics of her with lydia.. =.="
LoLoL.. but she's a prefect noe.. so don mess with her.. LoLoLoLoL

Next is i think is Amelia and Xin Yi
she's the smartest and brightest student among us..
i tell u some facts.. she got (nearly all) first place in class position.. can say ratio 9 over 10
hoooliau lehh.. LoL.. im serious.. all the while her exams... UPSR PMR and SPM..
all straight As noe.. don play play ler.. LoL.. she's going to Kedah i think for her matrikulasi..
im gonna miss her as well..
too bad i cant find any of her pics.. maybe next time..

Xin yi..
she's going off to KL TAR for physco..
LoL.. she's not physco k.. LoL..
she's the one who is always there for u to listen to all your probs and nagging..
she's one year younger than me cause she pass her PTS merr..
she's a really a true friend to be with..

Bye all! All the best in everything u do! Stay right in God's eyes and you'll be okayy..
im gonna miss u all.. T.T

if u could just realise...

today i did a mistake
i noticed no matter how hard i try
im still not good enough


people.. im back!
ppl don sad aite.. its not that i celebrate my bday until forgotten bout my readers.. sorry..
well.. had a great bday this year..
well for the pics and all.. i cant post yet cause of my stupid card reader.. cant read my camera memory card punya.. haih regretted buying it from PC fair..
therefore i hereby declare.. I WILL NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM PC FAIR AGAIN..

well the pics i,will post it up next time..
talking bout this year.. hmm.. i had a great bday this year..
starting with my parents..
they brought me to the SHIP to eat on sunday(2 days before my bday)..
they had to celebrate with me earlier cos dad is going to johor bharu i think on this week..
den monday.. julia bought me tarts from glorianne (she arr.. another sad case hahax.. LoL.. she was selling tarts for her account project.. pity her niaa.. have to work real hard.. and she's such a wonderful friend cos she's helpful when u're in need)

den tuesday.. LoL.. the usual gang in college (bryan, thani, jay wyn, boon kent, jia xian and lau kong).. they siao wan ler.. they sing me a bday song in the middle of the class.. hahax.. anyway.. thanks a lot.. then lydia yi hong and jia jie gave me a surprise.. they bought cakes for me.. so touched.. LoL

den wednesday.. went out with melvin william han ping ivan vivian ben thomson and peik yong they all for dinner at nandos.. had fun with them.. thanks william for chia-ing me nandos.. thanks melvin and vivian for the cakes also.. thanks everyone for spending their time with me..

and THANK GOD with these wonderful friends and celebration..
oh ya.. thanks to all my friends.. thanks for the wishes and greetings..

then thursday which is today.. i have 6 hours break in between.. after my math.. went to play badminton with melvin denise jimmy stephy and lala.. LoL.. had fun with them.. then when time comes.. go back to college for my physics.. thats all for today..

my 18th year on this earth - resolutions

hahax.. today is my bday! LoL

well i have some resolutions for this whole year(18th)
i have been 18 years on this earth and i feel like time really flies...

my rEsoLutIOns and wishes would be:
  1. Get closer to God each day
  2. Want everyone to be happy esp my pals and her
  3. Be more good boy a bit
  4. Want our relationship to grow
  5. See more revival happening among the youth in this world
  6. See everyone grow into the Light of God
  7. Want my parents to be healthy always
may my wishes and resolutions come true and to a past.. God Bless!

Why study?

Can anyone tell me why study after looking at these equations?


TaK Berjaya

yesterday i online to surf to the ministry of higher education website
to check out for my application status
i applied foundation in medicine

so far, after my spm result, which i got 12As and 1 C
i applied a total of 3 program from the government

metrikulasi, foundation in medicine, and JPA scholarship

which the first 2 all failed
JPA which is the only one i left is the golden one because once i get the JPA
my whole medicine program will be free throughout the whole 5.5 years program
and the result of JPA is coming out during the second week of MAY
which is coming soon

my thoughts
guys, for those taking spm this year or the few years to come
(hopefully there's a change)
but if no
please put all your effort into SPM
get as many As as possible
cause like my case
12As doesn't garrentee u place in the government eyes
and it got a lot of us(top scorer) into nowhere


so guys
jus work hard as hard as possible
and in the meantime
set your priority RIGHT


Our God is an awesome God
was sad at first
but came to think of Pastor Andy's message..

i've came to this conclusion..

God is perfect..
We are not perfect..
Cos God made us this way with a purpose in it..
But at least.. HE doesn't create us to be a useless person on this earth
Everyone has at least one talent or good side in it..
Cos our God is an awesome God..
HE doesn't create things which are useless..
So dont ever claim yourself that u're useless or u're of such a disappointment..
cos our God is an awesome God!

i love God..
not ashame to be a JESUS's freak and follower..
and i want the world to know that HE is the only way..
the truth and the light..

thats why i choose to FORGIVE AND FORGET bout yesterday!

so I'm happy now.. =)

Worst bday outing, worst bday ever..

well.. today im supposed to post bout my outing with friends..
but it didnt turn out nice.. so for the photos, i aint posting...

I'm such a useless guy...

your words jus break my heart

PS: how would u feel if i say the same thing to u?

Thank You

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