European Champions League


Congratulations to Barcelona

Congratulations to Guardiola for He did a superb job in Barcelona. Imagine he managed Barcelona for only one year and yet he has achieved treble (European Champions League, Kings Cup and Spanish League Champion)

They completely outclassed Manchester United
It was a great fought all the way this season from both team.

I still love Manchester United.

Happy Birthday Kylie Westlife

Today is Kylie's birthday! She's my junior in SAM but my senior in Westlifelogy. HAHA. She's a hard core fan of Westlife, David (cook, archuleta) and Adam Lambert. Hahaha, not to say until hard core ler, but she's their supporter. LoL. Anyway, today is her birthday. And I got to know her beginning of this year and she and the show "The Biggest Loser" are the ones that inspired me to exercise more. Hahaha.

Anyway Happy birthday Kylie! Have a great day ahead and have a blast this year. Take care and all the best in your upcoming midterm. Haha.

Picture I copied from her blog. I just realised I didn't update my photo albums in my dekstop for quite some time already. LoL.

Anyway, meet Kylie!
BSc (Hons) Multimedia (Westlifelogy) (2005-2007) University of York
Master in Multimedia (Westlifelogy) (2007-2008), Harvard University
Doctorial in Westlifelogy (2008-2009), Harvard University

Hahahahaha, I guess I'm too bored. =p

Have a great day ahead!


I got tagged by Abigail. Since I'm free and about to arrange and update my photo albums in my computer, so why not? Haha.

1. Please entitle your post 'Paparazzi' or something of the like.
2. Follow the 'pictures of ..... ' as closely as possible. Be creative. No photoshop-ing. If you cannot find a picture for one of the descriptions, scratch it off and replace it with something else.
3. Tag whoever you want to see look funny.

Picture of me looking down

Picture of me with my mouth wide open

Picture of me with my mouth closed

Picture of me holding in fart (HAHAHA)

Picture of me hugging someone

Picture of me trying to be rebellious

Picture of me trying to be the "man"

Picture of me looking like an ape

Picture of me visualizing myself with six-packs

Picture of me doing something I shouldn't

This tag really reminds me of those days, those fun times and those memories.

I tag Alan, Ben Teoh, Kylie, Joo Tatt, Shir Hoay, Jenny and Ivan Neoh. Gahhhh. And everyone that wants to do it.

Have fun.

Forwarded Mail

Last time I used to ignore all forwarded mails. But then now I've developed a habit to read through before I delete it. Some were nice, informative and make sense but some were basically non-sense. Some mails or rather joke really brighten up your day. Take 5 from your studies or work and just enjoy.

How did I come into this world?

"Daddy! How did I come into this world?"
"Well, my child, some day I'll have to tell you any way."
"So why not today? Please!"
"OK, but listen carefully."

"Mom and Dad met each other in a cyber cafe. In the restrooms of that cyber cafe, dad connected to mom. Mom at that time made some downloads from dad's memory stick. When dad finished uploading we discovered we used no firewall. Since it was too late to cancel or delete, nine months later we ended up with a virus."

LoL, lame funny but makes sense!

Cheers! Have an awesome day ahead! God bless you!

I know it's late but it's better than never, congrats to Kris Allen, the 2009 American Idol. You deserve it!

"Allen is a devout Christian. He is a worship singer at New Life Church in Maumelle, Arkansas, as well as at Chi Alpha campus ministry of the University of Central Arkansas, where he was a business major. He has done missionary work around the world, including in Burma, Mozambique, South Africa, Spain and Thailand."

Source from Ben's blog and I am really happy for him though I didn't really follow the competition this year so closely like what I did for the past few seasons. LoL.

Anyway, Congrats Kris Allen!

Blessed birthday People!

Tmrw, 4 of my friends will be celebrating their birthday! LoL.

First of all, tmrw is Uncle William TCS birthday! Blessed birthday uncle! One year older, one year wiser and one year fatter! Haha. Anyway, I really thank God for William for he's always there to teach me and lead me more into God's word. I'm very blessed to have him as friend, he's been a blessing to everyone around him! Though I think this year I may not have the time to celebrate with him, mainly because he's going to Melbourne this Tuesday (the day after his birthday) for holiday. Haha.

Anyway, Blessed birthday William! May the Lord grant you all the desires of your heart and may God guide you, bring peace and joy plus health into your life and be a blessing to everyone! Take care and have fun in Melbourne!

Next is Jenny! I would say she's rather funny and yet clumsy. Sometimes kinda coward too ler! Hahahahaha. LoL. Anyway, Happy birthday Jenny! Have a great year ahead! All the best in everything you do be it Biomed or Pharmacy. Have a blast this year!

Jenny is in Pink shirt! Haha, This picture was taken during the MNS trip to National Park!

Next is Eugene and Andy Chong! Blessed birthday guys! Eugene, have fun in Melbourne and cheer for ManU since Liverpool is out! Hahahaha. Have a great day ahead!

Haha so that's all about it! Tata!

Queens: X-Men

Today I went to Queens with my old high school friends, met Ash SueLyn in Starbucks borders too. Anyway this picture below is taken from Vern Khye's camera. I dunno why, but I love it! LoL.

Because this picture reminds me of...

5Science 1 Origin!

(Left to Right: Lin San, Edmund, Me, Teik Heng, Beng Wong)


Happy Belated Birthday Wes!

This is a post that I'm supposed to post it up 2 days ago, but I didn't because of my connection. Mum finally fixed by calling the TM people and they changed the wire in my house. So now my connection is fast and effective. Praise the Lord!

Anyway, Happy birthday Wesley! Wesley is my cousin, mix of chinese and negro. Btw, he's a doctor graduated from University of Nottingham. To tell you a little bit of the truth, he plays a major role besides God setting the burden in, in inspiring me to be a doctor. LOL.

That's him! Blessed birthday!

And next is his brother, Andrew! I admire him because he's able to take pictures with all Arsenal players. Haha. He has few footballer friends though. Maybe because he plays for Southampton as part timer. Never mind, next time, when I have the money, definitely I'll go to Old Trafford. They both are from North London.

That's him with Walcott

Him with Stuart Green.

Man I can't wait for this August, because they're coming back to Penang for holiday again! And I'll be able to drive them around again. It'll be great!

So that's all about my cousins from far far away land. Happy birthday Wes! Hope you had a great one!

Man Utd

Sorry, my connection has been having some problem lately. Mostly because of the wiring at home.

Anyway, just a short one, I'm good and going healthy!

ManU is just a match away from Quadriple Treble! =D

Behind the Scenes

I know, I'm becoming a little bit drama lately. But what to do? we're humans and humans have emotions right? That's how God created us.

Well, actually everything is clear. But I got a little bit (VERY actually) upset when I overheard how my parents are gonna fund me for my education. You know, tears can actually come down when you hear all these because the burden you can just feel for them. So I got to really decide La Trobe or University of Sunderland. I got the peace in my heart to go for SEGi which is University of Sunderland.

Just that it's a "future better opportunities" vs "honouring and love your parents so decide to study a lower ones so that burden is not that heavy and not that recognised ones (in fact, it's not even recognised by the Pharmacy board of Malaysia)" thing and stupid or rather silly thoughts like (I wont reveal here, ask me if you want to) . These 2 elements or factors made me think unrationally and I get tensed up. Really really tensed up.

Well, I learned a thing from Gladys Ho Yee Theng aka my senior. That is to live really by faith ler. Although I have been encouraging people with that but somehow it's hard to apply to ourselves. Don't get me wrong, I know God is gonna provide, but I'm desperate to know, how is HE going to provide. It's 2 different things.

But anyway, I decided to go SEGi already, though the burden is very visible for my parents, but somehow I believe God is just gonna take my and their burdens up because God wants the best for HIS children. I got the answer from my heart already, just that stupid thoughts and visible circumstances make me stumble. I do not need to care about visible circumstances. If not "Live by faith and not by sight" wont serve any purpose already. Its God's word and it will come to past. So I'm really living by faith and not by sight. Meaning I wont see much on the burdens side, but instead, look forward to complete my Master and earn back all the money to repay my parents. It's going to be tough, but it's rewarding in the end with God is on my side.

So pray for me. If should anything happens, then I'll just go wherever God ask me to go. If everything goes well, I'm taking Master of Pharmacy (Mpharm) in SEGi and University of Sunderland 2 years later.

So keep me in your prayer ya! Thanks a lot! Ttyl!
God bless you.

Happy Birthday Ash!

Hey yo Ash! It's been one year already and time really flies.

Glorianne, Jo-ey, Leykha, Ashvinii, Melissa

This girl Ashvinii, she's more like a sister to me. She LOVES to annoy me, catching all my backs and secrets and start to threat me one by one. Sometimes I got so annoyed and got really really mad, but what are friends for? So no grudges at all! Hahahaha. I miss those ping pong days though in college and midland. And she loves to call me gay, which I dunno why. Haha.

Anyway, happy birdday ash! Have a great one ahead! All the best in your entrance exam to Indonesia Medical Schools like UGM and UniPad. Take care and one day we shall catch up with all your "gays". LoL.

Simple yet Complicated

Haha. Well situation is simple and yet we think too much, by here means too MUCH. All the nonsense.

Maybe because we're complicated. Haha.

People got shocked of the surprise today. HAHAHAHA.
Anyway, someone skipped ESL class today, bad bad bad. LoL.


And i went to USM today and had lots of fun with Shin Juey and everyone else in the labs and museums. Pictures are with Kylie, Shin Juey. So stay tuned for facebook pictures upload.

Too bad, mihclle anne can't make it. LoL.


I just need a serious divine interruption from God right now in my life.

Help me. I'm struggling.

Room 77

This is going to be awesome.

Everything says it all.
Everything that you need for everything, answer is just right here.

God has a wonderful plan and activities for all of us on that night.

So don't miss it. Be blessed.


Oh great! =.=

Firstly, they re-accepted me, now I got 2 offer letters and got to make decision again. SIGH.
Why God is doing this to me? I prayed for the last door but now I got two. T.T

Secondly, I feel that I was underappreciated (underdemiciated).
I'm hired by the company and not by you.

Thirdly I'm frustrated.
Touch me and I'll "love" you.

Fourthly, I have a BIG surprise tmrw.
By here means it's really a BIG BIG one.

Screw it, screw them and screw me =.=

Burger syndrome

This is getting pretty serious. It has outbreak among the youths of today.

Everyone is crazy over burger.

There were 4 cases identified and are classified as Burger syndrome yesterday by the Ministry of Health department.

Melvin is craving for tall burger, Ben even dream't about burger and Kon Way is posting about burger in his blog, enhancing the effect and Shir Hoay was eating 2 burgers straight in 2 nights.

This outbreak is getting serious. Something has to be done before this gets any further. The National Security in the airport will be scanning and carrying out health checking to all passengers that flew to or from Penang. Penang has became the place responsible for this outbreak.

Scientist has identified the virus of this outbreak and it is called as B1P1V1S1.

The symptoms are people will always mention about eating burger or will shivel when we mention about burgers.

Government has set up few burger rehab centers. If you find anyone out there that needs help, please call 604-1234567.

Prevention is better than cure.


Roller Coaster!

It's been a pretty busy week for me. All the hangouts and works.

I start off my birthday on wednesday where I spent my first 2 hours of my 19th Birthday on working in Starbucks. How sad. But it's kinda nice though for Torres (my previous shift supervisor) and See Ling to remember it. I think they got to know it through facebook cause she's online at that time while I was working. LoL.

Then I went out with Alarize later in the afternoon. We went Sushi King and she bought me 2 books! Thanks Rize! Haha. After that, we went for movie X-men with Ben Teoh. And guess what? I fell asleep in the middle of the movie. LoL. But thank God I've watched it a week ago, so not too bad ler. Then I went back to work. LOL. I spent my last 2 hours of my birthday on working in starbucks as well. Again, how sad. LoL.

Nothing much on Thursday. Practically working and working. And Friday, oh yesh. After working, I went to Paradise for buffet dinner with Melvin, Ben Teoh and Gabriel using Ben's mum ticket. Our mum(s) are the members of the club in the hotel so they get this complementary stuff annually. My mum's birthday is coming so another ticket is coming up! Haha. Then we stayed over that night. Oh ya, we had burger too for supper at 1, before Red cliff movie! Haha. Go here for Ben's updates about it.

I got a surprise present from Ben Teoh, Melvin, Edward, Neil and Kylie. Thanks ya. I finally got King Julien, my favourite character in Madagascar! I didnt expect it to be King Julien. I was just saying about it verbally to Kylie in Toysrus. Thanks ya!Hahahahahahaha.

And saturday I got work and can't find replacement so I got to skip Ignite. Sigh. HopeI didnt miss much. =)

So basically thats about it. Byeee!

I'm 19!

I don't want to put "resolutions", I'm changing it to "things I want to see"

Things that I want to see are:
  1. My burden is with Ignite Youth. Of course I want to see the youths to grow more each day.
  2. Not a doubt, I want to see greater miracles in people's lives including mine!
  3. I want to see ManU lifting up Premiership and Champions League this season and seasons to come! (Now they're playing against Arsenal!)
  4. I want to see people coming to know God and who God is and what can our FATHER do beyond our wildest dream.
  5. I want to see myself in visions and dreams.
  6. Of course, same thing, I want to see my parents couldn't be any happier and healthier!
  7. And all my friends "Ho-kun, Ho-chiak and Ho-pang" and may God bless all their lives abundantly with a purpose.
It's pretty funny to see my last year's post on my birthday. Things have changed and I've changed. The way I write and all, it's so different!

And I thank God, for all the things HE has done in my life for 19 years. I'm really blessed with everything. I have great friends, the GRACE that God gave in my studying life is awesome, naggy but GREAT parents to discipline me, GREAT food that I ate by far, making me so plum and everything else.

I wish to see and (I know that) greater things will come and I'm so anxious on this year because I believe God is gonna do something different and awesome in this year!

=D Park Ji-Sung and C Ronaldo just scored in only 11 minutes in Emirates stadium! My birthday just couldn't start in any better way than this! Haha.


It's been a busy week for me. I mean really busy. Been exercising a lot, going out and work.

I played badminton, jogged and kayak. Haha.
- Badminton with Kylie, Ben teoh, Melvin teoh, Adrian, Kon Way, Melanie, Yong Wei, Wei Kong, Aaron, Mabel James and Edward. Haha.
- Kayak with Igntie youth and we had an awesome one.
- Jogged with my exercise kakis Ben Teoh and Kylie! Haha.

I hang out with people a lot too (and watched X-Men origin alone too!)

And I've been working almost everyday.

Now, I'm not feeling well, feverish already after all these activities. But anyway, I had an awesome week with no regrets! Haha.

I have thousands of thousands of reasons to give thanks and I can just tell you all day long. =D
I thank God for:
1. Perfect weather
(It's amazing to observe the weather before we kayak, during kayak and after kayak and even now raining, making my bed so comfortable to sleep on)
2. God's words and ways
3. His favor upon ManU, they won agaisnt Arsenal and Mids'boro
4. The strength that God gave me to endure all these hectic and busy week.
5. Thank HIM for HIS grace and mercy and love that I'm still alive and able to blog now.
6. Thank God for everything including that I got sick already after so long, but I still love God deeper than ever each day! =D

Haha. And I learned that:

Every disappointment is God's appointment!
When we're down to nothing, God is up to something for us!

Take care people! Have a great week ahead! =)


I received pictures on the birth of dolphins and I find it super interesting so I decided to share it with you all.

As we know, dolphins are mammal so they don't lay eggs.

So their babies come out from their abdomen part.

I love this most! This is the moment when the mother is trying to break the umbilical cord.

The mother then is trying to clean up the baby, as in like clean up the fluid on the body of the baby to prevent attractions from their predators and she is teaching the baby how to swim too.

And ta-da! God's creation is so awesome. Haha.

Some interesting facts about dolphins:

Q. Can dolphins live in fresh water and salt water?
A. Yes, 5 specific species live in fresh water, they are usually named after the river they swim in such as the Amazon, the Yangzi Jiang, or the Ganges.

Q. What is the dolphins greatest predator?
A. MAN! Man is the dolphins greatest predator, more then 100,000 dolphins die each year because of man, either in nets or for gastronomy. The second predator is the shark, the worst areas for these "too close" encounters are South Africa and Australia.

Q. Are dolphin endangered?
A. The river dolphins are the only dolphins that are endangered or vulnerable right now.

Q. How do dolphins sleep?
A. Dolphins sleep only with one half of their brain at a time. Remember dolphins are conscious breathers. Should they sleep and go unconscious as we do they would simply suffocate or drown. Sleeping dolphins can be seen as resting, floating at the surface, with one eye open. After a time, they will close the one eye and open the other one. They alternate like this throughout their entire nap. THIS IS SO COOL!

Q. Do dolphins have a sense of smell?
A. Dolphins can taste, but have no sense of smell.

There are mainly 3 types in the family of dolphins.
1. Bottle-nose dolphins
2. Orcas (Killer whale)
3. Porpoise

The ones up there are Bottle-nose dolphins.

And this is Porpoise (short nose)

And this is Orcas also known as the Killer Whale.

For more info or Q and A session, please click here. =)
Resources: Wikipedia, Email, New Scientist and more. LoL.

Man, just love God's creation! =)

A question to end this, how high can the butterflies fly? Haha.

Thank You

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