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With Dr Paul Carter this time and he's got a hot son at the age of 14, came here with him. He has gone back to UK too already. I wonder who's next? LOL

"I'm obsessed with Powder Flow"
Dr. Paul Carter, Oct 2009


It's November already! Time really flies. In 50 days time, I'll have my 2 weeks of break already! =D


Class with Dr G. Taylor =)

A lot of people ask me how am I doing,
My Ans: I'm doing fine, through the Grace of God. =)

Yo People!

I noticed it's been a while since I updated my blog. Sorry, I was very busy. Busy with works, church and all. But so far, I'm enjoying myself. My timetable is rather weird, certain days very hectic and certain days very free. But for me (Group A), I have to wake up everyday before 9! SIGH. Anyway, I'm used to the life here already. Looking forward for weekends, because of CHURCH. I love going to church! God is indescribable!

Cant believe that this week is my 5th week of my term already, 2 more weeks and I'll be in midterm! Amazing, time really flies. And sooner than you think, it's Christmas! Oh how I love Christmas! Time of reunion and celebration for the season.

Ultimately, Jesus is the reason for the season!

I guess I'm going off now. Btw, I've moved into campus already. Love it! So happening during the nights, be it library, futsal court, badminton court or the pool area! AWESOME!

Take care!

Of YA Cycling Trip

YA (Youth Ablaze - SEGi University College's CF) had a cycling trip in Bukit Cahaya Agricultural Park, Shah Alam. It was awesome! It's way bigger than Penang Botanic Garden and it's so beautiful! I really enjoyed myself with the YAs, loving to be part of them. Mrs Vicky, our advisor really put in effort in teaching us and discipling us! We had a great time. I'll just let the pictures do the talking. We set out from SEGi UC at 8 in the morning and lunch in Old Town Sunway Damansara before heading back at 3 noon. =)

We were doing some task required as we cycle along =)

Munya, Nicole, Emmanuel, Samuel, Fungai, Grant, Ms Vicky and me at the front!

Christine and Fungai, LOL

Me, I think I look slimmer now! HAHAHA



Nicole's friend, Nicole, Munya, Look at them! HAHA


For more photos, feel free to have a look at Facebook.

I had fun! =) It's an ideal place for camp! Seriously would love to go there again! =)


I am sad, by knowing disasters happen around us in just these 2 weeks. It's so saddening to see news happening in Samoa, Tonga, Phillipines, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and even Japan. I feel it as though the world is heading no where. Somemore with news of some "x" people from other country wanted to have riot in Malaysia. I mean, what is it going on?

Alan's blog and the movie Fire Proof really reminded me on so many things. It teaches about LOVE, PATIENCE, PASSIONS towards the people around us, people that we don't even know and of course towards our almighty God.

Sometimes, we have this "poor God" mentality. For example, Genie mentality, Buffet mentality and Pie mentality.

Genie mentality, we always tell God what WE want. We always remind God that we have served HIM, tithe faithfully etc etc and all. And trade it with God's blessings. It is like as though we trade our RELATIONSHIP with God with God's inheritance and provision (like the parable of lost son in Luke 15:11) We always tell God, we want this and we want that, but never see what other people needs.

Buffet mentality, when we know God draws near to us, we often make a whole lot list of request (self-centered ones). Then we just sapu all non-stop. We want this, we want that.

Pie mentality, if God bless someone more or you see someone's life are better off in terms of everything (financial and promotions etc etc) we often get jealous, thinking that God gave them a bigger portion of the pie. But remember Proverbs 22:2. The Lord is the creator of both sides!

You see, God never promise us to be a no fire life. Because the very ministry of Jesus is full with fire, it's Jesus that able to withstand the fire and go through it. It's the same goes to us. Fire will always come and try to burn us down, but it's whether or not we're fireproof. And God is training each and everyone of us to be fireproof, we all were once broken, but God is always merciful and gracious enough to restore us (the lost son was back and his father restored his sonship - if you read the latter part of the parable). HE is always there to care every single needs of us. Sometimes, we ask something, HIS answer is always yes, no or later. He knows best, HE knows which type of fire u will pass the test and which one not but YET.

I'm very blessed by the movie Fireproof and sermons by Pastor Shaun.

Fireproof doesn't mean fire wont come, it means when fire comes, we're able to withstand it =)

God bless!

Thank You

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