Swine Influenza

Guys, meet the cousin of SARS, Swine Influenza (Swine Flu). Swine actually refers to animals which are stout-bodied short-legged omnivorous animals such as pigs and other hogs family.

It is actually common in swine but rare in human. It's hard to infect humans unless the swine has a strain able to infect humans and it's VERY rare that these strains are able to pass from human to human. But why it has outbreak in Maxico and other parts of the states?

Over the past few years, this little guy has undergone mutation due to external reasons like temperature, excessive heat, acidity, UV light. All these factor can cause the hydrogen bond and phosphate deoxyribose backbone to break causing the sequence of A, T, C and G to change. Hence, their external characteristic became strong.

The strain responsible for the Swine flu outbreak 2009 is believed to have undergone such a mutation.This virus is named swine flu because one of its surface proteins is similar to viruses that usually infect pigs however this strain is spreading in people and it is unknown if it infects pigs.

In humans, the symptoms of swine flu are similar to those of influenza like fever, muscle pain, coughing and general discomfort.
So, try to take precaution alright. You all know what is it like already. Haha. I'm bored thats why I went to do some research about it. Hope it helps. =)

Resources: Wikipedia and many more.

My Life, Your Song.

Album: Light of the City by City Harvest Church
(verse 1)
Whose hands are these
Holding my trapeze
When I fly
You carry me

Whose eyes are these
Watching over me
Eyes of love
That set me free

(pre chorus)
What's ahead
You are always there before
My whole world
Your design
You are always there
Just right behind

My life is Your song
To You my heart belongs
Let all earthly crowns
Fade in the shadow of the cross

My life is Your song
I'll sing for You alone
Nothing in this world
Can take me away from You
Our love goes on and on

(verse 2)
Whose arms are these
Shelter me from harm
In the storm
You are my calm

Whose voice I hear
Whisper in my ear
When I'm lost
You're always near

In all my life
Be glorified
With Christ in me
No longer I
So take my all
Consuming Fire
Your light in me
I'll let it shine

This is a video of one of the normal weekend service by CHC in Singapore Expo.
Be Bleesed! =) It's really good and I'm so blessed by this video, really go and have a look at the lyrics, it's just simply awesome.

or you can go to the youtube page by clicking here, whichever is convenient for you. =)

Bon Voyage!

Man, I have another friend who is going down KL today to take up Chemical Engineering in UCSI.

In this pic, Michelle, Leykha, Jo-ey and Juanita

That's her. Haha.

Leykha, All the best when you're there. Get an African guy when you're there okay? Hahahaha. I miss hanging out with you and Michelle Anne and the rest. With your mouth and Mich's big mouth, nobody can beat you guys. Haha. Take care alright? Have fun and all the best again. I'll see you real soon! =)


Nothing much these few days. Monday and Tuesday I went for Starbucks training and it was good. I attended the Art of Espresso class too. I saw Alan on the first day and William on the second. LoL. so chun eh.

Then wednesday was my first day at Island. Ben, Javin, Kylie and Nicole came by to visit me. LoL. Lawak ler they all. Haha. Then, Thursday and Friday worked as usual. Just that for Thursday, I went jogging with Kylie. Haha, going healthy now.

So now here I am blogging and later, I'm going for badminton with Ben and Kylie they all. Haha

I've uploaded some Singapore pictures in facebook. So you guys can go and have a look ler! =)
Singapore pictures album 1

Singapore pictures album 2

First Step

I took the first step today!

Someone dragged me to botanic garden today while I was just waking up from my afternoon nap! LoL. So I jogged!

Thank you, westlife! Haha. I owe you a lot. LoL.

I'm gonna keep the momentum up!


I've received "concerns" for myself, as in my own good.

I got the inspiration.

All I need now is just the WILL and DETERMINATION.

Shoot me. Hahahhahaha

Anyway The Biggest Loser is the one that inspired me.

Jo Eve and Jo Rim, Blessed Birthday! May the awesome Lord bless all your undertakings abundantly! Take care and all the best in (Jo Eve, HELP) and (Jo Rim, AIMST)! Have a great day ahead! =) Take care!

Mum's SONG

Well, some of you know, my mum is a music teacher. So she got this from her colleagues. And as a Mum, she shows me this video and I just can't stop laughing. People, Enjoy!

For the word of God says, Honor your parents. So, Enjoy! =)

Basically the lyrics are what all the mum in the world says. =)

What made my day!

Haha. Yesterday and today were superb. What I did was basically eat, eat and eat and catching up time with people.

Yesterday, I went to pick Chang Tai from his house and went to Ananda to meet up with Ben, Edward, Kylie and Nicole. Had a great time there chatting and eating. Haha. Btw, Chang Tai is back for one week from Monash University. He's studying medicine MBBS there. WHOA, I tell you, he can eat a lot. He just came back from Seoul Garden, and still can eat Roti Nan with Tandoori. After that, where everyone went back, me and him went for burger! Imagine, Seoul garden, Ananda tandoori and burger! whoa! Haha. Maybe he's stressed out from MBBS? =p

Then today, me and him picked Shin Juey up and went to Kapitan Gurney for breakfast with Ms Lai and madeline. Haha. Joel has grown up a lot. LoL. After breakfast, we went to Disted. Kylie was smart. She asked Jenny out and we chatted with her so that she can have longer breaks. Haha. Around 1pm, me and Chang Tai drove all the way to Auto City for Sushi King! Sushi King is having promotion, very cheap only. Haha. We're not so siao ler go all the way just to eat Sushi. We met up with some friends as well. All of them are now in Monash studying medicine too. Haha. We ate a lot but pay so little! LoL.

Auto City

Joe Wen (blue shirt), Chia Yuen (orange shirt), Li Tatt and Chang Tai (red shirts) ialah future doctor-doctor sekalian from Monash University. LoL.

I had fun, eating sushi with doctors and all the jokes man. LoL.

After that, me and Chang Tai were thirsty so we went to Gurney plaza McD for the coke. Met Kylie in Gurney! LoL, How come I always meet u wan arr? Hahahahahaha. After that, came home and here I am.

So tired! Another thing that made my day is ManU is in semifinal after beating the dragon in their own den! LoL. See ya people. =D

Rasa sayang tmrw! Dad's birthday! Haha, so eat again! LoL.

Look what's back?

Ignite is back!

Can still remember how is it like during last year's Ignite?
It's totally AWESOME.

And I believe what God did for the past few weeks is just the beginning!

So come join us, Ignite Youth for this special service like no other before.
Do let me know if you need help or dunno the location.

Time : 7.30p.m.
Date : 18th April '09 (this Sat!)
Venue : Hunza Complex ( Near Chung Hwa High Schl)
And it's FREE!

Do bring your friends along ya!

Blessed Birthday Edward!

Blessed birthday Edward! May God bless all your undertakings abundantly. You'll be the head and not the tail. He shall use your talent and guitar and sing praises all out to God! All the best in everything you do! =D

This picture was like so long ago. I think a year ago where I took it in the Tropical Spice Garden outing with Ignite Youth.

We look so stim and young by then! Haha.

Blessed birthday ya!
PS: I practically wish you in everywhere that I could!


Haha. Man, there's so much to learn about COFFEE. =D

Ahh, I didn't manage to go to New York in Suntec Singapore to try their burger!


What is Faith?

In the web they say it's an institution to express belief in a divine power.

But I learned few weeks ago,

Recognising God is God and He knows the best =].

It's that simple! =]

We should all live by Faith and not by Sight. Heee

Look who's back! =D

Hey Hey Hey, look who's back! Practically many of my friends are on Easter break and some of them are coming back or rather I put it this way, CAME back. Haha.

Meeting up with Glorianne and Ash tmrw in Queens, Chang Tai in Ananda the next day and many more... so that my whole week is action-packed once again! Haha!

Easter is a new season from God! =)

Bye, have a great week ahead people!

Blessed Easter

People, it's Easter again, where Christmas is still fresh in my mind. It's like still so happening. Time is like flying so fast. I could even remember what I did during last Easter. Well, need I say more on the meaning of Easter?

Today is a good Friday, where 2000 years ago this day, God redeemed us through sacrificing HIS son Jesus Christ on the cross so that we may gain life. Well, I really thank God for the cross. I seriously don't want to go to hell for the things that I have done. I don't even dare to have a glimpse on what Hell look's like cause I know it's horrible, it's way beyond horrible.

A year has past and I thank God I'm still in HIS path, following HIM closely. Not to say that I'm so good boy ler, I admit, there were at times, I sort of turn my back against HIM. And I'm sorry for that. It's by the grace, mercy and love from God that I am where I am now.

Here's a video I downloaded from youtube. I downloaded because my connection got problem until it wont buffer at all. So yeah, I hope that you will understand what Christ has to go through 2000 years ago.

Yeah, I don't even dare to think if I'm the one on the cross, the pain is so unbearable. Christ did all these for you and I so that we may gain life. HE loved us, loves us, is loving us and will love us eternaly even those people that don't know HIM, HE still calls you by name, and knows the number of hairs that you have.

I really thank God for this day. And people, if God speaks to you, please respond to HIM. You wouldnt want to miss anything from HIM. Seriously. It's so amazing God accepts me unconditionally, wholeheartedly and me? What have I done for Him?

Lord, I thank you for the cross and your love, I choose to love you more and will go wherever you want me to go! I'm yours, take me as I am.

People, please give me another 6 minutes to view this video, I believe that's what God wants to say to everyone on this earth! The content/every single sentence is found in the Bible, HIS WORD. If you have watched it before, watch it again and remind yourself about God's GREAT and AWESOME love!

Have a good day and Blessed Easter everyone! =)

You're welcome to join us at:
Good Friday service @ Masyarakat Penyayang 8.00pm (tonight)
Ignite-youth @ Hunza Sanctuary 7.30pm (tmrw)
Easter Sunday service@ Dewan Sri Pinang 10.00am (this Sunday)

Feel free to ask me for more details! =)


Serious, I have this desire to go to Palembang to visit my friends
*you tahu siapa anda yang i sedang writting*

Haha direct translation from you know who you are!

Someone please sponsor me! Hehehehehe

But I'll definitely go one day!


Kayy Elle

I suddenly feel like going to Kayy Elle so badly.

for some reasons *grins*


I'm Happy

Serious, I have never been so happy before for quite some time until today. A sincere genuine happy and joy within my heart. Reasons are a lot.

Well, apparently, I'm back! I got blessed by the people there in Singapore, will blog about my trip on other days.

And yesterday I attended Revo PARTY. The message was good. Pastor Kenneth Chin preached about Holy spirit. The sermons speak right through my heart. And yeah, God's presence was ever strong. I signed up for the conference which will be held in this coming June in KL too =p.

REVO 2008

REVO 2009

Preaching About Revival Through Youth

So far it's been one year already. Time flies huh? Haha. And tonight Ignite was a blast, I really thank God for the move and we all believe it's only the beginning and God will definitely continue HIS great works.

And then, we went for burger supper in somewhere near MMC. We all turned into burgerholic already! HAHAHAHA. The burger there super jumbo size! LoL.

Got to sleep already, it's getting late! Night readers. God bless you.

I'm happy. =)


A month ago, I had my International English Language Testing System...
And now I got...

Band 8 over 9 as my overall band score! Woo-hoo!

Praise God! Praise the Lord!

Kawan-kawan Aku di Singapore

Haha, I think it's time to introduce to you guys, who have I been going out with in Singapore. LoL. Of course, I got to know quite a number of friends in Singapore.

Ngek Ngek, I'm gonna post up all their "emo" pictures! LoL.

This is Daisy from Indonesia. She attends a church in Orchard. Well, she's not being emo ler, just reading some magazine while waiting for the elphants in the zoo and this Alarize took this picture. LoL. Candid shot!

And this is Fenny also from Indonesia! Dia sedang bergaya! LOL acting cool! Haha. Also a candid shot from Alarize. LoL

This is Alarize from Penang! Finally got Penang Lang. Haha.

Yeah, they all actually have been a great blessing to me. I know Alarize since Cheq Up and Fenny and Daisy on the second day I'm in Singapore. All of them are older than me. So I'm the youngest ler when I hang out with them. They took a very good care of me, guide me and all so that I wont get lost! LoL.

Then, I also have 2 (more than 2 actually) friends that I got to know through Beth. Her cell group members were really nice to me. We had a Bbq outing and from there we got to know each other more. Friends like Boon Siong, Darren, Ms Tan and many more. They were really great to me. I can consider quite young among them ler besides Beth and her friends. LoL.

Thanks a lot you people. Really had a great time with you guys and you all truly are great blessings to me! Hospitalities from you guys are super warm! Thank you and God bless you!

Thank You

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