So sorry readers cause I haven't been updating my blog for days. It seems though as if it's dead. Well, I'm actually considering to shut this blog already because what Melvin says is true. Sometimes our blog is just merely reporting back what had happened recently.

But all these while, I wanted my blog to be more than that. I want it to be a book of testimonies where people can be encouraged and also trying to keep this blog as informative as possible.

So I really want to listen from you readers! Tell me, how this blog has been to you thus far?

Useful? Informative? Encouraging? Boring? A blessing?

Please feel free to voice out! =)

Btw, some updates, I just got back from Pg, had a great time with IGNITE-Youth! 3 more weeks to winter break!

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Don't shut it down. I will really miss reading your stuff. It has been an encouragement to me. I will be very honest here. I really love your blog. Some thing that will make me feel less lonely here. I just told my mum how much I miss home and wanting to go back. It seems like I've not made any improvement for the past 6months. Still stuck in the mud hole.

dun stop! ur post is a blessing n a very gud reminder sometimes.. n i like all the thankfulness in ur post.. Thanking God in everything! so, dun stop!

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