Yesterday, me, Samuel and Fugi decided to go to Tesco, the Curve and IKEA to grab what we needed to grab. So 3 bachelors going for grocery shopping, can you imagine that? Haha. After that we cooked ourselves dinner. Played futsal under the rain until 12midnight and had a good swim till 2. By the way, I got myself a new Christmas tumbler! I want the penguin eh but sadly, it's sold out. So this is the rabbit one! LOL. And Toffee nut latte is so niceeeeeeee! =)


Trying out some angle for my photos. Still learning and discovering!

Today, I had dance practice so went to church early. And we watched Indescribable in the service! A very good reminder! Thank God for HIS astronomical GRACE!

2 more weeks to church's 3rd Anniversary! =)

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